Body Positivism

As a curvy girl I know how hard it is to be completely confident in your own skin. Especially with all the ads you see on TV with the super skinny girl always being the model. Well I've learned over time that you should love yourself no matter your size, shape or weight. Also that it's super sexy to be confident! If you are confident in the clothes you wear and in your own skin then everyone will think "Wow" when they see you! Working at Perfectly Priscilla Boutique has honestly helped me be a more confident girl! PPB's goal is to make every woman feel beautiful and confident! We are the leading plus size online boutique and take pride in offering clothing in sizes 10 through 22 since the average woman is a size 12. We love seeing our customers happy and confident wearing our clothing! We all know that there are different body shapes and shopping for specific shapes can be difficult. We try to make it simple here at PPB! We have things for every shape and size to make you look amazing! Fashion is a big way to make you feel great and more confident! This is a way to help you embrace your curves and express yourself through clothing! Step outside of your comfort zone with fashion! Try something that you normally wouldn't even think of wearing. For instance you may think fitted clothing wouldn't look good on you. Chances are you would look lovely! Try something you have always wanted to but have been afraid to take the risk! We assure you, you will look AMAZING! Be confident and and you will shine!

Remember being body positive isn't just for curvy girls. This goes for all shapes and sizes! You should love the skin your in! Below I will list some ways to really embrace the skin you're in and love yourself.

1: Write positive daily affirmations throughout the day.

2: Build up others, make them feel amazing about themselves and really love themselves!

3: Always remember compliments others have given you and truly believe it!

4: Step outside your comfort zone with fashion and makeup.


Being body positive is a choice. It’s not something that happens over night. Be confident and love yourself. Always remember you are amazing just the way you are, weather you are plus size or average you are perfect!

Accepting yourself is one thing but you must accept those around you as well. Once you stop comparing yourself to others and become content with who you are, your levels of self-love and happiness escalate.

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