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Plus Size Bandeau Bra

Perfectly Priscilla is the place to shop for beautiful plus size dresses, tops, and pants as well as for your essential undergarment items like plus size bandeau bras.

A plus size bandeau bra is a strapless bra made of material that is stretchy. Perfectly Priscilla’s bandeau bras are made from 92 percent nylon and eight percent spandex. Our bandeaus are one size fits all, fitting sizes 12 through 22. That makes ordering simple, right? We offer a nude, white, and black bandeau bra. We offer these three essential colors, because we want our tops and dresses to speak for themselves. Our bandeau bras do not have heavy trim which might show underneath a shirt or dress. The plus size bandeaus we offer are truly functional items.

Plus size bandeaus are very useful when you wear a shear shirt and need to cover up a bra. They are also great when wearing a strapless bra, as they help to hold up the bra. Unlike a strapless bra, bandeau bras do not have wiring or cups. They stay in place with elastic in the top and bottom.

Most women have had the unfortunate experience of trying to hold up a strapless bra under a tube top or dress. You may have had to constantly monitor the bra to make sure it was in place. This can be a worrisome experience and detract from your fun when you are at a restaurant, concert, or black-tie event. For instance, you could be trying to hold a conversation with someone but be constantly wondering if your bra is going to stay in place. Who wants to deal with that unnecessary stress?

A plus size bandeau bra is the perfect solution for the runaway strapless bra. Let’s say you have a strapless, little black dress. You could wear a strapless bra and hold it in place under your favorite black dress with a black bandeau. You will have a worry-free and fun night!

We Love Fashion

What sets Perfectly Priscilla apart from other online retailers? We have so much fun piecing together the most beautiful dresses, tops and bottoms for you! The joy of creating and wearing outfits shines through in everything we do. This season we are showing our love for color and clothing with our collection of mint colored clothing, including pants, tops and dresses. For instance, we have an off the shoulder, white and mint top with ruffle like details on the top. It has ¾ length sleeves. It is sunny and full of life with its bright color. It exudes a carefree attitude with the cut-out detailing on the arms. This top is best worn with a nude colored bandeau as it could be slightly see through. It also goes very well with white capris or white jeans. You could pair it with a detailed sandals or wedges.

We also have a scoop neck, mint top with short sleeves. It has a layered top over the bust and lace like detailing around the bottom edge. Since this top is a scoop neck, your bra straps could peek out. If so, it’s best to wear a plus size bandeau.  

For our mint colored dresses, we have a gorgeous, scoop neck dress with diamond and paisley designs in pink, mint, and yellow colors. You will stand out with such a beautiful dress. This dress works well with flats, heels or wedges. Since the dress shows off your shoulders slightly, you might need to wear a strapless bra with a bandeau. That way, you don’t have to worry about the bra straps showing. Try the beautiful blouse and get a plus size bandeau to go with it, today!

The mint doesn’t stop there! We have a bright, mint jacket for topping off your outfits. The jacket is longer in the front than in the back. The front hangs down in an upside-down triangle shape. The sleeves are ¾ length. The mint jacket is made from rayon and has a slight stretch to it. What do you pair such a brightly colored jacket with? You could pair it with black pants, a black top and wedges. Alternatively, you could pair it with white pants and a white top. Use an envelope clutch to complete a stylish look! We have sizes 12/14, 16/18, and 20/22.

If you want to create a truly Caribbean look, you could pair the mint jacket with a pink or mint cami and with pink and mint floral pants. We have pink and mint palazzo pants that are super comfortable. Since you might take off the jacket during the day, it’s best to wear a strapless bra and a plus size bandeau under the cami. Otherwise, your bra straps might show.

Camis and Tanks

Our camis are made from a soft materials, nylon and spandex. They pair well with many different types of outfits. What’s more? Our cami tanks do not roll up your stomach like other tanks. They lay flat on your body through the whole day! They are one size fits all. Buy mint, blush, or tangerine camis. The colors change with the season so look back for different colors every few months.

You could also choose from fancier tanks in a variety of colors and styles. For example, we have a classy, mauve colored halter tank that ties at the neck. You can dress it down with jeans and heels or dress it up with black slacks, a blazer, and heels or boots. The sleeves are bare, so it’s best to wear it with a strapless bra and white bandeau or a nude bandeau. Another formal tank is the magenta, halter top with a key hole in the bust. The bottom flares out below the bust line. Since this tank has a large keyhole it would be best to wear it with pasties.

Colorful Bandeaus

While we at Perfectly Priscilla offer three basic colors for plus size bandeau bras, bandeaus don’t have to just be functional pieces. They can also be stylish additions to an outfit. For instance, you could wear a bandeau with a tank top that has low armpit holes. Instead of showing a regular bra in the armpit holes, you could wear a colorful bandeau bra. Not only is the plus size bandeau more appropriate, but it could add a splash of color to your outfit.

Let’s say you wear a lime green tank top, then you could wear a yellow bandeau under it. If you wear a blue tank top, then you could wear a pink, purple, or blue bandeau. You could even wear a white bandeau depending on the style of it. Whether white or colorful, if your bandeau shows, then choose one that does not look like an undergarment. It should have more of a finished look. When you wear a white bandeau make sure it has nice fabric or some pretty details, like lace flowers. Lace creates a feminine look.

Let’s say you wear a pink tank top, then you could fashion a pink, purple, blue, white, or black bandeau. Again, make sure the bandeau has a finished look. When wearing a green tank top, you could wear a black bandeau or perhaps even a shade of pink or orange. Matching tanks and bandeaus depends on the color shades and the styles of the tank and plus size bandeau bra. There are thousands of color variations, so you could have fun mixing and matching colors. The color variations have really cool names too. For example, variations of purple include wisteria, amethyst, lavender, plum, grape, iris, jam, eggplant, sangria, magenta and more! Can you name some more variations of purple? Hint – think of a flower. You could have so much fun coordinating tops with your bandeaus to see what works best!

Showing Some Skin? What Do You Wear Underneath?

At Perfectly Priscilla, we have a lot of feminine dresses which show the shoulders. These outfits are best worn with a strapless bra and bandeau. For instance, we offer a rust colored, off the shoulder dress. The top of your shoulders and your biceps are completely exposed, so you definitely need a strapless bra and a bandeau. This dress flows on your body, as the layered bust area can move with the wind as your gracefully walk around town. The skirt can also flow with the wind. The material is 95 percent rayon and five percent spandex.

We also have a cream-colored dress with lace detailing over the chest, back and sleeves. This dress is super cute and pairs well with a jean jacket and cowboy boots. While the dress is lined, it appears sheer. For this reason, it is best to wear a white or nude plus size bandeau. The material is 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. Since the dress is made up of 60 percent cotton, it has less stretch than one made from more polyester. Nonetheless, the dress has a very open bottom and hangs loosely around the hips. The dress comes in three sizes: 10/12, 14/16, and 18/20.

Another dress that works well with a bandeau is our crisscross halter style, red dress. The shoulders are completely open, but it has long sleeves starting right below the shoulders. Since the dress shows the shoulders, it is best to wear a strapless bra and a plus size bandeau. The chest area has a small keyhole. If the keyhole sit low on your chest, then you might prefer to wear a strapless bra with pasties, instead of a bandeau. The dress hangs loosely around the hips. The material is 95 percent polyester and five percent spandex, so it is stretchy and comfortable. Pair this dress with black, knee high boots or black heels for a fiery appeal. We offer three sizes: 12/14, 16/18, and 20/22.

In our collection, we have a stunning blue tunic that also works as a dress. It is an off the shoulder dress and it is held in place with spandex at the top of the dress. It has big, ruffled sleeves that start below that shoulders and end just below the elbows. The dress is a light version of cobalt blue. The color looks very elegant. You could look regal and elegant for only $40. That’s a steal! The dress is made of 70 percent cotton, 25 percent polyester, and five percent spandex. Since the dress/tunic is unlined and since it has open shoulders, it is best to wear a plus size bandeau bra. The available sizes are 12/14, 16/18, and 20/22.

We also have a dark blue tunic with gorgeous red, yellow, pink, and light green flowers. The tunic is fun, flirty, and sexy all at once. This tunic is an off-the shoulder, but the top sits high on the chest. The sleeves rest just below the elbows. You could wear a nude colored bandeau bra under this tunic. The material is 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester. The sizes are 10/12, 14/16, or 18/20.

Formal Wear

Dresses that need a bandeau bra

If you are not a regular bandeau wearer, don’t get stuck without one right before you need to attend a black-tie event. Many black-tie dresses need a strapless bra and bandeau. The last thing you want to do is run out to the store to find an appropriate bra when you should be getting ready for the party! It’s best to plan ahead and have a few bandeau bras in your closet. We offer three staple bandeau bras – nude, black, and white. These colors will match most outfits, so buying all three ensures you will have the necessary clothes for a big night of celebration.

Currently, we have one formal dresses that requires a strapless bra and plus size bandeau bra. We have a cream-top, off the shoulder white dress. It has a light blue shirt with gorgeous pink roses. The sleeves fall slightly below the elbows. A white bandeau or nude bandeau would look best underneath the white top. This dress is classy and timeless. It is a must have for luncheons, wedding showers, day time weddings, and more. The material is 93 percent polyester and seven percent spandex. We offer the following sizes: 12/14, 16/18, and 20/22.

Dresses that need a low cut-bra or pasties

For a few of our formal dresses, you need a special, low-cut bra or a pasties bra, not a plus size bandeau. For instance, we have a navy blue, halter top dress with a large and attractive keyhole in the bust. Since the keyhole is large, one cannot wear a traditional bra with it. You must use pasties.  The skirt is pleated and is slightly-above the knee. This dress looks stunning with blue studded heels. The material is 95 percent polyester and five percent spandex. The sizes are 12/14, 16/18, and 20/22.

Another example is our lace, black dress. It has a low-cut, V-shape chest design with high shoulders. It is form fitting to show off your curves. This dress is extremely sexy! Since the dress sits low on the chest, one may need to wear a low-cut bra. The dress is 95 percent polyester and five percent spandex. We have sizes: 10/12, 14/16, and 18/20.

Regular or strapless bra?

We have a few dresses where you could wear a regular bra or a strapless bra with a bandeau. For example, we have a long-sleeve, mauve dress with multiple, crisscross straps over the bust. Most of the chest is exposed and then the dress circles around the neck. The chest and neck design draw one’s attention upward and make a person appear taller and more regal. At the same time, the color is very soft. So, strong and soft energies are balanced in this dress. The open chest area adds a hint of sex appeal as well! There is a lot going in this dress with minimal details.

If you want to show more of your chest, then you can wear a regular bra with this dress. If you want to be a bit more conservative, then you could wear a bandeau underneath. A black bandeau would match the mauve dress well. Since this is a transitional dress between winter and spring, it might still be cold out when you wear it. That’s another reason to wear a bandeau! Stay warm! This dress is made from 77 percent modal and 23 percent polyester. We offer sizes 10/12, 14/16, and 18/20. Before deciding to buy this dress, make sure mauve is a good match for your skin tone.

The Perfectly Priscilla Difference

We love creating outfits that make you and those around you say, “Wow!” We love to create pieces that let your presence shine! That’s one reason we chose to showcase mint this season! We want the outfits and your presence to shine brightly! Your presence is important. It is the first thing people see and it communicates your strength. So, it is important to look and feel your best! By just putting on a great outfit, your mood and presence is uplifted!

Besides our fabulous clothes, the next best part about shopping with Perfectly Priscilla is you don’t have to search through clothing racks at department stores to put together outfits. You don’t have to go to a clothing store and then to a shoe store to create a complete outfit. We have already designed great outfits for you, from the tops to the pants to the shoes to the necklaces! Since we have already done the hard work for you – all you have to do is enjoy the outfits – which are affordably priced!!

At Perfectly Priscilla, we offer great customer service and free shipping in the US for orders over $75. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us. You may call us at 229-469-9627 or you may email us at We are ready to answer your questions about outfits, ordering, and shipping. We love talking about clothes! So, don’t hesitate to call!

By shopping at Perfectly Priscilla for plus size bandeau bras as well as for stunning dresses, pants, tops, necklaces, shoes, and more you will look great, save time, save money and exude happiness! What are you waiting for? Shop to your heart’s content! 

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