Compliment Cause

Sunday Funday was spent exploring Governors Square in Tallahassee. I really like this mall because there are so many stores that I don't have in my own town. H&M, Torrid, Forever 21, Helzberg Diamond.... I could go on but I think we all get the point that I was in shopping heaven.  I found a crop tank at one store that said "Fashion Addict" and we all know that is accurate!  So... I haven't actualy been to this mall in years because I typically go to Jacksonville when I want to get out of town. But I wanted a change of pace this weekend.  First thing I see when we walk in the door is Torrid. And I instantly make a beeline for it. I walk in and stare for about five second at all the beautiful clothes that all definitely come in my size.  I am giddy already. 

I start to walk around and I hear "OH MY GOD!! I LOVE YOUR TOP".  I look up from the rack I am at and realize the salesgirl is grinning in my direction.  Oh Yay!! I'm the well dressed shopper she is referring to!  Of course I thank her for her compliment and tell her I got the shirt at Target and how I used to love their plus size section.... etc etc.  (The top, by the way, was a sheer white top with black polka dots and black peter pan collar. Absolutely one of my favorite finds).  And I have to say that even though I was already in a good mood, getting a compliment just instantly boosted me.  I smiled bigger, I stood taller, I walked with a greater confidence... 

It's funny because I am actually a really confident person.  I enjoy fashion and all of its intricacies.  I like putting different outfits together. But that day that compliment just brightened everything.  It gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling that I wanted to share with everyone else! Which made me realize that if a compliment can have that much affect on me and I was already in a good mood, what could it do for someone who is unhappy? Someone who isn't confident? Someone who is having a terrible day and needs a lift? 

So I am challenging all of you to a Compliment Cause!!  Let's make the world feel better ladies!  I want you to compliment five people a day for a week! Just one week, five different people a day.  I think we can do that!  Let's see how much that one nice thing you say can make someones day! And how in turn it can make you feel better!! But it has to be in person! NOT through social media!  Actually connect with those around you.  Pay attention.  And the compliment does not have to be related to what they are wearing.  It can be about anything!! You may be surprised at how much one kind thing that you say can make a difference to a complete stranger! 

Email me at to share your Compliment Cause story!! I can't wait to hear all about the smiles you made happen by the power of your words!

Stay Perfect!

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