Dressing For Your Body Type : (Are you an apple, hourglass, or pear?)

Hello Beauties!

If you watched Deidre and I on our last live video, we briefly discussed dressing for your body type. We had such an overwhelming response and many of you ladies requested a blog on this topic. So, today I will try to answer some of the questions that you had concerning this topic and ways that you can dress to feel amazing for your body type! 

 I also want to quickly give a disclaimer that I am in no way saying just because your body falls into a certain shape that you must place yourself in a box and only search for clothes that fall into that category. Instead, I hope to help guide you in your shopping process in order to make you feel more confident! So let’s get started….

 So, what in the world is an apple shape? Well, I will give you a list of characteristics that are often associated with that of an  Apple shape.

Broad Shoulders Thin Arms
Normal to Full Size Bust Hips usually are smaller than bust
Undefined Waist May/may not have a flatter bottom
Wider Torso Long Legs

(Note: Having an apple shape does not mean you have to have a large stomach, it just usually means the largest part of your frame resides around the upper and mid-section of your body frame, while the legs and arms tend to be more narrow/long.)

So, now that you know what an apple-shape is, what can you do to flaunt that shape? I will give you some tips to enhance those curves and show off your shape in all the right places!

Tips To Consider When Shopping for an Apple Shape Body:

1) Look for Dresses/Tops that camouflage the middle section.

  • (Dresses/Shirts with a tied waist will help cinch in your waist line and create definition to your shape)

2) Look for a Dress/Top with an elongating neckline that creates a flattering bust line without drawing TOO much attention.

  • (Scooped, V-Shaped, & plunging neckline work great)

3) Draw attention on those killer long legs!

  • (Rock some high heels or short boots with heels, wide leg pants can also help, calf-length boots, wedges)

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Signature Characteristics of an Hourglass Shape:

Well-defined waist Top and bottom half are like two inverted triangles with the middle point at the smallest point, the waist
Full bust width is proportionally the same size as hips/bottom frame

Tips When Shopping For an Hourglass Shape:

1) Your main goal is to accentuate your waist.

-You want to look for tops that are more form fitting, peplum tops, dresses with a shape to it that shows off your waist, you may want to pair the dress with a dark colored belt to further show off that area. Also look for dresses /tops/jackets that tie in the middle or cinch in the waist.

2) You also want to create that balance between your top and bottom half, making them proportional to one another, while your waist is the focal point.

-Tops with shoulder detail, ruching, stones/decorative accents, etc. can help create that balance by making the shoulders and bust even more proportional to the bottom half.

-Color blocking dresses/tops work amazing also.

One thing that I have learned is you must be careful to avoid outfits that do not have much waist defining aspects, because it can give you a rectangular look if your waist becomes lost in the outfit. (This does not mean to avoid anything flowy, just be careful to choose a flattering flowy outfit, or easily fix it with a belt or a jacket with a tie at the waist)

3) Find Pants that show off and accent your curves, but do not bring too much attention or make you look larger than what you actually are. Be proud of your curves, but find pants that show them off in the most flattering and modest of ways.

-You could rock anything from high waist pants, skinny jeans (look for jeans with a structured material), boot cut/flare jeans work well also.

Now, let's see some trendy kind of outfits that is going to make me become your best friend after you see how it adds to that amazing shape you already have!

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Women with some extra "junk in the trunk" can probably understand what I am saying. It can be hard to find clothes that show off your curves without drawing too much attention to yourself. I know for me, the waist is my smallest area and sometimes I have a hard time finding pants that are tight enough in the waist without being too tight in the bottom area. But, today I will show you what outfits you literally need to incorporate into your wardrobe to make it seem as if you have hired your very own personal stylist! 

Bottom Half is Larger than Top Half When you gain weight, it typically resides in your bottom half of your body
Small, defined waist Your back may/may not be slightly curved
Hips and Thighs usually larger than width of shoulders/upper half Bust may be somewhat smaller

Tips &Tricks to Make You Shine With a Pear-Shaped Body Type:

1)Pears usually have a smaller upper body and defined waist, they tend to have a larger

bottom half. If you can relate to this, do not see that as a bag thing! Be proud of those

curves! Your main goal is to balance out your top and bottom half.

- Peplum tops, Tops with detailing on the shoulders, A-line dresses and tops can help to create more balance as well.

2) Keep the hems, pants, and skirts wider in order to create balance and elongate your legs.

-Structured pants that can slim your legs even more will really accommodate your curves in a flattering way!

3) While it is important to create a balance between the top and bottom half of your body, your really amazing upper half is what you want to direct all of the attention to!

-Focus on slimming tops, fitted tops, cardigans, button down tops. This will elongate your top half and show off how small your top half is. If you do this with a slimming pant, you have mastered the perfect look for your shape!

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I hope you ladies have gained some more knowledge on dressing for what makes you feel and look your absolute best! If you ever have any questions, or need help with styling tips, you can always call us or message us on facebook.

Thanks for joining me today for this blog!

Have a great rest of the week!



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