Contouring & Highlighting 101

It's hump day! Yay, Friday is right around the corner!

So, let me dive right into today's topic of discussion, highlighting and contouring. It seems like now, more so than ever, highlighting and contouring has become a huge trend among women around the world. Everyone seems to be doing it!

It can give you the most flawless look, especially for those special occasions where you want to take a little more time with your makeup and make sure everything is on point! If done correctly, it can be amazing! However, if you use the wrong products, even the wrong shades, it can go terribly wrong. So, avoid the headache and simply read the tips and tricks that I am about to give you below.

Just for a little background information if some of you are totally lost and confused when you hear the words contour or highlight. Basically, depending on your face shape and what you want to enhance and minimize, the contour color acts to slim or darken the areas you want to define. The highlighter color will not only add a brighten and glowing affect to the area that is highlighted, but the attention will be drawn to this area. This also works great if you want to create a more slimming look to the face, because it can define the cheek bones creating a smaller look to the face.

Some women get a little carried away with the highlight and contour. But, just like with everything, we all have different preferences and styles as to what we like best. The same applies to doing your makeup. You don't have to coat your face in bronzer and concealer. You simply place the amount that you feel the most comfortable with. The main key areas that you want to focus on for the highlight is the triangle under your eyes, ending where your cheek bones begin. You want to place your concealer here, followed by a setting powder to make sure it doesn't smudge, crease, or become sticky. If you choose to do so, you can follow this same technique in the center of your forehead, the chin, and the area directly under the cheekbones near the jaw. This is totally optional. Next, the contour shade should be applied in the part of the cheek bones that "sink in" when you make a fish lip face. The part of the cheek bones that are drawn in, you want to do a line with the contour directly in that area and be sure to blend it all the way out. Also, if you prefer, you may place the contour shade on the sides of the forehead and the side of the nose for a slimmer nose and blend as well. These

steps are also optional, depending on how much of a defined look you are going for. I will show you a few diagrams below and do not freak out, some of these are a little excessive. But, this just gives you an idea of the key areas you may want to enhance or slim down. Remember with highlighting, you want to place the concealer in those areas, then the setting powder and if you choose to do so, a highlighter shade on top of the cheek bones and down the bridge or the nose.

I will show you pictures below to give you a better idea. Remember, the key to making it look flawless is blending and placing the right shades/products in the correct areas.


Of course this is exaggerated, but just showing you the key areas for highlighting and contouring:

Blended Out, Simple Looks:

Be sure to BLEND! You do NOT want any harsh lines or splotchy makeup. You can choose to have a more matte, or highlighted look. It is totally up to you!

The KEY to any look is for it to be  blended out and soft looking.

A FEW of my favorite Contour Powders:


Soleil Matte Bronzer


This is a more high end option, but Too Faced seriously has amazing products! I love this bronzer! Not only is their packaging always super cute, but this bronzer literally smells like hot cocoa! This is their chocolate brozner collection. It is available in milk chocolate, chocolate, and dark chocolate, depending on your skin tone. LOVE this!

Click this link below to view it on their website:

NYX- Highlight & Contour Pro Palette


This palette is a great choice if you want a two in one for a cheaper price! It include contouring shades as well as various highlighter shades. If you have never used NYX products, I recommend them for a cheaper alternative. The quality is still great as well! You can find their products online or at Target or Ulta.

Click to view their website and this product:

NYC- Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in the Color "Sunny"

ONLY about $4.00-$5.00!

This is an awesome drugstore brand! You can find this at Target or other drugstores!

View Online:



Also, a product by Too Faced that is great! It comes with both highlighting and contouring options.

View Online:

Since I already showed you concealers you may want to try out in one of my previous blogs, I will stick with only giving you some amazing shimmery highlighter options for this blog. So, Here are my current favorites.

Amazing Shimmer Highlighters:

"MAC"- SOFT & GENTLE- Highlighter


This is a more high end option, but let me tell you, you will be obsessed with almost ANY MAC highlighter! They literally never seem to disappoint with their highlighters! This one is currently in my makeup bag as we speak. I got it for Christmas, and have been in love since!

To view this product online:

"Too Faced"- Candlelight Glow Highlighter Powder Duo


Too Faced, once again with the adorable packaging! I LOVE this one also! My mom has this product and I tried it the other day and almost wanted to steal it! haha. It is amazing!!!

To View Online:


You can find this at any drugstore, Walmart, etc.

This is a great option if you're looking for a more drugstore brand. They have highlighters, bronzers, and more!

Well, I hope that helps you ladies out some in the area of highlighting and contouring! It really is not that hard, once you find the products you love and how to apply them to fit your face shape in the most flattering way.

Please feel free to email me anytime if you have any questions. Let me know if you try any of these out!


Stay Fabulous!

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