5 Ways to Wear Wedges This Summer

5 Ways to Wear Wedges This Summer

Summertime usually means strappy sandals and heels, but if you want to combine height with a comfortable, functional shoe, consider putting on a pair of wedges. Give your outfit fun or formal touch and boost your height without compromising on comfort or style. This versatile shoe style gives you a more stable platform to walk on and is perfect for adding to formal or casual outfits and everything between.

Not sure what to wear with wedges? Because they're so versatile, wedges will help you create a variety of outfits that suit your wardrobe and your lifestyle. Consider these five ways to wear wedges this summer to rock these comfortable shoes!

1. Go Casual With Jeans

Can you wear wedges with jeans? Of course! An outfit with wedge heels and a sleek pair of skinny jeans is perfect for a night out or combining dressy and casual for weekend errands or brunch. Ideal for early and late summer when the weather can be a bit cool or unpredictable, jeans are a staple as versatile as wedges, making them the perfect pair. Try some of these outfits that feature jeans, wedges and other stylish touches:

  • Medium wash skinny jeans, an animal print sleeveless top and black wedges.
  • White skinny jeans, a tropical print top and wedges that match an accent color from the top.
  • Black jeans, an off the shoulder top and sneaker wedges.

You can even try wide-leg or flare styles of jeans, which can help disguise your wedge heels if you want your height boost to be subtle.

Keep It Professional

2. Keep It Professional

If you need to or like to dress up for work but are on your feet all day, consider wearing wedges instead of heels for style and comfort. Wedges are formal enough that they're work appropriate, but they can also keep you from feeling like you're too dressed up in more relaxed work environments. Get a comfortable pair of wedge heels and combine them with work-appropriate outfits like:

Still unsure how to wear wedges to work? Use neutral colors in your wedges to tone down a look and keep it professional. Get pairs of white, black and tan wedges as staple shoes in your work wardrobe, or incorporate personality and a bit of fun with wedges that have a neutral heel and solid color straps.

3. Dress for Summer With Shorts and Wedges

Rocking a pair with shorts is a fun and simple way to create warm-weather outfits with wedges. Add a formal touch to your shorts or try casual wedge styles to create outfits like these:

  • Black and white stripe shorts with a solid white top and black or white wedges.
  • Solid color shorts with a neutral, solid top and stripe pattern wedges.
  • Patterned shorts with a complementing top and a matching pair of wedges.

For a fun look that combines the formal and the casual, try denim shorts and a stylish top with your wedges. Choose sneaker styles of wedge heels if you go with denim shorts or strappy styles that look like summer sandals with a height boost.

Pair Wedges With Rompers and Jumpsuits

4. Pair Wedges With Rompers and Jumpsuits

Rompers are perfect for summer, and jumpsuits are great if the weather is cooler during summer where you live. You can easily make a formal outfit with a comfortable romper or jumpsuit for any variety of summer events, from weddings to other gatherings with family and friends. Rompers and jumpsuits come in an array of colors and patterns, and with plenty of sleeve and neckline styles, you'll find something that suits your style and your outfit with wedge heels. Try outfits like these for wardrobe inspiration:

  • A simple black and white striped romper with black wedges.
  • A solid color romper with gold wedges.
  • A black romper with animal print wedges.
  • A fun pattern romper with neutral wedges.
  • An embroidered jumpsuit with any complementing wedges.

If you'd like to accessorize your jumpsuit or romper outfit, choose pieces like earrings or necklaces that match the color in your wedges to tie your look together from head to toe.

5. Swap Heels for Wedges With Your Dresses

Want to swap heels for wedges with your dressier outfits? You may wonder as you create your outfits for evenings out or fancy get-togethers — are wedges formal? The exact style you choose will influence how formal your look becomes, but in general, the answer is yes! Wedges give you height with a stylish footwear option but let you stay comfortable throughout an event. They can become the stylish statement piece of your outfit or stay a bit more subtle in neutral tones to let your dress stand out.

Rock wedges to a wedding, work, weekend brunch or other occasions where you want to wear a dress but feel comfortable walking. Wedges will also save you if the event you're attending has any grassy or field areas you'd need to traverse, where heels would otherwise sink into the ground. Create your functional and oh-so-stylish outfits with dresses and wedges in combos like these:

  • Wear wedges with a maxi dress if the hem is a bit too long for you.
  • Add heels to a casual dress for a fun look for brunch and weekend events.
  • Try a floral dress for a pattern that's perfect for summer and cute with solid color wedge heels.
  • Get in on trends with other patterned dresses that you can pair with solid color wedges.
  • Transform a little black dress with black wedge heels or add a pop of stunning color.

Wear wedges with any dress that you'd wear with heels for a comfortable but still stylish twist. Remember to accessorize with pieces that match or complement the colors in your shoes for cohesive and fabulous additions to your dressier outfits.

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