A Look Back on Plus Size Fashion 2018

The arrival of a new year is the perfect time to assess your current style and look ahead to upcoming fashion trends. However, at Perfectly Priscilla, we also like to take a moment for an appreciative look back on the previous year. Some 2018 clothing trends stand out more than others, and as fashion enthusiasts, we want to reflect on the most notable styles for plus-size clothing.

Ultraviolet was the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year, and the vibrant hue was celebrated in the world of fashion all year long. But as we look back on plus-size fashion from 2018, we’ll reflect on specific trends from spring, summer, fall, and winter. Some trends made a quick debut, some timeless looks made a comeback, and others are expected to stay around for a while. Here are the trendiest statements for full-figured women from each season of the past year.

2018 Plus-Size Spring Fashion

Spring is an exciting time in the fashion world. Just when you’re feeling stuck in a rut with cold-weather clothing, it’s time to start rocking dresses, bright colors, and cheerful prints again. Our favorites from 2018 plus-size spring fashion include floral print dresses, leggings, jeans, and tunics.

Floral Print Dresses

After a long winter, floral print dresses are a breath of fresh air. For some full-figured ladies, floral clothing might seem like something you can’t pull off because of the busy pattern. However, the plus-size floral print dresses from Perfectly Priscilla are designed to flatter your curves for a fresh, elegant appearance.


At Perfectly Priscilla, we are big proponents of leggings all year round, and the spring of 2018 was no exception. They are super comfortable, flattering, and can be worn with tunics, dresses, or long sweaters. The plus-size leggings from PPB come in a variety of colors and patterns and offer a slimming look that can be dressed up or down for spring.


Denim is a classic material that is appropriate for year-round wear, and in 2018, we loved wearing jeans in the spring. The perfect pair of jeans is a must-have wardrobe staple that is traditionally casual but endlessly versatile. The plus-size jeans from Perfectly Priscilla come in several different washes and styles from deep indigo and black to faded blue and distressed options. You can wear jeans around the house and on weekends, or out on a date, for ladies night, or to a party.


Tunics were a 2018 plus-size fashion trend that we couldn’t get enough of. These versatile tops are available in many different lengths, cuts, styles, colors, and prints. They go great over leggings, a skirt, or even with jeans. Best of all, plus-size tunics are made to compliment your curves while keeping you extra comfortable.

2018 Plus-Size Summer Fashion

Depending on where you live, dressing for the summer can be somewhat of a challenge for full-figured ladies. However, 2018 brought us some refreshing plus-size fashion trends that were easy to wear and completely flattering. We loved maxi dresses, basic tanks, graphic tees, shorts, sundresses, and one-piece swimwear.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are one of our favorite clothing items to wear during the summer because they’re feminine, comfy, and look good on all body types. The summer of 2018 was all about showing off your curvy figure in a soft, sleeveless maxi. You don’t need to add much to complete an outfit with a plus-size maxi dress in the summer. Just throw on your favorite sandals, grab some sunglasses, and you’re good to go!

Basic Tanks

During the summer, basic tanks are great for layering under other pieces or worn on their own. For full-figured ladies, longer styles were in last summer because they create the look of an elongated frame. The plus-size basic tanks from Perfectly Priscilla are designed to stay in place and create a slimming effect for the waist.

Graphic Tees

Graphic tees were a favorite for plus-size summer fashion last year. They’re comfortable to wear and are just the thing to nail a casual look during the warm season. It can be tough to find a plus-size graphic tee you love wearing, which is why Perfectly Priscilla makes a line that’s intended for an effortless fit and all-day comfort.


Shorts are a summertime staple, and they’re one article of clothing we loved from 2018. A perfect pair of shorts can be hard to come by for curvier women. That’s why Perfectly Priscilla is dedicated to creating a flattering line of comfortable plus-size shorts. Our shorts are made from soft, breathable materials and are not restricting whatsoever. During the summer, you can look cute in shorts without a fuss.


There’s really only one season of the year when you can wear sundresses, and last summer, we didn’t waste any time. Believe it or not, sundresses can look great and be worn with confidence by women of any age and size. The plus-size sundresses from Perfectly Priscilla are designed to be worn effortlessly to any summertime occasion. They come in a variety of prints and colors as well as several cuts and styles including sleeveless, midi, shift, and A-line.

One-Piece Swimwear

Last summer, one-piece swimwear was very on-trend which was great news for anyone who isn’t thrilled about wearing a bikini. One-piece bathing suits are a chic, stylish, and sexy look on all different body types. Swimwear should be something you feel good wearing, and for plus-size ladies, the summer of 2018 was all about confidently rocking a one-piece.

2018 Plus-Size Fall Fashion

At Perfectly Priscilla, we welcome the fall season with open arms and embrace the shift in fashion that comes along with it. For plus-size women autumn 2018 was full of easy-to-wear trends to experiment with and make your own. Last fall, we were obsessed with plaid tops, lace dresses, athleisure wear, jumpsuits, layered ensembles, ankle booties, and animal-print accessories.

Plaid Tops

Plaid seems to be a fall pattern trend that keeps popping up every year, and we couldn’t be more glad! It’s a fashion staple for fall that can be rocked with just about any article of clothing, but in 2018, our favorite trend was traditional plaid tops. The plus-size plaid shirts from PPB can be worn with jeans, leggings, or skirts, and they make a seasonal statement that’s everything we love about fall.

Lace Dresses

Lace dresses were on-trend during the fall of 2018, and they were just the thing for full-figured women with feminine style. We loved plus-size lace dresses in both midi and full-length styles. They create a vintage-inspired rustic look that can be worn both during the day and at night. Last fall, our favorite colors for lace were mustard yellow, gray, black, soft pink, and muted purple.

Athleisure Wear

Athleisure wear was trending in the autumn of 2018, and for busy plus-size women with active lifestyles, this was a real blessing. From yoga pants, running tights, and sweatpants to tracksuits, hoodies, and sneakers, there are so many combinations and fun directions you can take this fashion trend. Perfectly Priscilla carries a bunch of athleisure wear options including sporty graphic tees, cute and comfy sneakers, basic stretchy shirts, and soft leggings in every color.


For anyone sick of wearing dresses or slacks, jumpsuits were a refreshing fashion trend last fall. They are flattering on plus-size women and can be worn in professional settings, to a party, on a date, or just about anywhere you’re headed. Last autumn, we loved vertically striped plus-size jumpsuits in deep shades like rust, burgundy, dark teal, and forest green. This is one plus-size fashion trend from 2018 we hope to see more of in the coming year.

Layered Ensembles

Fall fashion is all about layering, and the 2018 season was no exception. As the weather got colder, we were grabbing additional layers to add some extra warmth to our outfits. Last autumn, we adored the look of layering pullover sweaters, cardigans, tunics, ponchos, and cropped jackets over basic shirts and tanks. A layered outfit looks great on plus-size women with jeans or leggings and boots.

Ankle Booties

In 2018, ankle booties were a go-to for fall fashion, and for good reason! They are comfortable, cute, and complete any look of the season. They add the perfect amount of height and can be worn with each of the plus-size fall fashion standouts from 2018. We think they look best with plaid shirts, lace dresses, jumpsuits, and layered ensembles.

Animal-Print Accessories

Animal print is one of our favorite 2018 trends for plus-size women. We adore leopard, cheetah, and other animals prints in a variety of clothing pieces, but accessories might be the most fun. Believe it or not, animal print is endlessly versatile, especially when it’s worn in smaller accent items. Last autumn, we celebrated this trend with animal-print accessories including scarves, tights, hats, belts, necklaces, earrings, headbands, and shoes.

2018 Plus-Size Winter Fashion

Even though you have to bundle up for the weather and stock up on outerwear and cold-weather accessories, we really love plus-size winter fashion. Looking back on the season, some of our favorite trends from 2018 include pullover knit sweaters, ponchos, vests, long winter coats, blanket scarves, and tall boots.

Pullover Knit Sweaters

Sweaters are a must-have for the winter season, and we love the look of pullover knits. They are great for layering or worn on their own with skirts, jeans, or leggings. The plus-size pullover knit sweaters from PPB are super soft and stretchy for comfortable wear day or night.


Ponchos were a fun variation on sweaters and outerwear for 2018’s winter season. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles. Some of our favorite ponchos for plus-size women include knit solids, plaid, and fringe. Perfectly Priscilla’s winter line features a bunch of different poncho options that offer practical warmth and on-trend style.


Another type of outerwear we adored from the winter season is vests. They’re a great option to throw on when it’s not quite cold enough for a jacket. Also, vests can be worn both indoors and outdoors and are available in endless styles. Some of the standouts we loved from the season include faux fur, plaid, vertical stripes, and draped fringe.

Long Winter Coats

Every winter wardrobe needs at least one cold-weather coat that is versatile enough that it can be worn over both casual and fancy outfits. For the 2018 chilly season, one of the best plus-size fashion trends was long winter coats. Not only do they keep your whole body warm, but they create a dramatic, classy, and totally on-trend winter look.

Blanket Scarves

When it comes to winter accessories, blanket scarves were the stars of 2018. They are a larger, all-purpose version of the traditional wrap-around scarf and can be draped around your shoulders or head for elevated warmth and a fun fashion statement. We love scarves for wintertime fashion because they are affordable enough that you can stock up on several styles, and they are an easy way to add something extra to any outfit.

Tall Boots

It wouldn’t be winter without tall boots, and in 2018, we couldn’t get enough of them for plus-size fashion. Not only do they keep your feet and legs warm, but tall boots also look great on curvy women when paired with dresses, leggings, jeans, or skirts. At Perfectly Priscilla, we have lots of tall boots to choose from including knee-high, over-the-knee, flat, and heeled styles that are designed to accommodate different calf sizes on plus-size women.

What’s Next for Plus-Size Fashion?

One of the most exciting things about entering into another year is new fashion trends. So, what’s next for plus-size fashion? Some predictions have been made about the hottest trends of 2019, and we’re looking forward to seeing what people wear. For the latest plus-size styles, follow Perfectly Priscilla on Instagram, and be sure to keep an eye on our new arrivals.

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