Find Out What The Perfect Makeup/Outfit Combo Is For YOUR Eye Color!

Happy Thursday, PPB lovers!

I am so excited about today's blog topic! If you know me at all, then you know makeup and fashion are two of my absolute favorite things! So, today I am bringing you a little bit of both! Every woman wants to feel beautiful and look her best, and we always want to share any tips or tricks that we have with all of you! Finding colors that enhance your eye color is one way to just make you stand out and show off your beauty! I will break down each eye color and tell you what eye shadow colors and tones look best for each one. I also have picked a few PPB looks that will be great for that makeup and eye color combo! Are you ready to find out where you stand? Keep reading below!

Blue Eyed- Beauty

Okay, so my eyes change from a mixture of blue tones to green, so I usually love the colors that are meant for a blue eyed person or a green eyed person because those tones always make my eyes stand out the most. If you have blue eyes then the best colors to stick with to make them pop are more neutrals. Taupe, browns, and champagne tones are going to make the shades pop for those baby blues! This is the perfect casual look with an example of an eye makeup look that will have all of you blue eyed ladies set! This top is SO comfy and comes in a taupe color that will make for the perfect neutral to contrast with the blue in your eyes. You can tie the side of this top in a knot to make it shorter and give it a more casual feel.

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Green Eyed Goddess

You will want to gravitate toward purple based colors. Any wines, purples, or lavenders are really going to bring out those green tones and make you look like the goddess you are! Plus, how adorable is this outfit!? This  would be the perfect everyday look for Summer! The top has an extra ruffle detailing that is perfect for minimizing the tummy area! What an adorable look!

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Brown Eyed Bombshell

Where are my ladies with those exotic brown eyes? I have some tips for you, too! Brown eyes always look amazing with any bronze tinted/copper shades or golds. Soft, blended out smokey eyes also will show off those brown eyes and give a sultry look! Kim Kardashian is known for her signature nude lip and either a smokey eye or gold shimmery smokey look that always looks fabulous! Here is a look made for you ladies!

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Hazel Eyed Hottie

Hazel eyes are always fun to play up! You can either focus on bringing out the yellow/green aspect, or you may want more of the brown to stand out. Jennifer Lopez always has the most gorgeous shimmery looks that make her hazel eyes stand out! Golds, Browns, dark navy, periwinkles and eggplant colors will make your eye color stand out! Our navy maxi would be gorgeous on you! This beauty is lightweight and perfect for summer! It features two slits on either side that hit near the knee! That embroidered cream detailing just has us swooning! 



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