Casual Summer Date Outfits

Summer is heating up and so is your love life! There is no better time for romance than the Summertime to turn your new found fling into the real thing. But in order to get to the final rose aka the coveted “boyfriend/girlfriend” relationship status, you will have to navigate your way through the ever-changing world of dating. This means going on dates, having new adventures, and meeting new people who could one day end up being the ONE. But until then, let’s just think about all of the cute and casual summer date outfits you’re going to wear!

During the Summer, depending on where you live of course, the weather is usually warmer and we tend to take part in more outdoor activities. With this, also comes a lot of fun casual date opportunities for you and all of those countless suitors waiting to take you out. Whether it be a drive-in movie night, dinner by the beach, or enjoying the rides and games at a theme park, your Summer date outfits need to be on-point and ready for anything. So let the breakdown begin as we share a few casual summer date outfits that will have you believing in love at first sight!

The Beach Date

Of course when we think about Summer, going to the beach is one of the first things that many people think about. This is when most people plan their Summer getaways to warm and tropical locations where the beach is the main attraction for most of the entertainment and activities. This is why planning our Beach Vacation Outfits is such a fun task! So naturally, when it comes to planning a date, the beach is a great choice. You can lay out and enjoy the beautiful weather, go swimming, surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling and the list goes on. The beach date gives you a myriad of options for activities which means your options for date outfits are practically endless.

If you know that you will be going in the water or taking part in some sort of water activity such as getting on and off of a surfboard or riding on the back of a jetski, you will want to wear something that won’t easily fall off or be uncomfortable. We don’t want you pulling a Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake moment on your first date, let’s keep it PG. But even more important than that, if you don’t feel good in what you are wearing, you’re more likely to be self-conscious and worried about what you have on rather than enjoying your date.

Of course you will want to have a bikini that gives you more coverage to reduce the chance of anything shifting out of place. While bikini tops are great, they are not always the most supportive and can become irritating if you are being active in the water for a long period of time. Instead, opt for a rash guard or a similar style that will fit more like a shirt and less like a bathing suit. And in this case, the same goes for bottoms. Teeny tiny bikinis may look cute, but they are not ideal for water sports. Pick up a pair of trendy board shorts that can be equally functional as they are flattering. This way you can be absolutely worry free while you’re in the water.


So the daytime portion of the date goes well and you are not ready to pack-it-in yet. And why should you? With all of the stylish casual summer date night outfits you have in your arsenal, you will be prepared for anything! So before you head out for your beach date, be sure to grab a few warmer items to throw in your bag that you can easily change into when day-turns-to-evening. A great piece for staying cool during the evening, especially for a bonfire situation, is a tube top which gives a hint of sexy by showing off some skin without going overboard. Style it with your favorite high-waisted jeans and a lightweight jacket to complete the ensemble. A cool and summery take on a standard blouse is also a great option for a casual date that will still be romantic without being obvious. Wear a pair of dark wash jeans to dress it up without getting into formal territory.

Dinner and a Movie

The classic first date - dinner and a movie. Although not the most innovative or original date idea, it has withstood the test of time for a reason. A casual dinner gives you the opportunity to engage in conversation and have one-on-one quality time. While you will want to maintain a casual vibe, you should try to wear an outfit that really shows off your personality, after all, they are there to get to know more about you, right?

Once you have outfit ideas nailed down, you won’t be nearly as nervous about the night ahead. One cute and very caught up with the fashion trends look to try is a stylish gingham shirt paired with white jeans and a pair of wedges or flats. While we would typically recommend black pants to look a bit more chic, for Summertime it’s all about white, so wear it while you can! If your personal style is a combination of sexy and laidback, you could try a one-shoulder top as an alternative to your standard casual blouse styled with a denim skirt and sneakers to keep the look low-key. And if you want to opt for something slightly more sophisticated, try a lightweight linen shirt and a simple pair of straight-leg jeans. Or try out a chic tie-front top that gives off the right balance of finesse without being too sexy, especially when worn with a pair of relaxed jeans.

Trust us, you don’t have to overthink it, just wear what you will feel most comfortable in and do it with confidence! We are attracted to the people that put off good energy and an infectious attitude, so don’t let first date jitters get in the way of making a good impression. With these helpful tips for your casual summer date outfits, you’ll feel so good in the looks you have put together that you will forget all about those pre-date nerves as soon as you get dressed!

Amusement Park

Many a romance has started on a first date at an amusement park. The fast rides, terrifying thrills and delicious junk food has been bringing couples together summer after summer. There is a certain innocence about going on a date to an amusement park that brings you back to your childhood and makes you feel like a kid again. This can be a great opportunity to have some fun and rock a few of those casual summer date outfits while you’re doing it.

First things first, it is most likely to be hot if you’re going during the day so you’ll want to wear plus size outfits for hot weather. In the middle of summer temperatures are typically at their highest and while rollercoasters might be calling your name, the blazing summer sun will not be as inviting. So, to avoid looking like a hot sweaty mess in front of your new crush, make sure you’re wearing the appropriate outfit for the occasion. One of the easiest date outfits to wear to a theme park are a cute pair of shorts, a and one of your cute plus size summer tops and comfortable shoes, in a nutshell. Try to avoid wearing women’s clothing that is too tight and could become uncomfortable after a few hours of sweating and walking around with the fabric rubbing against your skin.

Looser fitting trendy plus size summer clothing will also help you to stay cooler throughout the day. Also be sure to consider choosing clothes made with fabrics that are lightweight and able to breath. Spending an entire day drenched in sweat and feeling miserable is not how you want to remember what could have been an amazing time. You could also try a loose tunic with an a-line cut that will flow away from the body and allow air to pass through and help keep you cool. We would not recommend wearing a short sleeve t-shirt or any style of top that hugs beneath the underarms. The reason being is that when you’re warm and perspiring, your underarms produce sweat and can create unsightly sweat marks in the armpit region. While this typically is not a big deal, for a first date you might not want to leave that sort of impression.


Pairing the right shoes with your date outfits could mean the difference between a fun, exciting date and a date you can’t wait to be over. Even if sneakers or athletic shoes are not your personal shoe of choice, they are the most practical type of shoe to wear for walking around for long periods of time. For the most part, the notion has always been that sneakers were only appropriate for the gym or exercising and should not be worn for going out, but times have changed. Today, athletic shoes are more stylish and in-fashion than ever before. Supermodels and celebrities have made them incredibly popular, as we’re now seeing them on the runway and being worn out on the street.

High-end fashion designers have made sneakers a wardrobe staple, which for women that have been wearing high heels for most of their adult lives or just despise the idea of them altogether, couldn’t come sooner. Big name designers such as Balenciaga, Gucci, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, and the list goes on, are throwing out the rules of the past and embracing a more practical style of footwear for the modern woman. So head to your nearest department store or or go online to find your new pair of cute and comfortable athletic shoes. You will thank yourself and your date will too, for not wearing shoes that will be hurting your feet all day or causing you to wince in pain with each additional step you take.


Regardless of your relationship status, putting together date outfits for a casual date can end up being more stressful than the date itself—after all, you want to dress to impress without seeming like you are trying too hard. When you're planning your date outfits for a concert it's important to consider what type of concert you’re going to, in order for you to determine what kind of outfit is suitable for the occasion. Let’s say the concert you are going to is during the day or one that is specifically featuring one genre of music, one easy way to figure out what to wear is to style your outfit according to your surroundings.

For instance, if you're going to a daytime country concert where there will be a lot of dirt and dust, we would not suggest wearing your open-toe heels or one of your cute plus size summer dresses. Instead, embrace the opportunity to throw on your boots, ripped jeans and a cute fitted flannel. On the other hand, if you're going to a more laid-back evening concert to watch a band such as Coldplay, you have a little more room to dress-it-up a bit when picking out your casual summer date night outfits. Nerves can often makes us overthink things, especially when it’s a date, but try to think of it more as dress up and have fun when planning your date outfits.

Again, context is everything, so when it comes to putting together your concert look, consider where the venue is, who the band will be, and what the weather will be like. The better prepared you are will have you worrying less about your outfit and focusing more on enjoying your date. If the concert is casual, pick out your most flattering pair of jeans, a cute white v-neck, and either a pair of stylish sneakers or short-heeled booties. Accessories are the next step, so pop on one or two layered necklaces, maybe a pair of gold stud earrings and a watch to elevate the look. How you want to accessorize is completely up to you! In addition to your accessories, you can also instantly ramp up a cute pair of skinny jeans and a simple t-shirt by adding a long duster or an open cute plus size long summer dress over your look. And if the concert goes into the evening, you and your date will now have a convenient blanket to cuddle. Talk about practical fashion!

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