Cold Weather Accessories

Wintertime is closer than you think. Temperatures are dipping, rain is falling, and snowy days are right around the corner. As the last autumn leaves fall, you should be starting to think about your winter wardrobe. In addition to cozy cardigans, full-length pants, sweater dresses, leggings, and warm coats, you’ll need some cold-weather accessories to get you through the season. With the right winter gear, you’ll be able to head outside to take a walk, go shopping, catch public transportation, attend a football game, or go to a formal event.

What Cold-Weather Accessories Do You Need This Winter?

When it comes to winter fashion, it’s the little things that count. We’re talking about cold-weather accessories, an essential part of your winter wardrobe. Are you wondering what you’ll need for winter accessories this year? Don’t worry. Perfectly Priscilla has you covered. We’ve outlined all the cold-weather accessories required for the winter season. Keep reading to discover the best winter gear including hats, gloves, scarves, ear warmers, tights, and boots. Stock up on these, and you’ll stay toasty and stylish all winter long.


Who doesn’t love winter hats? A winter wardrobe isn’t complete without something to keep your head warm. At Perfectly Priscilla, hats are one of our favorite cold-weather accessories, especially knit hats and crocheted beanies. Lined wool caps, trappers, and insulated duck hats are also perfect for winter, depending on where you live and your unique style. Winter hats are available in a variety of materials including lightweight fabrics and thick, lined options. Knit beanies can be tight, slouchy, or cuffed. We love a knit hat with a yarn or faux fur pom on top. You won’t want to leave your house without a warm hat once cold winds and icy temps hit.

Because heat escapes through our heads, hats are the first step to keeping warm from head to toe this winter. Not only that, wearing hats is an excellent way to express your style and add a pop of color to an outfit. Hats look cute in virtually any color, but in our opinion, the best hues for winter include heather and charcoal gray, deep red, dark green, dusty pink, and light blue. You can also find fun multi-colored knit hats and printed options with plaid, striped, or snowflake details. Hats are great for days when you don’t have time to style your hair, and they can spruce up your look with minimal effort. Although some women think they can’t pull off hats, they are easy to wear and look great on anybody. We’re confident you’ll be able to find a winter hat (or five) to go with just about any outfit.


So you’ve got a winter hat to keep your head warm. Next up is your neck! Scarves are an essential item on the list of must-have winter accessories, and the best part is that you can never have too many. They are the ideal solution for keeping your neck, face, and chest warm when you head outside. Classic cashmere and pashmina scarves can be tied around your neck to compliment any winter outfit. They work with both casual and formal attire and can even be worn indoors with a plus size sweater or solid top. Knit wool scarves work quite well if you’re looking to seriously bundle up. Wool is one of the warmest materials for winter wear, and a fluffy scarf will help you turn up the heat this season. Infinity scarves can be wrapped into circles around your neck for a fashionable look and range from light fabrics to heavier knits.

Blanket scarves are a totally on-trend option if you want to venture out from the traditional wrap-around scarf look. They can be draped around your shoulders or even your head to keep your entire upper body warm. Faux fur scarves can add an air of funky elegance to your winter outfit. Scarves are available in any shade or print imaginable, and they’re fabulous for adding character, color, and texture to your winter look. Scarves may be the chicest winter fashion accessory out there. They can completely change the vibe of an outfit or enhance your existing look.


When you shop for cold-weather accessories this winter, don’t forget gloves! Even with the coziest jacket, boots, hat, and scarf, you need to be thinking about your precious fingers. Don’t be the gal who hastily stuffs her hands into her pockets every time she heads outdoors. If you’re spending more than a few minutes outside during the coldest days of the season, you won’t want to go without a warm pair of gloves. At Perfectly Priscilla, we are all about winter gloves. Whether you prefer fleece, wool, cotton, or leather, there’s definitely a perfect pair of cold-weather gloves out there for you.

If you frequently use your hands to access your phone or reach into your purse, fingerless gloves are a great option as they keep your hands warm and your digits free. We also love texting gloves because they cover your entire fingers while still allowing you to use a touch-screen phone or tablet. This means you won’t need to take your gloves off to send a text or access your email. Most gloves can fold up into a compact shape and be stored in your handbag or coat pocket so you never forget them when you leave the house.

Ear Warmers

Do you want to keep your ears warm when you head outdoors without messing up your fab hairstyle? Luckily for you, ear warmers are on trend for 2018 cold-weather accessories. Whether you prefer classic earmuffs or modern headbands, ear warmers are the way to go to prevent your ears from freezing this winter. The best part about ear warmers is that they won’t mess up your hair as hats do. This cold-weather accessory can be placed over or around your head to cover your ears and can be worn with your hair down as well as with a ponytail or bun. Earmuffs are traditionally furry, but they come in all different styles. Some modern earmuffs even double as headphones! Ear-warming headbands are available in several materials including wool, flannel, cotton, and acrylic fabrics. Similar to hats and scarves, you can get ear warmers in any color.


For year-round girly-girls who like wearing dresses and skirts through the winter, tights might be one of the most important cold-weather accessories. They come in a variety of materials and thicknesses and can be worn with formal wear as well as laidback outfits. If your style consists of lots of skirts and dresses, you’ll want to make sure your legs stay warm when the weather gets super cold. Wool and fleece-lined are the warmest types winter tights. Nylon and cotton tights offer lighter coverage for days that don’t require as much bundling up. Leggings are an excellent alternative to tights as they provide warmth, support, and full coverage. They make it easy to create a comfy, layered winter look. The plus-size leggings from Perfectly Priscilla come in some of the best winter colors and patterns including deep charcoal, rich olive green, classic navy, and sassy cheetah print.


No one likes the feeling of cold feet during the winter. Your cold-weather accessory collection will not be complete without the right pair of winter boots. Depending on where you live, this might mean insulated waterproof boots, over-the-knee boots, rain boots, or ankle booties. Tall boots go with almost any outfit and help to keep your lower body toasty. Try to select a comfortable pair designed to withstand cold temperatures in a color that will go with jeans, dresses, skirts, and leggings. When it comes to tall boots, we recommend basic colors that match everything such as black, brown, camel, nude, and taupe. Rain boots will keep your toes dry while making a fashion statement this winter. They come in Chelsea-style ankle booties, mid-calf styles, and knee-high options in every color of the rainbow. If you live in a wet climate and know you’ll be frequently reaching for your rain boots this winter, select a pair that can be worn over thick socks. If the weather permits, ankle booties are one of our favorites for winter footwear. They can be dressed up or down and offer a little extra height. Perfectly Priscilla carries ankle booties in a wide range of options including short, wear-anywhere styles and taller statement ankle boots. Boots allow you to keep your feet warm during the winter without interfering with your unique style.

Winter Jewelry

Sure, jewelry won’t keep you warm during the long, cold winter, but adding a little sparkle to your look can make you feel hot! On days when you can’t avoid bundling up, throw on some jewelry to liven up your outfit and elevate your look. An eye-catching necklace, trendy earrings, or a statement bracelet might be just the thing you need to add some heat to your cold-weather outfit. Your winter vibe can easily transition from boring to head-turning with the right cold-weather accessories.

Embrace Winter Fashion with Cold-Weather Accessories

You won’t be truly protected from the outside elements without a hat, scarf, gloves, and boots. Whether you're running errands, heading to work, hanging out with friends, or going to a holiday party, accessories are a quick and easy way to add some personality to your look. When it comes to pairing cold-weather accessories with plus-size winter wardrobe essentials, Perfectly Priscilla has your back.

Style Any Winter Coat with Accessories

While a warm coat is necessary for wintertime, it’s important to choose some smart accessories as well. Whether you settle on a long wool coat, trench jacket, raincoat, or down puffer jacket this season, you can style your look several different ways with the right accessories. Play around with different winter fashion add-ons to see what looks best. A few finishing touches can have an immense impact on your overall aesthetic.

Choose Bold Colors & Patterns

Stocking your winter wardrobe with versatile neutral colors is always a practical choice, but when it comes to accessories, don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors and patterns. Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you need to stop wearing bright colors. Hot pink, electric blue, radiant red, and even neon are all completely acceptable for cold-weather accessories. For prints, we love plaid, stripes, dots, and retro knit designs.

The right winter gear will add character to your look while keeping you cozy from head to toe. Accessories have the ability to transform the most basic outfits into something you feel excited to wear. They don’t cost as much as other winter clothing must-haves and can go a long way for your wardrobe. Experimenting with cold-weather accessories and winter jewelry can be lots of fun too! Accessories are the finishing touch you need to complete your plus-size winter wardrobe. 

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