5 Pairs of Shoes Everyone Should Own

Perhaps you've been here before — you feel victorious after putting together the perfect outfit and accessories, but when it's time to leave, you look at your shoe options and nothing seems to go. If your footwear collection clashes with your wardrobe, you need staple pairs of shoes ASAP. For footwear essentials, add the following types of shoes to your collection, and you'll be completing your outfits with ease!

5 Shoes Every Woman Should Own

The right shoes can tie your whole look together. They elevate casual jeans into something trendy or become a stylish yet functional addition to a running-errands outfit. If you're overhauling your wardrobe or just want to make your footwear work for you, check out these five shoes every woman should own:

1. Black Pumps

Black heels are extremely easy to put into a variety of outfits. Wear these neutral pumps to work, formal events, evenings out or weekend outings. They're a stylish, timeless footwear choice that any woman of any age can wear. You can add black pumps to your wardrobe whether you wear the dark shade every day or on rare formal occasions. Black pumps also work for every season, but they'll especially be useful in the fall and winter.

Not convinced black heels could become a staple pair of shoes in your wardrobe? Here are just a few of the outfits these shoes can go with:

  • Distressed skinny jeans and a black top
  • Black skinny jeans and a pop of color with your top
  • A little black dress
  • Black leggings, a black fitted top and a patterned cardigan
  • An animal print or another printed dress with black accents
  • A black skirt and a blouse

For a classic pump, look for a simple black heel. The shoe will be cut out to show most of your foot with a closed toe and heel. While classic pumps don't usually have accents, you can select a black heel with an embellishment to show off your personality. Look for features like a peep-toe, beading, a gold heel or a bow. Just remember that for these to be staple shoes, they need to complement most of your wardrobe.

If you don't wear heels, get black flats or wedges instead. They're a comfortable alternative that's still formal enough to go with work and event looks, but you can easily keep them casual, too.

2. Nude Heels

Whether you want to make your legs look longer or have a staple shoe that goes with anything, you can't go wrong with nude heels. Find a shoe that matches your complexion, and you're sure to wear it from work to dressed-up weekend events. Like your black pumps, nude heels work well any time of year, but you'll especially use them in spring, summer and fall.

You can wear almost anything with nude heels, including outfits that go with black pumps. You can get even more combinations with these stylish outfit ideas that complement nude heels:

Of course, you can swap those outfit details with colors and patterns that suit your style — that's how versatile nude heels are! If you don't like to wear heels, choose flats or wedges in a shade that matches your skin for a comfortable and versatile shoe.

3. Neutral Booties

Once fall and winter roll around, you need cute shoes that give you a bit more coverage. Booties are ankle-high alternatives to boots that are versatile essentials for your wardrobe. Pick short boots in a neutral color to get even more use out of them. You can pair these trendy footwear options with outfits like:

  • Colorful pants and a patterned matching top
  • Bootcut jeans and a sweater
  • Black skinny jeans, a neutral top and a black moto jacket
  • A long sleeve dress and tights
  • A flowing maxi skirt and a fitted top

Depending on the style you choose, you'll find booties with a range of heel sizes and types. Select one that's comfortable for you so you're sure to wear these staple shoes as often as possible.

4. Stylish Sneakers

For shoes you can use to easily switch from casual outfits to cute and comfortable looks, go with stylish sneakers. All-white shoes are trendy now, but you could also pick a solid color that complements most of your wardrobe. Or consider a metallic shoe to add a glamorous spin to your casual footwear. No matter the color you choose, you can wear sneakers in outfits like:

  • Joggers and a short sleeve top
  • Distressed jeans, a neutral top and a faux leather jacket
  • A T-shirt dress with a denim jacket
  • Faux leather pants and a loose top
  • A casual maxi dress with a fun print

If you prioritize getting any of these five pairs of shoes everyone should own, make it the sneakers. These comfortable options can go with you from day to night, and you could even wear them in a more casual work setting.

5. Simple Sandals

Spring and summer weather means it's time to break out your sandals, so don't leave these styles out of your staple footwear options. Simple sandals are the most versatile in neutral colors with minimal accents, but what you choose will vary with your style. Once you find the perfect sandals to be staples in your wardrobe, pair them with outfits like:

  • A flowing maxi dress
  • A long jumpsuit
  • A floral dress that falls mid-thigh
  • Shorts and a button-up top
  • Wide cropped pants and a fitted top

Base the sandal style you select on what you often wear when the weather is warmer. If you rock shorts and wear dresses and skirts with shorter hemlines, consider a strappy sandal. Neutral, ankle-high gladiators suit short bottoms, while simple sandals with a strap across the foot look sleek with dresses and pants.

How to Choose Staple Pairs of Shoes

With those staple pairs of shoes in mind, it's time to add stylish footwear to your wardrobe! So how do you choose the right styles for you? Since footwear combines fashion and function, you want to consider your selection carefully. Do that by thinking about:

  • The weather: You don't want to be caught in a snowstorm with only heels and sandals. But you might not need booties if it's always sunny and warm. Think about the climate you live in as you get your everyday shoes.
  • Your job: Do you work in a professional office that requires business attire? Or is your job more relaxed and casual? Think about the type of shoes you need for your job since that's where you'll wear them the most during the week.
  • Your lifestyle: Think about where you spend the most time outside of work hours. Do you go walking, run errands or like to go out at night? You'll want shoes that are practical for those purposes but also stylish.
  • Your wardrobe: Take a look at the clothes in your wardrobe. Do they lean toward a particular color or style? Choose shoes that complement that. You can never go wrong with neutrals, but the shoes' formality and the style you select should go with your clothes.

If you plan to keep these staple shoes in your wardrobe for some time, try to pick simple pieces that will stay timeless as trends change. Neutral colors and minimal details will give you shoes that match with tons of outfits and last through the trends.

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