Curvy Girls Deserve Cute Clothes Too

Since opening Perfectly Priscilla I’ve gotten a lot of questions. Why? Why a plus size only boutique? Why now? Well I wanted to take a moment and set the record straight.

I am a mom of two beautiful, intelligent little girls and a wife to one of the most incredible men I have ever met, I am a business owner, a great friend, a fashionista, among many other things, but what I am not is a size 2. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with being a size 2, I was a size two when I was 15….I think. I am a size 12 now and I feel just as sexy and desirable today as what I did when I was 18 and a size 4! The difference between then and now is A LOT! My hips are wider and my belly is softer, thanks mostly to the birth of my girls and my never ending love of carbs. My butt is less Victoria’s Secret model and much more Kim K. (but isn’t that all the rage now?), my breasts are larger (thanks to an amazing plastic surgeon and modern technology) and the scale seems to slowly creep higher with each birthday…BUT I wouldn’t change any of it for the cutest swim suit, tightest dress or shortest shorts! You see, neither I nor my life is defined by the number on the label of my clothes! I have earned this body, these hips, this butt and these breasts (maybe not the breasts but I did pay for them…that counts right?)! I am not alone in feeling this way, so why is it so incredibly hard for women that life has given all these curves to, to find fashion that allows them to flaunt it?? We are beautiful, we are desired and we are confident in our bodies. So why aren’t we on a billboard in Times Square or on every page of Vogue? Why are we the majority but pushed to the side in favor of the minority?

The average American woman is a size 14. So why do 90% of retailers cater to women sized 2-10? Crazy huh? Why is it difficult when you are part of the majority to have one or maybe two stores that offer semi-trendy items in OUR size? And let’s not even talk about the price! Why is a shirt made for a large $30, but if you find it in a “specialty Store” in a 1X it’s $65??!! And why is everything in a plus size designed to replicate a tent? Made in fabric that is left over from curtains left from the 70’s? In researching to open Perfectly Priscilla, I polled many of my curvy girlfriends about their shopping habits and one thing was the same amongst them all….they wanted trendy, affordable clothes that were similar to the clothing their smaller friends could buy everywhere! And why not? Why don’t the majority of women deserve to look trendy and fashionable too? It was with this belief that Perfectly Priscilla was born!

Opening Perfectly Priscilla was the start of a dream of mine. A dream to help women look and feel their best at any size! You give women options that make them glow, put a little pep in their step, an added boost of confidence and they will seize the day or the moment. I never again want a woman to wear a tent to hide those beautiful curves that God has so graciously bestowed upon her. Beauty is something that radiates from within and my hope is that Perfectly Priscilla will become the adornment that lets that beauty shine bright to the world.



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