Effortless Beach Waves!

Hey PPB Lovers!

So, I couldn't have picked a worse day to do a hair tutorial, seeing as how a tropical storm hit today. The frizz level is uncontrollable in this kind of weather. But, I still made it happen for you guys today and hope that you enjoy it! I am using a simple "Conair" curling iron. I also love using a teasing comb, which you can find at any hair store or drug store at very reasonable prices. I do not know if you know the country singer, Jessie James Decker, but I always LOVE her hairstyle! She is a huge fan of the hairspray that I am using in this tutorial and I see why! It smells amazing and is perfect for styling/teasing looks. It gives you a hold, while still allowing you to style and create the hairstyle without it being too hard or crunchy feeling. I hope you ladies enjoy today's tutorial and let me know if you would like me to do a giveaway on this awesome hairspray on Wednesday! If so, we will use this as our giveaway on our Insider's page this week! Be sure to find our insider page by searching "PPB Sneak Peek" ad hitting join!



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Stay PPB fabulous!


Mary Elizabeth

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