Best Heels For Plus Size

Posted by Kim on Jun 1st 2018

With the right pair of heels, women can do anything! High heels have the ability to take a woman’s look from homely to high fashion in an instant. Consider taking a classic pair of jeans and a plain w … read more

Best Shoes for Plus-Size Women

Posted by Mary Elizabeth on Jun 1st 2018

Shoes are the great fashion unifier. Regardless of a person’s body type, gender or age - shoes are loved and longed-for by people from all walks-of-life. Not only can a great pair of shoes instantl … read more

What Does Business Casual Look Like?

Posted by Mary Elizabeth on Jun 1st 2018

Have you ever been presented with an opportunity and told that the dress code is business casual? You probably thought to yourself, what does business casual look like? Fear not, we’ve all been there, … read more

Plus Size Outfit Ideas

Posted by Kim on Jun 1st 2018

When we think summer we think BBQ’s, family, friends, and endless nights. However, summer fashion is just around the corner as well. This is exciting because it gives you a chance to reinvent your sty … read more

Plus Size Outfits For The Beach

Posted by Kim on Apr 24th 2018

Beach season and packing for a vacation is enough to make any woman of any size nervous about baring her body to the masses. This shouldn’t be the case, whatever your figure, as we should embrace what … read more
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