Beach Vacation Outfits

Summertime is in full swing and we’re ready for some fun in the sun! So bring on the beach vacation and prepare for days filled with relaxation and adventure all in one amazing trip. Which means that now is the time to start thinking about which beach vacation outfits you’re going to bring along with you. So whether you are going to be living that resort life for a week, going out on a few hot beach dates, or just spending your time laid back lounging by the water, you will need your cute beach vacation outfits planned and packed before the vacay can commence.

Typically, as for any sort of vacation, you will want to bring a variety of pieces that can cover all of your bases. By this we mean, a few casual pieces, something sportier, a dressy ensemble, beach-appropriate attire and of course all of the right shoes and accessories to go along with each look. Strategically plan out your cute plus size summer topsWomen's Plus Size Shorts, and Trendy Swimsuits for Plus Size on your packing list! You will need several daytime looks that can be casual and suitable for the beach environment, as well as at least one dressier piece that can be used for a nice dinner or maybe even a fun event you’re attending that you don’t want to look as casual at. So get ready because we’re about to give you a complete breakdown of the best beach vacation outfits to bring along for your summer vacay!

Beach Day

If you’re going on a beach vacation, it’s likely that the majority of your time will be spent by the water, so you will want to pack Trendy Plus Size Summer Clothing that is suitable for where you’re at. One idea for a simple look for heading to the beach is a cute pair of shorts and a tank-top to throw on over your bathing suit. Quick and easy! Then pop on an oversized hat and a chic pair of sunglasses and you’ve got a stylish, effortless look for heading to the beach. You can also use a beach vacation dress as a bathing suit cover-up for heading down to the beach or walking around the area. Since it’s summer and you’re by the ocean, consider choosing bright colors, fun prints and lightweight fabrics for your cute beach vacation outfits.

Summertime is the most popular time of the year to go bold with your color selections and get away with those more vibrant hues that tend to fade out as we move into Fall and Summer. Go for those vivid pink pigments, eye-catching yellows, and glowing greens when searching for your new beach vacation outfits. This is your time to embrace color and live a little, so try on a few fun colors next time you go shopping that you may have shied away from in the past. You may be surprised how good they look on you! As for prints, try out a cute Plus Size Romper with a fun cherry print or cheeky polka dots. No matter what age you are, you should never take your clothes too seriously. You’re on vacation so have some fun! Leave your stuffy day-to-day attire at home and be a little more adventurous when it comes to putting together cute beach vacation outfits.

If you feel confident with your shape and don’t mind showing off a little skin, pack those Brazilian bottoms and teeny triangle tops, but just make sure you’re paying attention to your shape and body type in order to determine which styles will work best for you. It’s natural as women to want to wear all of the latest trends and embrace the fashions we love, but our best looks will be the ones that flatter our bodies and accentuate our most prominent assets. Just because we love one style, does not mean it is going to love us back just as equally.

When it comes to picking out swimwear that works best for you, go with what you feel most confident in and look for a style that will show off the parts of your body you feel best about. If you love your arms and want to show off your chest, but would prefer to downplay the lower half of your body, pick a suit with a low-cut neckline to showcase the girls and then pair it with a cool sarong or wrap to conceal the areas you would rather not show off. Other popular styles in swimwear right now are strapless, one-shoulder and halter tops with unique cut-outs. Incorporate these into your vacay as you see fit! Your bathing suit is a key piece in putting together your beach vacation outfits, so make sure you find the pieces that show off your best features and that you ultimately feel comfortable in sporting around on the beach.

Sandals are the obvious footwear choice for a day at the beach because they are easy to slip on-and-off and you won’t have to worry about sand or water ruining them. Don’t obsess over picking out the most fashionable sandal out there for the beach, just pick a pair that will be comfortable and easy to walk around in throughout the day. Also, be sure to pick a style that is made with a water-resistant material or one that can easily be washed off because walking around on or near the beach will likely make your feet a little dirty from the sand and water mixture. A basic pair of flip-flops is all you really need for your casual beach vacation outfits so make sure to pack a few in your suitcase that you find suitable.

Water Activities

There are so many things to do at the beach that you can easily wind up spending an entire day, from morning-to-night, taking part in activity after activity on just one beach day. If you plan on engaging in any water activities during your beach vacation, you will want to have the appropriate clothing to do so in. For activities such as surfing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, or scuba diving, your outfit will require slightly more support and coverage for moving around in the water than your basic bikini. The last thing you want to worry about on your vacation is that something is slipping out or coming undone while you’re taking part in a water activity, or any activity for that matter. For these situations, we recommend wearing a bathing suit that has a supportive top and fitted bottoms that will form to your body without being uncomfortable or too tight. You do not want to have to worry about adjusting your suit or fixing a wardrobe malfunction on vacation. So, do yourself a favor, and pack at least one athletic style bathing suit or a cute one-piece for more coverage.

If you have not been a fan of the one-piece suit before, 2018 has introduced so many new variations on this style that now women of all ages and sizes are loving the one-piece for a beach day look. Typically thought of as a bathing suit for either very young girls, older or more conservative women, or women that are overweight, the one-piece has not always been considered the most fashionable swimwear option. But one-pieces have in many ways become the new bikini, as sexier and more stylish versions are popping up more than ever before. You can find styles with plunging necklines, super high cuts, and Brazilian-style, scantily clad backsides for showing off that hot summer bod. They are also great to have around for those days when you do not want to wear a two-piece and prefer to be slightly more covered up for the day.

For those water activities that may require you to move around a lot, we suggest packing at least one rash guard and a pair of cute board shorts. These will fit more like actual clothing and less like a bathing suit, in order to keep you fully covered and protected against the waves and anything else that could shift your suit. You will be so happy you brought these with you in addition to your beach vacation outfits, especially if you happen to see other bikini babes struggling to keep up because they’re more concerned about keeping their suit on. You can find super trendy rash guards and board shorts at a local surf shop or a full-range sporting goods store near you.

Having the proper footwear is also something you need to consider for water activities on the beach. If the ocean you’re going to be swimming in has rocks or a jagged reef, your bare feet can easily get cut-up or bleed from getting caught on the rough edges. To avoid any JAWS-like reenactment, bring a pair of water booties or athletic shoes with you that will help you walk around on rough surfaces and keep your feet better protected from the natural elements.

Beach Accessories

What’s a day at the beach without the proper accessories to go along with all of your cute beach vacation outfits? You will definitely want to pack one or two hats in your beach bag for your trip, preferably one that is larger with a wide brim that can serve as resort wear and provide shade if you happen to be laying out on the beach or at a lunch where you are sitting in the sun for a long period of time. You can also bring a smaller style such as a fedora for a less overwhelming item. With just this one simple accessory, you can instantly elevate your entire Beach outfit while staying hidden from the Sun. Because who doesn't love fashion and functionality?

The next item to have in your suitcase is a great pair of sunglasses. Unless these are one of your favorite accessories in general, you will probably only need to bring one pair with you. Pick a style that will work for the majority of your beach vacation outfits but will also look good with more formal daytime looks. And last but not least, why not throw in a few great hair accessories such as clips, scarves or even a flower to add a little extra pizazz to your locks?

Evening Attire

Now for the evening portion of your beach vacation! Who doesn’t love a nice, delicious meal after a long day spent out in the sun and playing in the water? You will want to make sure you have packed at least one nice beach vacation dress to wear out to both a casual and more formal restaurant setting. For a casual look, a plus size maxi dress is a great option because the length has a bit of formality, but it can still be dressed down by choosing a style with a fabric such as cotton or jersey that is more comfortable and less formal. Pair this beach vacation dress with a pair of chic sandals or nice flip flops (not your sand-coated flips flops from earlier) and a small crossbody bag to finish off the look.

For a more formal affair, choose a Cute Plus Size Summer Dress with a little more sophistication. Pay attention to your fabric choices as these can instantly elevate a look from basic to high-end with just this one consideration. Jumpsuits are also a great piece for a beach vacation when you want to go out for the evening and look cool and stylish without sacrificing comforts. Jumpsuits are ideal because they are an entire outfit in one piece, so all you have to think about is finding a style you love and the rest is just accessories! Try a cute strapless jumper that shows off your beautiful arms and shoulders and highlight the look with either a statement necklace or a few stacked bangles. And if you want to show off that sexy collarbone, put your hair up and wear a beautiful pair of long earrings as a statement piece.

The most important thing to consider for any of these looks is finding the right fit. Regardless of how expensive the outfit is, or which high-end designer made it, if it does not fit right, there is no value you in it for you! And just because you want to look more formal, does not mean you have to overdo it. Pack a pair of cute wedges and a pair of elegant flats for a night out. This way, depending on your mood at the time or where you happen to be going, you will have more than one option when it comes to style, as well as comfort-level to choose from. Because the last thing you want on your vacation is to be upset with yourself for not packing a few options to mix-and-match with your different beach vacation outfits.

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