10 Tips for Styling Fashion Sneakers

10 Tips for Styling Fashion Sneakers

Want a little more from your footwear? While we love strutting our stuff in a stunning pair of heels, we can't help but look at the sneakers in our closet and wonder if we can wear them on a night out. The good news? The answer is yes!

Sneakers are more than just a simple pair of shoes you throw on before you run out the door to do some errands. Fashion sneakers add grown-up style and comfort to an outfit, so don't skip out on this trend! Still not sure? We've got 10 tips for styling fashion sneakers from your days off to your nights out, so get ready to take your sneakers and put them into amazing outfits.

What Are Fashion Sneakers?

If you've only bought sneakers for walking, running or wearing to the gym, you may not know too much about the fashion variety. Think of fashion sneakers as an elevated version of your gym kicks. They're just as comfortable as gym or running shoes and made with the same parts you'd expect to see on a sneaker, like a tongue and laces. These stylish sneakers have some differences that upgrade them to the "fashion" level, like:

  • Fashionable patterns
  • Neutral tones
  • Unique materials
  • Vintage inspiration
  • Low profiles
  • Wedge or platform heels

Sneakers you'd wear to the gym may feature mesh materials, a dark base color and vivid accents. These styles are fun to wear while doing some errands or taking a walk, but fashion sneakers come in plenty of stylish varieties to suit any range of tastes. 

Low profiles and neutral colors are a versatile staple piece to have in your wardrobe, while bolder styles add some fun to everyday outfits. A pair of platform or chunky heeled sneakers add a dramatic trend, and wedges are perfect for dressing up or dressing down in your look. With all that in mind, check out the different ways to wear sneakers to add both comfort and style to your look.

How to Style Sneakers

Wearing sneakers will make you feel chic and effortless and have you ready for a long day or night on your feet. And the good news is that you can wear them practically anywhere. Own these styles or make them your own with your favorite attire and sneakers. Here are 10 ways to style fashion sneakers:

1. Keep It Casual

You're probably used to styling sneakers in casual outfits, so let's start simple. An outfit with jeans, a short sleeve top and sneakers is casual and classic, and you've probably worn this look already. Mix it up with some trends or try something new that still keeps your outfit casual but adds something special. To make it new or add your personality to this casual sneakers outfit, you could:

  • Roll or cuff the jeans at the bottom for a trendy twist.
  • Wear high-waisted jeans and tuck the shirt in for vintage inspiration.
  • Add accessories to put your personality in your outfit.
  • Wear low-cut socks for a subtle look.

You could throw on your gym sneakers, but a special stylish pair just for going out will last longer and add a fashionable accent to this casual outfit. Pick a style with a low profile and neutral color that works well with your wardrobe to get the most wear out of them.

2. Dress It Up

Dress It Up

Now that you've got some casual sneakers outfits in mind, let's kick it up a notch and see how to wear sneakers with a dress. You might have never thought of pairing your sneakers with a dress, but this style has been popping up on runways for a while. It transforms an outfit from simple to trendy, all with a simple pair of shoes.

If you've wondered how to style wedge sneakers, now's your chance. They give you the height boost of heels with the comfort and trendy look of sneakers and go well with dresses. Of course, you could wear any stylish pair of sneakers, wedges or not. Whatever you choose, here's how to wear sneakers with a dress:

  • A t-shirt dress is a simple and trendy option. It's easy to throw on with a pair of sneakers to stay cool on a warm day, and you can accessorize to make it your own. Tie a light jacket, flannel or another top around your waist to give some shape to the t-shirt dress. A black t-shirt dress is a staple to have in any wardrobe, and when paired with white sneakers, you get a neutral outfit that will stand out despite its simple color palette.
  • A hooded dress is similar to the t-shirt style, but with cozy, long sleeves. Wear a hooded dress with a pair of black sneakers for a look you can take from around the house to on-the-go. This style is the most casual of these and other dresses, so you know that sneakers will go perfectly.
  • A casual shift dress with some button details at the front is a simple yet cute style that contrasts nicely with a pair of low profile sneakers. Choose a brightly-colored footwear alternative that looks similar to flats for a look that you may have worn before with a casual dress. Sneakers provide the same cute and colorful look of flats but will be more comfortable and sturdy for a long day.
  • A casual midi or maxi dress makes a fun, runway-inspired look with sneakers. An outfit with a maxi or midi dress and sneakers is perfect for an outdoor party during the spring or summer. Don't worry about sinking into the grass with a platform pair of sneakers. They give you comfort, functionality and the height you may need with a long dress.

The best way to start out wearing sneakers with dresses is to select a piece that you can easily dress up or down with a few changes. Wearing a formal style dress with sneakers is a bold look that you may not want to jump right into, but if you ever feel overdressed in a dress, adding a pair of sneakers is the perfect way to add some balance.

3. Wear Them to Work

If you've got a more relaxed office or have casual days at work, sneakers are a comfortable blessing in a stylish disguise. You can even find sneakers that are low-key enough to wear in less-casual environments by selecting a pair that mimics flats and comes in neutral, solid colors.

Never thought of wearing sneakers to work? Consider an outfit for some inspiration. Structured and stylish outfits are perfect for the workday, and a pair of neutral sneakers blend in flawlessly with the look. Try an outfit like this for the workday:

For something darker that's less likely to stand out, try black or gray shoes with a low profile. Wearing sneakers to work is so helpful to anyone who's on their feet or walking around, so it's worth giving it a try in your office outfits.

4. Let Your Footwear Stand Out

There are tons of snazzy sneakers out there that'll add fun mixes of patterns and colors to your outfit. Eye-catching sneakers are great for a day or night out paired with a casual outfit or something with neutral colors. Add a pair of fashion sneakers like these to serve as your outfit's statement piece:

Once you know how to style chunky sneakers and feel comfortable wearing them, try to incorporate platform styles in the colors and patterns above to make an eye-catching statement outfit that plays with subtle attire and showstopping shoes.

5. Add Subtle Shoes

If you aren't ready to rock noticeable fashion sneakers, feel free to keep it subtle. But if you want to show off your style and your personality in some way, use statement pieces in your attire and other accessories. A your-nude or neutral color pair of shoes will blend in and let everything else take center stage.

To let your outfit stand out over your sneakers, try layers, statement clothes and colorful accessories. You can also incorporate eye-catching attire in any of these materials, colors, prints and styles:

  • Glitzy accessories or a sparkly jacket
  • An animal print or another patterned dress
  • Colorful clothes in contrasting shades throughout the outfit
  • A dramatic off the shoulder top

With looks like these, you'll get to rock your sneakers without drawing attention to them, all while showing off your personality.

6. Color Your Look

Color Your Look

Want something in between statement footwear and an understated style? A solid color that isn't too bright but isn't a neutral either fits the bill. Choose a primary color if you like something a bit bold or a pastel shade for something soft and feminine.

With a statement color in your outfit, you can leave it on its own to stand out or match it with another accessory in your outfit. It then becomes an accent color to a neutral or otherwise monochromatic look, so pair your footwear with:

  • A plaid scarf in the winter that matches the main and accent colors of your shoes
  • A brightly-colored bag for function and style
  • A headband or other hair accessory to match from head to toe

Using one accent color in your shoes is a great way to ease into bolder styles if that's where you'd like to take your look. Even if you don't go for bold styles in the long run, a simple solid color in your footwear is a stylish and trendy touch.

7. Be Comfortable on a Night Out

When you go out on a date or drinking with friends, you want to be cute yet comfy enough to focus on having a good time. Learn how to style sneakers for a night out, and you'll be ready to stay on the dance floor well into the morning. Here's an edgy and trendy outfit that anyone can rock:

If you aren't going for as much edge in your look, try a dress style in a dark color or bold pattern like an animal print. You can also wear plain black leggings with a top that's perfect for going out, like a cold shoulder style.

8. Enhance a Workout Style

While we love fashion sneakers, there's nothing wrong with going back to the basics. Workout styles in your shoes or clothes are comfortable and trendy to wear for a quick outing or while hanging out at home. To get the look in athleisure or something bold, try:

  • Workout shoes add an on-the-go feel to a casual outfit with jeans and your favorite top. Ripped jeans put the style on the cool side, and brightly-colored or neon gym shoes infuse the look with your personality. This casual outfit is perfect for a day of nonstop running around to get things done.
  • Athletic clothes already go so well with sneakers, so why break tradition? If you do want to add style to the norm, you could wear leggings, a graphic t-shirt and all black sneakers for a bit of edge.

You can even dress up this look with a tennis-style skater skirt, a cute hoodie and some classic sneakers to wear during the day while shopping or meeting up with some friends.

9. Take Vintage Inspiration

Sneakers with a stylish outfit can throwback to '90s styles. Learn how to style chunky sneakers, especially in all white, to take your outfit back a few decades. Try that style and others with retro looks like these:

  • Denim on denim, a rising trend that goes great with a pair of simple sneakers
  • Brands of sneakers or similar styles that were popular back in the day
  • A vintage t-shirt with distressed or light wash jeans

Emphasize the retro style in your look with a flannel, statement jewelry and other pieces that fit the look of decades past. Sneakers already have a bit of vintage inspiration, so you might as well lean into the look.

10. Combine Styles

Combine Styles

Mix and match the style of your sneakers with that of your outfit. You'll get an eye-catching contrast that makes your outfit even trendier. Play around with different styles in your closet to put many of your tastes in one look.

A light, flowing and feminine skirt contrasts stylishly with a cool sneaker. Add a faux leather jacket to bring more edge to the soft look. Or mix preppy and casual with a stylish headband accessory, casual dress and pair of sneakers. When you combine styles, you get use out of plenty of things in your wardrobe and anchor it all with a pair of sneakers.

Other Tips for Styling Fashion Sneakers

If sneakers outfits are unlike anything you normally wear, you may want some more advice on how to style this footwear. Whether you pull inspiration from the different ways to wear sneakers above or try something on your own, we've got a few more tips for styling fashion sneakers:

  • When wearing long pants and sneakers, wear fitted styles or cuff the bottom.
  • Swap out laces if they don't match your style or outfit.
  • Wear low-cut or no-show socks for a grown-up, stylish look.
  • Try a dramatic monochrome look like an all-white outfit and shoes.

As you should with any style, wear what makes you feel comfortable yet amazing. Make it your own and let your personality come through with an outfit that features sneakers.

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