Cute Plus Size Summer Tops

One of the most challenging aspects of being a curvy woman is finding women’s clothing that fits correctly. Full breasted and curvy women often find it difficult to find plus size tops that flatter their figures and make them look like they put a lot of time and effort into their outfit rather than being thrown together. On the other hand, it is equally as hard to find form-fitting tops that make you look sexy rather than gaudy.

It is a goal of every woman to find flattering ladies plus size tops that make her feel beautiful and confident. Confidence means a lot of different things to each individual. However, universally women need to feel comfortable in order to be confident. This is why plus size tops have to be comfortable in order for women to take on their daily tasks without worrying if their clothes are going to last all day and fit them correctly. When all is said and done, clothing is a way to show off your personal style and personality. They’re also a way for you to show off your curves not hide them. This summer is all about making shopping an enjoyable experience- let’s start with tops!

¾ Sleeve Tops

The ¾ sleeve top is one of our favorite looks for a breezy summer day or a cool summer evening. This sleeve length is perfect for women who want a little extra fabric to cover their upper arms but still want to keep cool in the summer! Aside from that, it is a very versatile length for women who are always busy and don’t have time to get their sleeves dirty- literally. ¾ length sleeves are great for any occasion! They’re just a step up from your basic tee shirt and are modest enough be worn into work with a pair of slacks, and casual enough to chase around kids at the park. Because of this, every woman should have a few of these in their wardrobe!


Plus size cardigans are always a nice way to dress up any outfit or simply help you accentuate certain parts of your body. For more weather sensitive women, a cardigan is great to simply have in your bag in case you step into an air-conditioned room or a slight summer breeze comes on. One of our favorite ways to tie an outfit together is by slipping a soft, delicate, cardigan over your top. This not only adds a little more of a personal flair to your outfit but also keeps you looking feminine and professional! Cardigans are also great to wear as summer work wear, and can be dressed up depending on the formality of the occasion.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are the first place our minds go when we think about summer clothing because they’re incredibly easy to wear in the heat especially if your planning Beach Vacation Outfits. However, some women don’t like to wear tanks because they’re insecure about their arms. Set aside the belief that it is your arms that you are insecure about! Oftentimes, women aren’t wearing the correct tank tops for their body type. Search for a stylish tank top outfit that fits your body type, and is made specifically for plus size women. These types of women’s tops generally fit better and will feel more comfortable on your arms.

Short Sleeve Tee

Plus size short sleeve tops are one of the easiest items of clothing to wear- especially in the hot summer! We have been wearing them since we were kids, but often times don’t know exactly how to wear them in more ways than one. Sure, this shirt type is fabulous with a pair of jeans or leggings and we have all worn that before. You don’t have to do much besides pull a tee shirt over your head, and call it a day which is why we have grown so fond of them! However, we have seen tee shirts be dressed up in so many different ways this summer! Tuck your tee into a pair of shorts or skirt with a cute belt for a fashionably comfortable look. If your lifestyle requires a little more effort, try throwing a fitted blazer on over your tee to take you through the weekend all the way to the office!

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees are one of the most fun and easiest ways to show your personality through your clothing. However, most of us have a habit of keeping our favorite tees around for far too long in which case they become old and no longer make us look good. Filter through your graphic tees just as you would any other piece of clothing, and grab some new ones to fit the new and upcoming styles this summer.

Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder tops are so perfect for a breezy summer day! It provides enough coverage on your arms while still showing off your femininity. One of the most lovely features of a woman is her collar bones and the off the shoulder top does an amazing job of showing it off. The off the shoulder style is also perfect for women who are looking to balance out their frame by bringing the eye to their collarbone area. Off the shoulder tops can be worn with so many different bottoms. Pair it with a nice pair of capris for a more sophisticated look or with some sexy shorts for a more casual look.

Cold Shoulder

No, cold shoulder is not the same thing as off the shoulder! Similar, but two different animals. Cold shoulder tops still have straps that go over the shoulder, show some skin, and then come back together again delicately at some point on the arm. This type of top is a summer essential and can be worn in so many different ways! One of our favorite ways to wear this outfit is with a nicely fitting pair of capris or distressed “denim” leggings. Slide on a pair of heels in a color that matches your top and you’re good to go! This top is also great with Women's Plus Size Shorts for super warm days because the missing fabric on the shoulders will help keep you nice and cool!


As far as cute plus size summer tops go, tunic tops look great on any body type and will help you feel confident any day. Because they compliment so many outfits, a few tunics should be staple pieces in your Trendy Plus Size Summer Clothing wardrobe. And because plus size summer tunics are so flattering to begin with, you can pick one up in just about any trendy pattern to compliment your personal taste!


Long length tunics are perfect for women who want to appear longer and leaner because they create a streamline throughout your upper to midsection. Another benefit of this type of top is that you can wear your most comfortable pair of leggings with it and not have to worry about being underdressed. Change from a pair of clean new sneakers into some comfortable wedges to take the look with you all day long.


Short tunics are similar to long tunics except they cut off at the waist. These plus-size tops are fantastic for women who are more bottom heavy. Because they don’t descend longer than your waist, they make you appear more balanced out. If you’re looking for Plus Size Outfits for Hot Weather, tunics will do the trick. They’re light and breezy, and will allow you to breathe in your outfit all day!

Sexy Tops

Whether you have a hot date or are planning a ladies night on the town you’re going to need some casual summer date outfits! Ditch your typical black top, and throw on something with a wow factor! Were loving a top with sheer lace over the shoulders to add a little sexy flair, and a solid top underneath. This shows off your sexuality without giving too much away! Pair it with some great fitting jeans and a sexy pair of summer heels to polish off your look. But don’t forget about your accessories! Sexy tops should always be combined with either a statement necklace or a pair of statement earrings. This summer, sexy means bold so don’t hold back when it comes to trying new things and wearing fun colors!


Tops are one of the best ways to take any outfit from drab to fab. Because patterns are all so unique, choose a pattern that represents your unique style and personality and rock it. Our advice to you lovely ladies is to select a top that features a pattern in a color that compliments the undertones of your skin complexion. For example, if you aren’t sure how to do this, simply look up a color chart online and pick the color opposite of your skin undertone! There are a ton of cute summer patterns on our style watch this summer so be sure to add one to your closet as a staple piece!


Floral print patterns have been a fan favorite since the beginning of time, and we’re not going to give it up now! One of the best parts of summer shopping is the huge variety of floral tops to hit the market, and we’re so excited for you to give them a try! Whether you’re planning a shopping day with the girls or have a special day lined up, floral is always a good option. Try matching your shoes to an accent color in your top to look oh so put together.


Let’s be honest, ladies. Who doesn’t want to appear longer and learner! Well, vertical stripes can do that for you. However, it is important to note that horizontal stripes will do quite the opposite so steer clear of any tops with horizontal stripes unless you’re bottom heavy and want to accentuate your top half to appear more balanced out. Stripes add so much detail to an outfit so it is best to wear them with solid color bottoms such as cute leggings or shorts.

Rules to Live By

The first mistake that most plus size women make is to hide their body under oversized clothes and dark colors in order to camouflage some parts of their figure. However, this only makes women look larger. The rule of this summer is to liberate yourself from the ideals of hiding your curves! Instead of throwing on an oversized shirt, find clothing that hugs your curves and makes you look like the sexy and confident woman that you are. Your top is the centerpiece of your outfit so as long as you feel confident in it then the rest of your outfit will be rockin’ as well.

Wrapping up

No matter what your personal style, the most important thing about shopping for summer tops is to make sure that you feel comfortable in your own skin. This summer break out of your usual routine and rock something daring. Remember, the way that you look on the outside reflects how you feel on the inside, so always put your best foot forward when it comes to plus-size fashion. If you’re ever stuck on what to add to your wardrobe, try out some of our suggestions to stay on top of the latest trends this summer while looking as effortless as possible. 

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