5 Stylish Tank Top Outfits

Not sure what to wear with all of those plus size tank tops you have piled up in your drawer? We have 5 stylish tank top outfits to take your tank tops from drab to fab! Here are some tips on how to wear tank tops and feel confident as a beautiful plus size woman. Tank top outfits can be definitely be worn by curvy ladies - it’s all about how you style them to make clothes work for you. A couple of tips for all and any tank top outfits, however, is to remember to choose a plus size top that is made out of a stretchy, but not clingy, material.

Most importantly, remember to choose a tank that skims your curves and doesn’t stick to them. This does not mean choose a loose floaty shirt immediately - while comfortable, these can make plus size girls look far bigger than they actually are. Instead, choose a tank that fits closely to your figure, but does not show off every nook and cranny. This may mean paying a little more than usual, but a well-fitting tank top will be one of the hardest workers in any wardrobe, so they are worthwhile investing in. Finally, wear every outfit with pride. Your womanly curves will be the envy of many. Remember that size is only a number!

Outfit One: How To Wear a Tank Top for Brunch With The Girls

Going to brunch with the girls is a fabulous excuse to dress up but in a casual way - and sometimes throw on a look that you may not usually wear for a date night with the husband or boyfriend. Women are far more forgiving and forward thinking than guys when it comes to fashion! Plus size women are no exception to this, so why not try a pretty floral bomber style jacket that are incredibly fashionable at the moment? They are also very flattering and keep the overall look of an outfit fresh and fun. The shape is more relaxed than a blazer, but smarter than a cardigan or sweater. If you can, choose a color that also matches your tank top. It will really pull together your outfit and look exceptionally chic. If this isn’t an option you can’t go wrong with a black or white tank. For your bottom half, look no further than your trusted pair of skinny indigo jeans. Far more flattering to any body type than immediately thought, skinny jeans will give a sexy silhouette to a curvy lady.

Finally, pair with your favorite luxe handbag and a pair of strappy heeled sandals. Leather or leather look accessories will always look polished and elegant and will also match many other outfits in your wardrobe. For this outfit however, try to pick out a color in your jacket for both these items and you will be the most stylish woman at the brunch table.

Outfit Two: How To Wear A Tank Top for A Date

Tank tops can be eternally sexy - especially ones that have a little bit of lace at the neckline and show a teensty bit of cleavage. Choose a black number for date night since it is a dressy colour that also happens to be the most flattering. Team it with a pair of black trousers - skinny jeans, again, will be both modern and curve hugging, but a pair of trusty bootleg pants, either in a dark denim or suit material will also look very elegant. A blazer is the last item of clothing that is needed for this look - any color or pattern will go with an all-black outfit underneath.

However, a matching black blazer will not only be glamorous, it will also be a useful addition to any wardrobe. For your date night outfit, complete this flattering look with some on trend fine gold jewelry. Think thin hoops, layering necklaces and stacked rings and bracelets. Being dainty, you can get away with wearing more items than usual but be careful not to overdo it. If in doubt, remember that less is often more when it comes to shiny baubles adorning your body! One final word of warning for a date night outfit is to wear well-fitting and comfortable underwear. While this can be matching, it does not necessarily mean it is for anyone else but you to see.

Well-fitting underwear can make all the difference to how an outfit looks as a visible panty line is not only uncomfortable, it is also unsightly. A good bra can make or break how your pretty tank will sit across your chest and on your torso too. Bras should lift and separate and above all else avoid the ‘double boob’. They are also the best way to keep any larger chests in one place, which is key when wearing a tank top as the basis for an outfit.

Outfit Three: How To Wear A Tank Top To The Beach

Tank tops are the perfect addition to any holiday wardrobe. They can be worn a multitude of ways while keeping you cool at the same time. Tank tops at the beach may initially seem like a bit of a nightmare to a plus size women, but it is simply about finding the right tank and matching it to your body shape. Again, ensure that you do not pick a tank that is so floaty it adds pounds where there are none. Do not necessarily choose an all-black one either, thinking that it is the most flattering color. While this is can be true, remember to celebrate your curves and know that big patterns can look fabulous on your plus size figure. There versatility in the summer makes them perfect for plus size outfits for the beach too. If in a real panic, wear a plain tank with a patterned, sheer kimono over the top.

You can also pair a patterned top with some denim cutoffs or shorts that finish at the point where your leg is slimmest above the knee. From here, you have the foundation of a chic beach look. You can also accessorize with some flat sandals or flip flops. Plastic ones are practical, but leather ones are comfortable and stylish too. Some hoop earrings or dangly bohemian-feel ones will also look great, especially when worn with a straw fedora or trilby. Finally, it is imperative to find a tank, whether one for the beach, or simply in hot weather, that lets your skin breathe. Cheaper cuts and materials will make you hot and sticky before you know it. Breathable materials include cotton and linen, and some dri fit fabrics. The right tank top for you to wear to the beach is out there, and it pays to take the time to find it!

Outfit Four: How To Wear A Tank Top While Running Errands

The best dressed women use the sidewalk as a catwalk at every opportunity. Since a tank top is a key piece to any wardrobe, it makes sense to know how to style it when you’re running errands. A great way to do this is to wear your favourite white tank with a crisp white button down paired with some colored jeans. If colored pants are not your thing, some traditional dark or light blue denim will also look chic. A button down is a good option for a plus size lady as long as it fits correctly. If the buttons don’t do up without gaping, simply leave the blouse undone. If it does do up easily, leave the top few loose to show off some sexy cleavage as well as revealing the tank underneath - it is far more flattering this way, whatever your body shape.

If you have a waist, look for button downs that are fitted around this area, otherwise just choose a boxy shape and tuck it into your jeans loosely. It will give an illusion of a waist where there maybe isn’t one, especially if you opt for high-waisted jeans. This combination is a great foundation for any plus size outfit options. From here, you can really let your style personality do the talking. If you like a more bohemian look, match a patterned bag (a large one to throw in all you need to complete your day’s tasks), with some strappy sandals or embellished flat boots. If you have a more classic sensibility when it comes to fashion, chunky silver jewelry will add a modern edge to your look, while some flat ballet pumps and a sizeable leather tote will forever be chic.

Outfit Five: How To Wear A Tank Top To The Office

Tank tops are usually thought of as casual items of clothing. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. Tank tops can be super useful either for layering or on their own when a quick plus size outfit is needed. Tank tops are extremely versatile, and shouldn’t be restricted to casual settings only. They are also a great option for the boardroom too! Worn tucked into suit trousers or a skirt that suits your body shape is a perfect start to the classic office uniform. On top of this, it is also important to find a pencil skirt or pair of pants that are right for your figure. If in doubt, an A line skirt tends to look great on all curvy ladies. From here, pair with either a simple button down or a fine knit cardigan. A thicker knit is not only generally unflattering, but also isn’t quite up to elegant office attire.

On top of the button down or fine knit, wear a matching blazer that nips in at the waist. If you have a pear shape, try to find a longer line blazer that skims over your hips. Rectangular shaped ladies on the other hand can get away with a jacket that has a peplum shape to it. Lastly, team the whole look with a pair of closed toe shoes that make you walk with confidence. If you can do that in skyscraper heels, then by all means wear those with pride (but leave any platform wedges at home)! A pair of leather flat pumps, brogues or driving shoes can also look smart. Whatever you wear, make sure that they are well-polished - this is a key finishing touch to any corporate outfit.

While all the above tank top outfits will be stylish off the hanger, keep in mind that the best tank top looks are the ones that make you feel like a million dollars! An outfit will never look stylish if you are feeling self conscious or unsure in any way. Finding a tank top that fits your body and shows it off will leave you confident and smiling - and a smile is often the best accessory. Additionally, to make sure you feel your best, take care of your body too. That means regular manis and pedis, as well as having your hair trimmed as often as needed. You don’t want all your hard work to fall foul at the last hurdle due to an out of date cut. Taking those small self-care steps can help shape your overall attitude and appearance. Whatever style you choose, these tips and outfit ideas are a sure way to lock in your desired look!

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