Best Style Tops for Plus Sized Women

The most important element when shopping for a new top is that it makes you feel confident and beautiful. As a plus-sized woman, finding a shirt that accentuates and draws attention to your killer curves but doesn’t cost an arm and a leg can be difficult. One key factor to consider when choosing the most flattering top as a plus-sized woman is your body type. This is crucial for emphasizing the parts of your body that you love and pulling attention away from the parts that you may not want to emphasize as much. This guide will walk you through the most flattering tops for plus-sized women of each different body type. 

Plus Size Body Types

The first step to determining the best style tops for plus-sized women is to break down the different body types. Below are some of the most common body types for plus-sized women, defining features and which parts of the body are best to accentuate with each. 

  • Apple: Someone with an apple body type will have similar-sized hips and shoulders that are narrower than the waist. The waistline for apple body types is typically undefined. The bottom half of the body of someone with an apple shape is slimmer than the top half and the legs and arms are slender. If this sounds like you, you’ll want to accentuate your curvy bust, small hips and slender legs while minimizing your tummy. 
  • Hourglass: Someone with an hourglass body type has shoulders and hips that are about the same width. This body type is also defined by the smallest feature, the waist. When looking for clothing for your hourglass figure, you’ll want to accentuate this area. Adding a belt around the waistline is always a great choice for those with an hourglass figure. Avoid any clothing that adds bulkiness to that area such as ruffles or added layers.
  • Pear: The pear-shaped body type consists of narrow shoulders and a small bust with full hips and thighs. The waistline is defined and noticeably smaller than the hips and the thighs. You’ll want to accentuate your waist and shoulders by drawing attention to the upper half of your body.
  • Straight: A straight body type characteristically has about the same sized top and bottom half. The shoulders and hips are about the same width and the waist is undefined. For this body type, you’ll want to wear clothing that adds emphasis to the waist. The beauty of having a straight body is that almost any top will look good on you.
  • Inverted triangle: The inverted triangle body type typically has a smaller bottom half and broader shoulders with a large bust. The hips, legs and butt will be the smallest parts of the body. If you have this body type, you’ll want to draw attention to the lower half by avoiding tops with a high neckline.

Flattering Tops for Plus Sized Women 

Now that you’ve determined your body type, you have a better idea of which style top will be most flattering on you. The goal is to focus attention on your best features by drawing the eye to them so that you are looking and feeling your best! 

  • Peplum: A peplum top is cinched at the waist and flares out at the bottom. It is perfect for slimming and accentuating the waistline. Because this top can add the illusion of a smaller waist and curves or show off the small waist and curves that are already there, it is a great choice for all body types. Whether you have an hourglass, pear, straight, apple or inverted triangle body type, a peplum top will be complimentary on you.
  • Wrap: Wrap tops enfold around the front of your body. The great thing about these tops is that you can decide how tight or loose you want to wear them. They’re perfect for disguising rounder bodies and giving an eye-catching waistline. This style will be especially flattering if you have a straight, hourglass or apple body shape. 
  • V-neck: Tops with a v-neckline are cut deeper than most others. They're ideal for taking the attention away from the upper half of the body and pulling the eyes down while still showing off the bust. They also elongate the torso. Shirts with a v-neckline are a perfect style top for plus-sized women who have an inverted triangle, straight, hourglass or apple body shape.  
  • Off-the-shoulder: These tops run horizontally across the collarbone. They are the widest option for necklines and highlight the shoulders. Particularly flattering option for you if you have a pear or straight-shaped body.  
  • Scooped neck: A scooped neck top is another low neckline that draws the attention lower on the body away from the shoulders while still complimenting the bust. This top is an especially smart choice for plus-sized women with an inverted triangle or straight body shape.
  • Square neck: Square neck tops have an open neckline that shows off the collarbone and appeals to the upper half of the body. Great for those with narrow shoulders and a small chest. You’ll love rocking a square neckline if you have a pear body shape.

Other factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Style Top For Plus Sized Women

The cut of your top will be most important in emphasizing your best attributes. However, there are a couple of other things you can take into consideration in order to find the best looking top for your plus-sized body, such as:

  • Length: If you have a short torso, you will want to opt for medium-length tops that hit just above your hip bone. This will give the illusion of a longer torso without making you look shorter. If you have a long torso, opt for shorter or more cropped tops which will shorten the appearance of your torso.
  • Colors and patterns: Draw the eye to accentuate your best features. If you want to accent your upper body, focus your brightest colors and patterns in that area. To draw attention to the lower half of your body, wear neutral or solid tops with colorful or patterned bottoms. 

Shopping for the Best Style Top for Your Plus Sized Body 

Your plus-sized body is beautiful whether you have an apple, straight, hourglass, pear, or inverted triangle shape. It is all about highlighting your best assets to make you look and feel your best. We have a wide selection of flattering tops for plus-sized women. Now that you know what you’re looking for shop our website and start accentuating your best features today!


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