Fall 2018 Fashion Colors

The fall season brings all kinds of change including dropping temperatures, adjusted school or work schedules, and a whole new set of fashion rules to live by. Speaking of fall fashion, who doesn’t love the deep, warm colors of autumn? At Perfectly Priscilla, these are some of our favorite hues for plus-size clothing, especially this year. Pantone rules the color universe, especially in the world of fashion, and each season, the company announces a new palette of clothing shades that are pretty much guaranteed to trend. The Pantone fall 2018 fashion colors are fresh, bold, bright, and totally wearable.

If you’re thinking about revamping your wardrobe this fall season and want to stay on-trend with the fashion industry, getting to know the fall 2018 fashion colors is a great place to start. When you think of autumn colors, you might think of the classic shades of changing leaves like orange, tan, and brown, but the Pantone fall 2018 fashion colors are an exciting and expanded variation of these typical hues. Ultraviolet is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2018, and the bright purple shade is approved for year-round wear. However, the color palette for fall includes twelve sharp shades that can be endlessly incorporated into plus-size fashion. Keep reading to find out which fabulous fashion colors you should be rocking this fall.

Red Pear

Pantone describes this shade as a "deliciously deep red, whose luscious depth entices.” Red Pear is similar to that dark shade of cranberry we all love for fall and is both subtle and bold at the same time. This 2018 fall fashion color can be used for most materials and worn on almost any article of clothing. This maroon hue works well for solid shirts, turtlenecks, and tunics as well as tights, leggings, and jeans. It also stands out in patterned cardigans, dresses, and skirts from Perfectly Priscilla.

Valiant Poppy

Valiant Poppy is the fall fashion color for 2018 described as a “brave and outgoing red shade effusive in its allure.” If you know you look good in cherry red, play it up this season with some classic autumn pieces. This shade works well for opaque tights, jeggings, skirts, statement coats, trendy fall tops, all kinds of accessories, and of course, lipstick. It can also be worn with Red Pair for an outgoing head-to-toe red ensemble this fall or mixed with neutral hues for a balanced look. Perfectly Priscilla has you covered with this sassy shade. Consider a bright red jumpsuit, floral dress, or flirty romper. When you think of Vibrant Poppy this season, think of a retro hue with a modern twist that will make any plus-size fall outfit stand out.

Nebulas Blue

Pantone’s blue hue for fall 2018 is “reminiscent of twilight, a thoughtful, starry-eyed blue.” As an updated royal blue color, Nebulas Blue is a perfect medium shade that nods to a clear autumn sky and is not even close to boring. Like most blues, Nebulas is versatile and easy to wear, but it still stands out from the crowd. Sport it this autumn with comfy leggings and a simple tunic, a flowy floral top, or an embroidered dress for all occasions.

Ceylon Yellow

Described as a “savory and spicy yellow [with] an exotic touch,” Ceylon is not your mother’s yellow. It effortlessly transitions the bright, vibrant yellows of spring and summertime to a more subtle and cozy mustard shade that’s perfect for autumn. Ceylon Yellow is a rich hue of somewhat greenish-gold that looks excellent in statement jeans, wool coats, fall hats, scarves, tights, and thick sweaters. From the Perfectly Priscilla collection, try a long-sleeve lace fall dress, a retro midi dress, or a striped mustard tunic.

Martini Olive

The “smooth, sophisticated, and urbane green” shade of Martini Olive “adds depth” to Pantone’s fall 2018 fashion colors. This enticing hue is an army green variation that’s cool, muted, and almost brown. Although subtle, the deep color is oh-so-fall and can be incorporated into just about any outfit this season. Try this dark and earthy autumn color with dress pants, all kinds of shirts, dresses, outerwear, shoes, and tights. How about a fall-inspired patterned top, flowy ruffle dress, or some olive skinny jeans from Perfectly Priscilla? Martini Olive is the sophisticated sister of military green that compliments both bright and dark shades and wants to be worn this fall.

Russet Orange

Orange is usually a no-brainer for fall fashion, but this year, the symbolic shade is here with a slight remix described as a “forest floor orange [that] speaks to earthen warmth.” Russet orange is bright, vibrant, and makes us think of fizzy orange soda. As the temperature drops this season, keep your fall wardrobe bright with pops of this shade. For ideas on how to add this orange hue to your plus-size fall wardrobe, check out the striped jumpsuit, soft and silky solid shirt, beaded necklace, or multi-colored pants from Perfectly Priscilla. Who can resist this tantalizing revision of fall’s favorite color?

Ultra Violet

As Pantone’s winning color for 2018, Ultra Violet is “inventive and imaginative,” lighting “the way for what is yet to come.” This bold purple color with dark blue undertones can be worn confidently year-round, especially in the fall. Ultra Violet takes it back to the basics with a nostalgic crayon shade that’s anything but juvenile. Wondering how to wear this eye-catching color? Try a cute print midi dress, a patterned tunic, or some fringe earrings from Perfectly Priscilla’s fall 2018 plus-size collection.

Crocus Petal

A toned-down shade of bright Ultra Violet, Panton’s Crocus Petal is “a cultivated and refined hue [that] adds a light and airy spring-like feeling demand.” But this pastel color so much more than its spring counterpart. It’s a subdued lavender that makes a surprisingly welcome statement for 2018 fall fashion. This autumn, play around with this soft and sweet hue. Go for a maxi dress with light purple flowers or a paisley print top with accents of the shade.

Mellow Rose

Pantone describes this autumn fashion color as “a beloved traditional English shade [that] adds unexpected intrigue.” Similar to Crocus Petal, Mellow Rose is pulled from the typical pastel palette of spring with a dusty, muted twist. The shade is somewhat of a “millennial pink” which we love for clothing and accessories alike. Our favorites from Perfectly Priscilla include a mauve top with ruffle sleeves, solid capri leggings, a floral print maxi dress, and a pair of fun pink blush wear-anywhere laceless sneakers.


Pantone describes this fall color as an “animated and effervescent...pungent yellow-green [that] becomes the center of attention.” Limelight is the autumn fashion color that proves bright, neon shades are more versatile than you think. Similar to Russet Orange, this 2018 fall fashion color works great as an accent shade or in larger statement pieces. From the Perfectly Priscilla collection, try a long-sleeve printed midi dress or a gold and yellow pendant necklace.

Quetzal Green

Quetzal is Pantone’s version of dark teal that’s described as “a deep, elegant blue-green hue suggestive of rich plumage.” You shouldn’t need convincing that this shade is absolutely spot-on for fall. It complements curvy women and can be worn from head to toe in just about any article of clothing. If you’re not sure where to start with this rich and luxurious hue, go for a retro-inspired teal print dress, flattering bell-sleeve tunic, long lace cardigan, or some laser-cut earrings.

Pink Peacock

Described as “a bright and bold dramatic pink for a more experimental approach,” Pink Peacock is a new-and-improved hotter shade of bright, pinky-fuchsia that’s ready for its fall debut. Plus-size girly-girls can play it up with this color as it adds personality to just about any ensemble. Our favorites of this fall 2018 fashion shade from Perfectly Priscilla include a flattering printed dress, a hot pink maxi that will look good on anyone, a flowy floral top, a pretty sleeveless tunic, and a trendy chunky necklace.

How to Wear the Fall 2018 Fashion Colors

Get to know these twelve daring shades and start incorporating them into your wardrobe this fall. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, don’t worry. We’ve broken down the 2018 plus-size fall styles by category to help you pick and choose what items to invest in this season.

Layering Basics

Pantone’s bold hues for 2018 fall can be worn with just about any basic article of clothing and easily layered for a cozy autumn look. Jeans, leggings, jeggings, and tights look stylish and fashion-forward in each of the autumn colors, especially when you go for solid pieces. Solid tank tops, tees, tunics, cardigans, and layering sweaters are also a good place to begin when updating your autumn wardrobe. Perfectly Priscilla’s plus-size fall tunics come in both solid shades and patterns for effortless layering this season.

Dresses and Skirts

For pretty and professional workwear, holiday party outfits, date night ensembles, or attire for any other special event, stocking up on a few seasonal dresses and will prepare you for any occasion. Pantone’s 2018 fall fashion colors can be worn in solid maxi dresses and skirts or accented in the form of stripes, flowers, or paisley dress patterns. The trendy fall dresses from Perfectly Priscilla are a curvy gal’s go-to collection in all the right shades.


Have you thought about treating yourself to a new statement jacket this fall? Red, orange, olive, or that fun mustard yellow all look awesome in pea coats. Bright colors such as pink, blue, and teal work extremely well for raincoats or puffer jackets. Believe it or not, each of these shades will go effortlessly in virtually any outfit as outerwear, so don’t be afraid to commit to a bold color. For warmer autumn days, the plus-size fall sweaters from Perfectly Priscilla can be worn with jeans or leggings for a cute and casual look.


You’re probably mulling over a few new pairs of shoes for this season. Maybe you’ve got ballet flats, sneakers, ankle booties, kitten heels, rain boots, pumps, or over-the-knee boots in mind. Whatever it is, be a little daring and dress your feet in an autumn fashion shade. Pumps and rainboots can be easily worn in each of the bright colors, while rose and olive green are perfect for booties and flats.


A perfect place to start with the fall 2018 fashion colors is accessories. We’re talking hats, gloves, scarves, belts, and of course, jewelry. Try out some earrings, necklaces, oversized rings, and bracelets in a few of the Pantone shades that stand out to you most. Find out what works for you and go from there.

Whether you’re planning to overhaul your whole closet this fall or just want to find a few new items to wear, let the fall 2018 fashion colors lead the way. Check out the new arrivals from Perfectly Priscilla for stylish autumn pieces and follow us on Instagram for daily plus-size fashion inspiration.

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