How often have you looked at oufits and wondered what to accessorize it with? I know I do it all the time!! That is why I wanted to bring you a few options from our accessory section! These are just a few of what we have and some of my absolute favorites!!

The "Dessie" wedge comes in tan and wine for you to choose from.  The tan is definitely going to be able to be used with a wider variety of color options but the wine makes such a stunning statement piece! It is so hard for me to decide which color I love more! I say "Hey, why not just get both... You've had a hard week. You deserve it!"

Are you more of a flats kind of gal?  Then try our "Anchors Away" sandal in blue and mint. Again both colors are stunning and work great with many of the outfits we have on the website! I just love the anchor detail on this sandal! It makes me want to go sailing!

How beautiful is the "Ally" necklace? Seriously, I adore the delicate detailing and colors on this necklace.  The dark gold chain really is a wonderful metal and looks excellent with so many different pieces!  This is also a necklace that you can layer with other necklaces as well that you may already have!

The "Jasmine" bracelet comes in four great options: the gold/ivory, the gold/orange, the gold/multi-color, and the gold/black (which is not pictured below). My personal favorite is the gold and multi-color option but they are all stunning to me. I also think these would look great stacked together with a few smaller bracelets to create some interesting dimensions!

How adorable are these charms on the "Caroline" bracelet?? I love all the different bracelets that make up this piece! It is so interesting! There are so many different metals, charms, and colors to catch the eye! This bracelet goes great with a piko top and shorts/jeans!


What are some of your favorite accessories? Email me at!

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