Dressing Room Woes

Sunday my daughter and I went shopping at Target.  Most of you know that you can NOT shop at Target and leave without at least $100 in random stuff that you aren't really sure how it got in your cart in the first place.... But I had a goal.  We were there for makeup for me and sandals and a toy for her.  THAT'S IT!! 

Yeah... How many of you believe that actually happened?? You're right because I absolutely got distracted almost immediately by swimsuits.  "We are just going to look real quick, ok?" I say to Aurora who gives me a look like "Yeah right mom 'real quick'". She often judges me.  Its her thing. 

So off we go. Target now has Ava & Viv swimwear which is absolutely beautiful. BUT.  (There is always a but)  I personally did not like the way the swim tops are made. They were flimsy and did not support at all.  The bottoms were great! But the tops... First of all I tried on multiple sizes from an 18 to a 22.  None of them fit.  They were either too small or too big. None of them were "just right". In the 18 it fit around me perfectly but lets just say the cup runneth over. And the 20/22 tops were way to big around and there was no way to adjust that.  Not only that but as I said before there was just absolutely no support and I need that! I did not take pictures because honestly there was no way to take them and make them look appropriate due to the fit.  I tried. I really did. So unfortunately for me (but fortunately for my wallet) I did not get a new swimsuit Sunday.  My recommendation is that these tops work best for those who are not very large breasted and even then do NOT buy off the rack without trying it on first! Even if it is in your size it may not work for you.  

I hope all of you are enjoying this amazing swim suit weather and are having better luck than I when it comes to finding the perfect suit! Email me your shopping horror stories at ppbblogger@gmail.com!

Stay Perfect!

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