Fall Family Picture Outfit Ideas

Fall has finally arrived! The changing season brings crisp air, falling leaves in beautiful shades, and the excuse to light candles, drink tea, and throw on your favorite sweater. Although fall means summer has ended, it’s also a time for renewal. The kids are heading back to school, schedules are changing, and a wardrobe adjustment is in order. This season’s beautiful scenery makes an excellent backdrop for all kinds of photos. For many, the arrival of autumn means it’s time to take your fall family picture. But with all the fall styles to choose from, what will you wear?

Planning a fall family photo shoot is no easy task. You’ve got to coordinate schedules, curate outfits, and plan around unpredictable weather. Needless to say, the process can be stressful, but the toughest part may be coming up with fall family picture outfits ideas. If you’re not sure where to start with styling this year’s fall family photo, we’ve got you covered. These cute family picture outfit ideas will inspire you to get started with the planning process.

Fall Family Photo Outfit Idea: Bundled Up for Cold Weather

A great family picture outfit idea for fall is to have each family member pose in coordinating outerwear. Take advantage of the stunning fall colors outside and head out to a park, field, forest, barn, or even your backyard for the photos. If you have a favorite denim jacket, pea coat, or leather bomber, start there and select jackets in similar styles or complementary colors for your family. Outerwear can be styled with jeans or simple black bottoms for a casual look. Perfectly Priscilla has some of the best plus-size fall sweaters that go well underneath a statement jacket. Have some fun accessorizing each family member with scarves, cold-weather hats, and gloves. Seasonal boots will be just the thing to complete an outdoor fall look. Bundling up in outerwear is an easy way to make each family member look put together and seasonal.

Fall Family Photo Outfit Idea: Layers on Layers

As the temperature drops this season, you’ll be layering on extra clothing to stay warm. Layered clothes will always be a fall fashion staple, and this look is perfect for your annual family portrait. The layered look can include different shirts, sweaters, cardigans, and outerwear. Stick to two or three colors and find a few pieces for each family member to wear in the photo. Black and gray layers look great with denim. Browns, tans, and shades of orange are excellent for fall. Perfectly Priscilla has tons of trendy tops and plus-size tunics for autumn that are ideal for layering. Have fun with different options and master your fall layering skills!

Fall Family Photo Outfit Idea: Perfectly Plaid

When you think of fall fashion, you probably think of plaid. It’s a timeless print that can be worn seasonally, but plaid tends to make a more obvious debut in autumn. The pattern is available on virtually any fabric and in every color combination. A cute fall family picture outfit idea is to dress in varying (but complementing) plaid shirts. If you have five family members, you may try styling three people in plaid tops, and the other two in solid shirts with plaid accessories.

Fall Family Photo Outfit Idea: Athleisure Life

One of the best parts about the changing weather is the return of sweatpants, running tights, yoga pants, sporty leggings, hoodies, and crewnecks. Tracksuits are even having a comeback this year! Your athleisure outfit can be paired with hats, scarves, gloves, statement earrings, leather jackets, and a plaid flannel shirt tied around the waist or shoulders. For shoes, go with sneakers or heeled boots for a trendy vibe. Styling the whole family in athleisure wear will make for an unexpected cute, casual, and sporty look.

Fall Family Photo Outfit Idea: Rustic Elegance

A rustic theme is a great go-to option for fall family pictures. This means ripped jeans, worn leather, tweed, flannel, fringe, and frayed edges. Dress it up a bit with a floral dress, flowy tunic, a fun necklace, or some lacy pieces. For shoes, knee-high or cowboy boots will tie the look together. Select not-quite-matching outfits for each member of your family in warm, seasonal colors. Rich browns, deep reds, and rusty oranges will go great with more subtle off-white lace accents. Barns, fields, fences, and gardens make excellent backdrops for this fall family picture outfit idea. The plus-size fall dresses from Perfectly Priscilla pair flawlessly with cowboy boots for a rustic, elegant look.

Fall Family Photo Outfit Idea: Color Pop

Another family picture outfit idea for fall is to incorporate pops of color onto a monotone slate. Start by choosing a single color, such as black, beige, or gray, and style your family in that just shade as best you can. Next, select one or two bright colors, such as orange, red, deep green, or mustard yellow, to incorporate into the look. The additional colors will be used to accent the rest of your outfit. Each family member can wear an item with a pop of color. This could be a hat, scarf, belt, or layered undershirt. You can even go with brightly colored shoes, jewelry, or lipstick!

Tips for Getting Your Fall Family Photos Just Right

Once you’ve mulled over these fall family picture outfit ideas and decided on a theme, it’s time to begin prepping for your photo shoot. The following tips will help you nail your family photos this autumn.

Go for Comfort

When you plan your fall family picture, try to select an outfit that you’ll be comfortable in for at least a few hours. Photo shoots tend to take longer than expected, especially when children are involved. Dress comfortably and be sure your kids won’t be too squirmy in their outfits or attempting to pull uncomfortable articles of clothing off. One thing that can definitely hinder a fall family photo shoot is discomfort, so prioritize comfy clothing. The fall dresses from Perfectly Priscilla are designed for an effortless feel making them the perfect option for an outdoor photo session. When the whole family is comfortable, they’ll be more inclined to pose for a photo shoot, and it will be easier for your photographer to capture real moments of everyone having a good time.

Prepare for Unpredictable Weather

Depending on where you live, autumn weather can change at the drop of a hat. After you pick a photographer and lock down a date for your fall family picture, be sure to have a backup plan in case you’re faced with heavy rain, snow, super strong winds, or just icy-cold temperatures. When choosing each person’s outfit, be sure to select clothing that can get dirty or a little wet. You may be sitting down in the grass, splashing in puddles, or tossing some fall leaves around. Worrying about messing up your clothes will just become a distraction. Also, be sure to bring extra layers and warm clothing to grab if the temperature suddenly drops. When you can’t depend on the weather, sometimes you need to get creative with a backup plan! Just in case you can’t make it outside, plan to take your photos indoors instead. An indoor fall family picture idea is to have everyone cozy up in your living room near the fire or pose in your kitchen with some seasonal baking or pumpkin-carving shots. If you do end up going indoors, go without some of the outerwear and cold-weather accessories for your outfits. Also, be sure to straighten up your home beforehand, remove clutter that may distract from the photo, and set out some seasonal decorations.

Consider a Family Shopping Trip

If you have time, think about going on a family shopping trip to pick up outfits for your fall family picture. Communicate what you have in mind for a theme, and let everyone try some different pieces out. This way, each family member can have some say in what they wear, and you can give each other feedback about what works or doesn’t work. You may just need to pick up a few extra items to tie everything together. Either way, this is an excellent time to compare outfits and make sure you have enough pieces that go together. While you’re out, don’t forget to pick up some accessories. Accessorizing your fall family picture will provide color variation and tie everything together. Last but not least, be sure to go over the shoes each person will be wearing and pick up a pair for the shoot if you need to.

Mix It Up

Just because you landed on a theme for your fall family photo, doesn’t mean everyone needs to be dressed in matchy-matchy outfits. After choosing a setting and primary color, select some clothing items that will compliment the theme but stand out from everything else. A lot of people dress their children in matching outfits for photo shoots. This is a cute idea, but it’s fun to mix it up too! Try to avoid each family member wearing any of the same exact pieces or colors. If everyone is sporting jeans in the photo, have some people wear different shades of denim or even go for a jean skirt to mix things up. Slight deviations will keep it interesting while still pulling everything together. Subtle touches will make your fall family picture stand out without going over the top.

Stick with One Pattern

While mixing up your color scheme a bit will give your photo depth and character, try to avoid too many clothing patterns in the picture. If you have a few family members wearing plaid, adding in a floral or striped pattern may look a little busy. Animal print is hot for fall this year, but if you use some leopard print pieces, don’t go overboard and try to avoid any other patterns. However, certain prints and textures can be used to complement one another, like floral and lace.

Get Creative

When you think of a fall family photo, you may think of each family member posing in a line. This type of picture can be great, but this year, consider getting a little more creative. You might have everyone jump in the air or throw leaves at each other for a fun action photo. You could also opt for a sweet, candid shot of the family interacting, hugging, laughing, or with the kids being picked up. If you want to give your children more autonomy, you might have each family member pick their own pose or bring a prop to hold like a soccer ball or teddy bear. The whole idea of an annual family photo is to update your loved ones, so it’s a great opportunity to let each person’s personality shine. Encourage everyone to loosen up and be themselves. Whatever you decide, remember that you can still have a classic fall family picture without being predictable or boring.

Your fall family picture is an opportunity to get creative, bond with your loved ones, and have a good time! If you’re not sure exactly what to wear yet, don’t sweat it. Mulling over different fall family picture outfits ideas is the fun part! These ideas for styling your autumn family photo should help you get going with brainstorming. Plus, it’s a good excuse to buy a few new pieces for the season!

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