Essentials for everyday make up routine!

As most of you know I'm a makeup lover say the least! There are a few products that are essentials for my everyday makeup routine! A big life lesson (and good news for both of us!) that I’ve learned, is that more money doesn’t necessarily mean better products! I tend to use a mixture of highs and lows when it comes to everyday makeup. How are my essentials like yours, how do they differ? Keep reading to find out! 

Nivea Men Post Shave Balm $7

First thought after seeing this is probably...uhmmm whaaat? But truth is this is the best makeup primer I've found! I've tried all the super expensive primers and I always find myself going back to this holy grail! Not only does this even out your face creating a pore less finish it also has a AMAZING smell! This will ensure your makeup stay in place all day long! 

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Foundation $8

This is one of my favorites not only because it is a full coverage foundation, but also because a little goes a long way! You can literally put a dab on your cheeks forehead and chin and you will be good to go! Just blend it out with a damp beauty blender and you have a flawless foundation that will last all say long! Not to mention it is so affordable! 

 Wet N Wild Highlighter $15

I have fallen in love with this highlight palette over the past few months! This is so pigmented which really makes your highlight pop beautifully! I've tried all the super expensive Becca and tons of other highlighters but I cant find one that comes close to this one! And for $15 you can beat it!  

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow


This is my go to holy grail for my eyebrows! I literally use this every single day! If you've been using anything else on your brows please try this and your life will be changed! I'm so in love with how it just glides onto my eyebrows creating the perfect shape! You only have to use a small amount and it goes a long way! This is a must have! 

Elf Eyeliner $3

Winged eyeliner is a must! I just love how affordable the brand Elf is! Not only does this eyeliner stay on all day long but it is so dark which means you will literally on need to go over it once and your eyeliner will be perfect! It is seriously my favorite liquid eyeliner so far! 

NYX Lip Butter $7

Last but not least is NYX lip butter! This will not only have your lips looking so glossy but also hydrate them while you wear it! I have been using this for years and always get compliments while wearing it! You never have to touch this up and it takes very little to get yours lips popping! You have to add this to your makeup! 

These are a few of my essentials for my everyday make up routine! Not only are these affordable but you can find most at your local drugstore! You don't need to pend tons of money to look gorgeous! You just need to be confident in applying it and you will look incredible! Always remember never be afraid to try new things! If you never come out of your comfort zone then you'll never know! Make up is a perfect way to express yourself! I hope you enjoyed reading!


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