Calling All Fashionistas

Alright ladies I want to feature you on Fashionista Fridays! Once a month I am going to pick someone that is a Real World Plus-Size Style Icon and feature them on the blog explaining why I love their style!  What I want you to do is email me at telling me about your personal style, your style icons, some of your favorite pieces, and a picture of you in some rocking outfits! (If you are wearing Perfectly Priscilla clothing even better!!) I want to know where you shop, why you shop there, and what you love about fashion! I cannot wait to hear from all of you wonderful women! (Guys if you want to be included as a style icon for men that is fine too!) I'm all ears for shopping horror stories or the struggles to find that perfect piece.  Try to make the picture as clear as possible. Mirror pictures are fine as long as I can actually see you and your outfit.  Just remember by sending me your picture and info you are giving me permission to feature you on the blog.  I will send you an email letting you know that I have chosen you for that particular month and will give you a heads up before I post the blog so you can share it with all of your friends!

Hurry and Email me so you can featured as our First Fashionista of March!

XYour Shopping Bag