Favorite Beauty Products In My Makeup Bag This Week!

It's Friday!!! Yay..I don't know about you all, but I am so excited about the weekend! I am going to have a jam packed, busy weekend for sure! Sunday we have a surprise shoot that we will be doing and we cannot wait for you ladies to see!

So, most of you know that I love makeup or any beauty product that can enhance your natural beauty. I have not splurged on makeup or beauty products in quite some time! So, the other day I went a litttttttttle crazy in Sephora.

But, luckily I am obsessed with everything I bought and am super excited to share these products with you all in case you want to give them a try as well. I am only 23 years old, but I have always been told you should start taking care of your skin at an early age and make it a habit to have a skin care routine. I will admit, lately I have gotten lazy with keeping up a skin care routine. So, I wanted to try out some products and get into a habit of making time for my face and skin. I found this package that came with a morning and night time serum as well as some moisturizer that the Sephora employee strongly recommended. So far, I am ABSOLUTELY loving it! I can already feel a difference. It is by Ole Henrikson. I had honestly never heard of it until I recently purchased this set, so I was skeptical at first. But, the serum has collagen boosting components and potent vitamin C that helps to brighten and smooth out the skin. The moisturizer also has anti aging components in it as well.

I have been using the morning serum first, and I let it dry and set into my skin for a few moments. Then, I do the moisturizer next and also let that sit for a moment. Lastly, I put my primer on and then do my makeup as I normally would. They also make under eye cream, but I am waiting to try that because I do not want to throw too many new products on my face all at once. But, so far this kit is a for sure winner! I will post a picture and pricing information under this in case you ladies are curious!

I chose his "3 little wonders package." Now, it is somewhat pricey, but it is seriously worth it. I do not make a habit of spending more than $40 on beauty products, but it is nice to splurge every once in a while, because you only have one face and you want to take care of it and make time for yourself when you can.

Here is the Link to the product on Sephora' website:


The next thing I got was a new lipstick. I was wanting something more peachy nude. So, I opted to buy a more high end nude lipstick and then went and bought a cheap drugstore darker nude lip liner to match. The lipstick I chose was by "Too-Faced" in the color "Naked Dolly." It is super creamy and smooth and I love it when paired with any slightly darker brown/nude  lip liner!

Here is the Link to Too-Faced Website for this lipstick and other lipstick shades:


Next, I wanted to try a new foundation because I was running low on the one I had and I remember seeing numerous YouTube reviews on the HD Makeup Forever stick foundation that supposedly gives you an airbrushed look after application. I have to say, so far it is pretty awesome! Use a primer first, then a brush to apply the foundation. When you first swipe it on your face it will show all of your pores and you will first think, "What have I bought!" But, then as you blend it into the skin, almost like magic it literally blurs everything. It is slightly amazing. Make sure to you a good setting powder before finishing up to set the foundation in place. But, it is awesome!

The Link:


 Lastly, I decided to purchase a new eyebrow defining gel by the one and only, Anastasia Beverly Hills, sold at Sephora. I recommend this brand for whichever type of eyebrow look you are going for! I also purchased the eyebrow defining brush that comes with it. I love it! It gives you a super clean and defined eye brow look!

The Link:

http://www.sephora.com/dipbrow-pomade-P384060?skuI... products_makeup:eye makeup:eyebrows_p384060_image

The Finished Look:

Email me with any questions or special requests for a next blog! I am wanting to do some sort of vlogging video or maybe a makeup tutorial or something fun! Let me know your thoughts.


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