DIY Hand Scrub

I have been co-planning a baby shower for my best friend Jeena for a few weeks now and on Sunday my wonderful co-host Mary and I got together to do a few shower crafts. We did a hand scrub for favors and lollipop bouquets for centerpieces.  Let me tell you this hand scrub is SOO easy to make and it is awesome!! Today I am going to tell you how we made them! You only need a 4 oz jar, sugar, and dish soap.

Step 1: Find your jar. 

We used 4oz jelly jars that come in a dozen for a little less than $9 at Walmart.

Step 2: Fill with sugar.

This part can be a little tricky and you may have to repeat it. You need to fill the jar pretty full with sugar because when you add the dish soap some of the sugar dissolves and you will need to add more to get the correct consistency.

Step 3: Add the soap.

Cover the top of the sugar with a layer of the dish soap of your choosing.  Don't fill it to the brim though- you need some room to be able to mix it.  And again remember some of the sugar will dissolve.  You will need to add sugar and soap until you get to your desired consistency! We used pink pomegranate dish soap since she is having a girl but you can use any that you prefer! 

Step 4: Check your consistency.

You want the mixture to be pretty thick but still able to run off the spoon. It should be visible gritty. Sometimes the mixture will settle and need to be shaken before your next use! It should look something like this.

Step 5: Put a lid on it (and for us a bow).

You're done!  Put the lid on and store it for a day of pampering or add a bow to be the perfect gift or favor!

I hope y'all have fun trying out your new hand scrub!  I know my hands feel silky smooth right now! Thursday I will show you guys how we did the lollipop bouquets! (Since I have to redo mine... it didn't turn out the best to be honest... But I have since figured it out and will show the before and after!!)

Stay Perfect!

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