Dressing For Your "Size" vs For Your "Shape"

There are a lot of blogs out there for plus size fashion and most of them belong to two camps.  Those who agree with dressing for your body "type" and those who don't. The problem with this is it can be somewhat confusing to know what they are referring to when they say "type".  Do they mean your size or your shape?  Those are two totally different things!!! 

If someone tells you to dress for your "size" tell them they are a size idiot.  There are no rules for size.  Who cares what size you are?? Dress in what makes you feel beautiful and fabulous.  Confidence is the most beautiful thing a woman can wear and you should rock it! Wear that mini skirt or crop top!  Wear that bondage dress!  I don't care if you are a size 2 or a size 22, you deserve to wear whatever makes you feel great!

Now dressing for you body shape is a completely different matter... Again it doesn't matter what "size" you are, some things look better on different shapes. They just do.  Now I know that figuring out what your body shape is can be slightly confusing but that is why knowing your measurements is SO important.  (For example: My measurements are Bust-49 inches, Waist- 36 inches, and Hips- 47 inches.  This means I am an hourglass due to the fact that bust and hips are very close in inches and my waist is much smaller compared to them.)  

So find a sewing measuring tape and a friend and measure each other (remember to write them down).  Now how do your measurements compare? Which one is largest, smallest, are they equal, etc.  If your hips are 3 or more inches larger than any other measurement but your bust and waist are equal or one to two off from each other, you are most likely a pear. If your waist is the largest point, an apple.  If they are all  pretty equal, you may be whats called a rectangle. 


Now, no shape is better than the other.  Embrace yourself because you are awesome.  Also just a reminder that your size does not affect your shape. You can still be an apple and pear at a size 2 or 22. Find what pieces work best with you and your rocking shape!  Have fun with it and think outside the box.  You may be surprised at what you find! And don't forget to keep sending in questions and comments!  

Stay Perfect!


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