BROWdrama Product Review

Show of hands- how many of you fill in your brows? I hope every single one of you ladies have your hands waving in the air right now!! Fuller isn't just better when it comes to your figure, fuller brows are super in trend right now! (Think Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, or Lily Collins) There are so many products on the market to choose from and recently Maybelline has released their BROWdrama eyebrow mascara.  Personally I use E.L.F.'s eyebrow palette in light but I have seen so many things about this new brow tool that I wanted to try it out!  And I figured if I was curious about it so would all of you lovely ladies!  I know we usually talk about plus size clothing and fashion trends but I wanted to broaden your horizons today not just your closet!! So let the Battle of the Brows begin!!

Okay, so let's start with the application process... First I cleansed my brows to start with blank canvas. (And took off some of my eye makeup in the process- note to self this is why you fill in your brows before you do eyeshadow!)  I used one product on each brow. With the brow mascara you use a wand to apply the filler. To apply it, you just brush it from the start of your eyebrow up to the tip of your arch and down to the end of your brow. It separates the hairs, the product clumps, and as it dries it starts to feel... crunchy. It also gets darker as it dries. And the crunchy feeling does not go away until you wash your face. Now it is relatively quick and easy to apply but that for me doesn't out weigh the results. Since it separates the hairs it actually makes your brows looks spacey and slightly messy... I did not like the brow mascara at all.

See how my brow is spacey and the product clumps at the beginning of the brow?

The E.L.F. palette takes a little longer to apply but it gives a much cleaner and more defined appearance. To apply you place the product on the brush and starting at the tip of your arch, apply product using a feathering motion down to the end of your brow. Then using any excess product, feather from the start of your brow to the tip of your arch. From there I typically fill in as needed. One of the great things about this is you can build on top of it as much as you want and you can create a sharp line. It's great for not only creating the appearance of hairs but also filling in spaces or gaps.

Left                      Right

Top: Before  Bottom: After

Left Brow: E.L.F.   Right Brow: BROWdrama 

Ultimately, for me the E.L.F. palette wins hands down. Not only is cheaper by about $5, it creates a better brow!  I have provided pictures of my brows using both of the products. Remember the best thing to do is find what works best for you, whether its a palette or pencil, play around with a few different things to find your match! (Also, I do love a lot of Maybelline products, I just feel like this one could be better!)

Check back later this week for more tips and tricks!  Stay Perfect!

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