Floral Print Dresses For Plus Size Women

Floral print dresses look great and show off curves in the most flattering way. Yet sometimes women steer clear of floral prints for fear of looking too busy. Here, we will discuss different ways and dress shapes to ensure that that doesn’t happen. Instead, we suggest floral print dresses that look chic and elegant. Check out these types of plus size floral dresses.

In terms of accessories, on the whole, it’s best to keep things simple. Jewelry in particular will look best when either picking out a color in the pattern, or just some metal items like chunky gold hoops or a long, elegant, silver chain. Purses should be one color and, more often than not, will look best when comprised of sleek lines and unfussy finishes.

The below style dresses will all look great when cut from a floral material, but it’s important to find a shape that suits your body type. Some dresses, however they are styled, simply won’t suit a pear shaped lady, while other will not suit a rectangular-figured woman. There is always a floral print dress to suit any figure though, it just pays to work out which one is for you first. These dresses will always be attention grabbing so make sure that you get that attention for all the right reasons, by enhancing your best bits and diminishing the parts of your body you don’t like.

The Wrap Floral Dress

Could there be anything more feminine than a wrap floral dress? And it’s not only a shape and pattern that suits plus size women, it’s a shape and pattern that looks fantastic on plus size women. It’s also great to wear to a number of different occasions - especially ones where you want to show off your womanly curves and wear them with pride. This comfortable style dress creates waists where there are none, or accentuates waists that already exist. The V neckline that is formed by the wrap is also incredibly flattering by displaying a sexy amount of cleavage for women blessed with a large chest, or by enhancing small busts. To up the ante on this style, try to find a floral number that also has some delicate frills around the bust which is also super flattering. Wear with a simple bag and accessories, and preferably some heels or wedges to ensure that the femininity of the wrap dress runs through the rest of your outfit, and you’re good to go. 

The Formal Floral Dress

Women often steer clear of large patterns when shopping for a dress for a special occasion or black tie event. However, a floral design, when chosen correctly, can look fantastic because of the inherent femininity of such prints. The best designs and prints for such occasions will be one that has a neutral background, in either beige or black, coupled with a smart cut and a pair of elegant high heels. For the cut to be smart, look for shapes that are figure hugging. It’s a common misconception that plus size women should wear floaty or loose fitting clothes. While there is a time and a place for this, sometimes wearing such fits can be unflattering and actually make the wearer look bigger. A close cut is smarter and much more flattering than one would think. Clutch purses are the perfect accompaniment to a formal event and will look chic. Try to find one that simply compliments your dress’s pattern and doesn’t fight for attention.

The Maxi Floral Dress

The maxi floral dress should be the easiest item of clothing that any woman can have in her wardrobe, especially in the summer. A wide strapped number will allow for a well-fitting bra and become the quickest of outfits to pull together in the busy mornings. A floral maxi needs very little styling because of the vast expanse of print, making the dress an outfit in itself. Simply throw it on with some jewelry that has a similar color to the dress or some classic metal pieces. Plus size floral dresses tend to be quite bohemian in style, so large hoops or any of the popular statement earrings that are in the shops at the moment can look fantastic. Remember to find a fit that flatters your figure and, if in doubt, try to find an empire line number. More often than not, a plus size maxi dress like this that fits snuggly under your chest will create a wonderful silhouette. For shoes, the length of the dress not only allows for some feet friendly flats to be worn, but should actually be actively encouraged as maxi dresses in jersey material tend to fall better when no heeled shoes are worn. When heels are put on, the wearer can be in danger of looking like they are walking in stilts. Plus, when you are given a foot friendly style - embrace it!

The Two Patterned Floral Dress

This is a high octane look that can be difficult to style, but once you have this look nailed, it can be a fantastic statement outfit. Firstly, find a dress where the two patterns work simultaneously to exaggerate your best bits, and minimize the parts of the body you aren’t confident about. This means that if you are an inverted triangle or apple, where your lower half will tend to be your preferred body part, a dress with a brightly colored bottom will be your best bet. From there you need the top half’s pattern to be less garish and let the bottom half sing. The opposite is true for pear shapes where dresses with a brighter top pattern is needed. Hourglass shapes and rectangles will need to find a dress that draws attention to the waist, or creates a waist, by having a brighter or lighter colored pattern in the middle. Once you have found a dress that emphasizes the parts you love, remember to wear plain shoes coupled with minimalist purses so that the dress does all the talking in this look.

The Hi Low Hemline Floral Dress

This is another high style look that many will shy away from. It’s a style, however, that can look great on curvy ladies and will be an easy plus size floral dress for women to throw on in the morning. The hi low hemline on plus size floral dresses are the perfect way to show off some fabulous legs. This means that this style is great for inverted Vs and apple shaped women. Don’t shy away though if you are an hourglass or pear shape - just try to find a hem line where the highest part finishes at your leg’s slimmest area. As the hem line and print will invariably have a bohemian feel to it, try to bring this style through to your accessories. Wedges are great as are gladiator style sandals or heels. A messenger bag is a great shape when trying to emulate a bohemian style, though net style bags also look good and are very in style at the moment.

The Garden Party Floral Dress

Floral dresses and garden parties go together like cookies and cream. A floral dress is therefore your go to item of clothing when a party invitation hits your doormat. To keep the style looking fresh and modern will depend on the cut. So, be sure to choose one that suits your body type. Demure styles are needed for such an elegant event, so make sure that the hemline isn’t too short, or the fit too loose. When in doubt, fit and flare dresses will invariably suit all. One with sleeves and a V that shows off enough chest to avoid the dreaded mono boob are excellent finds and should be snapped up immediately. Wedges or block heels are the best shoes for this type of event since flat shoes can often be frumpy, but stilettos are not practical because they can sink into grass, making walking impossible. Pair with a small purse like a wristlet so you can have your hands free for meeting & greeting and, of course, eating. As ever with floral prints, minimalist jewelry will often look best, but if you need to wear something with some sort of statement, chunky metal hoops will look elegant and chic.

The Floral Shirt Dress

A floral shirt dress can be a fabulous way to bring feminine florals into the office - however corporate. Plus a woman’s femininity should always be embraced and celebrated whatever the setting. A shirt dress is a fantastic option for many women as the button down nature of the style allows for an appropriate amount of cleavage to be shown. Those with a smaller chest can wear the buttons as low or as high as looks best. In doing so, small chested ladies create visual balance by making their bust look slightly bigger than it is. Women with a larger bust should wear the buttons down to where their cleavage starts. This limits any danger of a mono boob being created which can be unsightly. Either way, if this dress is to be worn in the office, well-fitting underwear is absolutely imperative. A bra that fits correctly and creates smooth lines is a must. Be careful that no double boobs are formed and that the back strap doesn’t push flesh into unattractive places. Depending on the length of the dress a slip or some shapewear on the bottom can be a great option to keep you looking chic and work appropriate at all times.

The Floral Trapeze Dress

There is no denying it, the floral trapeze dress is one of the trickiest plus size floral dresses to pull off. The fit, which simply flares out from the shoulder down, is especially hard for some plus size women as the billowy nature can add pounds whilst the floral print is eye catching leaving the wearer with nowhere to hide. However, it’s a super comfortable shape, so those with a fantastic set of legs will look fabulous, particularly when paired with some leg lengthening heels. Other tricks for elongating the body is to wear a long dangly statement necklace that draws the eye down. This, too, is quite a bohemian look so match your earrings either directly or in line with the bohemian style. Tasseled earrings are very fashionable at the moment, look fantastic, and are a great way to get some complexion enhancing color around your face. Finally, the print of the dress as well as its cut calls for an unfussy purse. Messenger bags and big clunky totes are a no no - they add pounds whatever your size.

Floral print dresses for plus size women are a quick and easy way to look stylish. They can be fun and flirty, demure and chic, funky and trendy, or just a simple way to look seriously feminine. Florals are suitable for all times of year too, not just spring and summer. It just takes a little more styling in terms of outerwear. The main rule for making a floral dress work for winter or autumn is to keep the warmer layers in a neutral block color. Think black pantyhose, navy pea coats, and scarves in one tone that also runs through the dress. By keeping to this mantra, you will always look pulled together and polished, without too many elements fighting for the eye’s attention. Finally, remember to have fun with florals. They are the most feminine print a woman can wear so make sure that they make the most of your fantastic womanly curves too. Plus size floral dresses should therefore be an absolute must for your wardrobe - you’ll wonder how you survived without one.

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