Clutch Me Close

Who hates going to events and having lug around a giant purse with you? I know I do. (Don't get me wrong... giant purses have their time and place and I may or may not have an addiction to them... I'm getting help. Don't judge me) Well do I have the solution for you! (Yes, I said that in my cheesy late night infomercial host voice) Clutches. We now have them! How great is that?? And if you know us you know we are going to have the absolute cutest clutches possible!  Brace yourself... featured today are three of the most amazing clutches I've seen. 

This coral clutch is the type of clutch you could use to have tea with the Queen that's how understated and elegant it is to me!  It does come with a cross body strap if you want to wear it with a more casual outfit but honestly I prefer this one without. 

"I'm Limited Edition" Clutch

This golden clutch just screams "Take Me To VEGAS!!" I love the rolled closed design with the double pocket interior (All the better to hold all those chips, right?!) Use the cross body strap on this clutch to bring any outfit up a notch! 

"Midas Touch" Clutch

I wish I could express to you the amount of love I have for this black and off-white clutch! Probably my favorite with or without the cross body strap but honestly (unlike the coral clutch) I actually prefer this one WITH the strap. This clutch is so funky and fun with it's faux zipper front and tassel trim. 

"City Chic" Clutch

These clutches are so unique and different.  There really is something for everyone personality, whether you are more understated or more bold, classic or funky- we have something for you! You know that really goes for all of our clothes and accessories.  You will always find something to love here! 

Stay Perfect!

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