Blossoming Into Spring!

I hope you all are having a great week! If you're having a stressful week like me, don't worry it's hump day!

My week has been somewhat hectic to say the least. I am moving into a new house this week and have been dealing with moving clothes, and organizing, and finding home décor to go in the various bedrooms. It is just a job! Anyone

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Good news is, Wednesday means that we are almost over the hill, and Friday will be show her pretty face soon! So, pour you some strong coffee and stay positive.

So, while contemplating what I wanted to discuss with you ladies today, my mind kept going to Spring. I just love Spring! In my mind, it symbolizes a new beginning and a time when nature's beauty starts to blossom around you! Flowers start trying to bloom, birds are chirping, and okay let's not forget, we FINALLY get to kick off those stuffy clothes and throw on our favorite spring outfits and open-toed shoes!

I don't know if you all have been following our new arrivals on Facebook, or our Instagram account, but I am LOVING our Spring Collection so far! I know that we receive so many questions and comments about how to style different outfits. Some women just need some tips and pointers on what is trending and what is the best way to wear our pieces. I sometimes find myself looking at Pinterest, or looking at Celebrity outfits and finding ways to "cop their look for less."  It can also give you inspiration into what your own individual style is by getting ideas from celebrities or Pinterest. So, today I want to show you some of my absolute favorite colors and patterns that celebrities and models are wearing today and ways you can pair them. I will also show you similar items we have, here at PPB for less! I don't know about you, but I am all for a good deal when it comes to just about any and everything, especially when it involves fashion!

So, let's get started...

1) Mint Green

-Green just screams Springtime! Mint green is just such a beautiful and flattering color! It has really become popular in the past few years. You see an increasing amount of models, celebrities, and outfits displayed on Pinterest incorporating the mint green color. I loved this outfit combination I saw recently on Pinterest as a hot Spring look!

What do you ladies think?

On Pinterest:

I love this, because they made the mint green the focal point for the outfit and accessorized the look with golds and nudes. If you are ever in doubt with how to accent or pair a top that is a pastel color, such a mint, color, baby pink, light blue, etc, then you can always go with golds and nudes!

It will give you a well put together, clean and fresh look!

Guess what? We have an even cuter top for ONLY $30.00!

Our "Zip Your Lips"  top is absolutely perfect for Spring and easily paired with golds, nudes, or coral colors. The gold zipper detail adds just the simple touch it needs to make it even more unique.

How to cop this look with us:

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                                                                             2) Floral Patterns

I feel like people often times shy away from patterns. Before you refuse to give floral patterns a chance, let me just show you the amazing looks you can create using this pattern! Yes, there are ways that patterns and prints can go totally wrong. It is ALL about how you wear them and choose to pair them that is best for your individual preference. You have to get out of your comfort zone and give patterns a chance and I am betting you will be pleasantly surprised. I hear too often of all of the "rules" and don'ts you should avoid, especially if you are curvy. There is the "Don't wear stripes", or the "Stay away from patterns". Well, throw away the rule book and wear what makes YOU feel most comfortable. You will never know unless you try it for yourself!  While looking online, there are so many celebrities and models who are rocking their floral prints. It gives you a vintage look that will never go out of style. Here are a few celebrity/Pinterest inspired looks I enjoyed finding while browsing the internet:

From celebrities, to models on the runway, floral patterns are a hot and trending item for Spring! It really makes an outfit effortless. The pattern is so decorative, that it requires minimal jewelry and accessories. Usually, all you need are some cute dangling earrings and possibly a bracelet.

I think that where some people go wrong, is they don't keep it simple.

With patterns, you don't have to add much else to the outfit, because the beautiful floral pattern is eye catching enough! I would keep the shoes, and jewelry solid and avoid mixing any other patterns, because then it will become too busy.

As you see in both pictures they are wearing solid colored shoes. In Kim's picture, she has more of an hourglass figure and clearly wants to emphasize the waist area. For those who feel patterns are not flattering, pairing a patterned dress with a solid dark belt is actually extremely flattering because it draws attention to the slim waist. It also creates a color blocking effect that almost balances out the top and bottom half and shows off the small waist area. There are various easy tricks you can incorporate into just about any  outfit if you are self conscious about something or want to draw attention to certain areas of your body over others. I also like to show attention to my waist, because it Is the smallest part of my body. Simply pairing dresses with a solid belt is an easy way to do this.

How to cop this look with us:

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"A Bouquet of Beautiful Dress" - $43.00

How GORGEOUS is this new arrival item? Like the other pictures I showed you, our model also chose to keep the accessories simply and let the floral do the talking for itself! She also chose to pair this outfit with solid shoes. This is key when wearing prints, in order to make it look simple and chic and not too busy. Our dress is even more flattering for all body types, because it has a cinched in waist line area. You don't even need a belt with this dress, thanks to the flattering cut and design. It is also a high-low dress, which is super trendy these days. It shows a touch of leg in the front, leaving plenty of room in the back for those who have concerns with a dress being too short on them. With this type of dress, those worries can go out the window. This is a beautiful option for spring! It can easily be made simple with some solid sandals, or can be transformed into a dressier look with wedges. Whether  you're going to a wedding, headed on a date, or simply wanting to feel cute, this outfit can be applicable to almost any occasion!

                                                           3) Palazzo Pants

I am actually new to the Palazzo Pants trend. I recently allowed myself to indulge in buying myself some and giving them a try! I must say I easily fell in love! These are super stylish and trendy, yet amazingly comfortable! They are super versatile because the pattern gives them that dressy appearance if you want to add wedges with them. Or, you can keep it casual with a simple plain top and sandals. Throw on some gold or solid colored jewelry to match, and let the pattern of the pants speak for themselves. Here are a few celebrities I spotted rocking their favorites!

Palazzo Pants are so chic!

They have a way of elongating

your legs and slimming

the upper half of your body.

Celebrities are loving them!

How to cop this look with us:

"Once Upon A Time Palazzo Pants" - $40.00

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This is how we decided to pair ours! We dressed it up with our beautiful "Rendezvous With You Tank" and decided to go for a more chic look with some stylish wedges. Our statement necklace added just the perfect touch to tie in the colors of the pants! We love this!

I hope you ladies enjoyed today's blog and can find new ways to pair some of your favorite Spring items! Let us know what you are loving so far from our 2016 Spring Collection!

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