Plus Size Fashion Accessories for Women

The Importance of Fashion Accessories
A great outfit becomes even better when you add the right fashion accessories.

Any look is instantly elevated when you add the right extras that make your outfit pop. Take your look from flat to fabulous when you spice it up with a great necklace, statement earrings, a gorgeous scarf, or the perfect bag. Perfectly Priscilla is the authority on accessorizing your outfits like a fashion pro with our full range of clutches, bracelets, fashion costume jewelry, and more will give you all of the pieces you need to create the perfect look from head to toe. 

Accessories for women have the power to transform even the most basic outfit. A simple pair of skinny jeans and a tank can go from edgy to boho to ladylike, all by switching up your accessories and styling your favorite pieces in new ways. No matter which look you are going for or what your personal style is, add a few finishing touches with accessories. It is all you need to make over any ensemble and make you look like you have stepped out of the pages of a magazine. 

Fashion accessories are also a great way to refresh your look each season without spending a fortune on a new wardrobe. For a small price, you can change up even the simplest outfit with a new scarf, bag, or hat for an easy and affordable way to keep your look current and new for each season.  

Fashion Accessories for Women by Perfectly Priscilla

Perfectly Priscilla offers all of the hottest fashion and accessories you need to spice up your clothing. We are the experts in creating killer styles with the cutest extras, and our full range of accessories gives women everything they need to look and feel their best every time they get dressed.  

Our best-selling fashion accessories suit any woman, providing pieces for everyone no matter what your style is. Shop our collection of beautiful necklaces, statement earrings, stylish scarves, bracelets, clutches, hats, and more. We offer extra items like boot socks for colder months that will make any outfit even better and will give you the pop you need when you're bundled up. No matter what time of year it is, fashion and accessories are the most fun and easy way to pep up a look, lift your spirits, and breathe new life into a stale wardrobe. 

Women adore playing with accessories and the way a few little add-ons to an outfit can make them feel. Great fashion is all about confidence and feeling great about yourself, and adding a few fashion accessories to your mix is a stellar way to show off your style. 

Our chic pieces are the ideal addition to any wardrobe and are a fun way for women to treat themselves to something new and pretty. A piece of jewelry or a fresh scarf in your wardrobe goes a long way in giving your outfits the flourish they need to look and feel extra special. It is the attention to detail that separates plain looks from those that look like they are straight from the runway, and Perfectly Priscilla has all of the pieces women need to create those outfits for themselves. 

Perfectly Priscilla Accessories For Women: Necklaces

Nothing is more glamorous and feminine than a beautiful necklace. Women have been draping their necks in jewels for centuries, and today's Perfectly Priscilla customer is no exception. We carry the hottest styles of fashion costume jewelry necklaces for either making a statement or complementing the other pieces you are wearing. Browse our wide selection of gorgeous necklaces that will give you the luxe look that women love no matter what your personal style is. Some of our most popular necklace categories are:

  • Effortless Boho

Necklaces are a free-spirited way to add some sparkle and shine to your looks. Long necklaces have a vintage, eclectic feel to them, especially when they are crafted from silky tassels, glistening beads, and pretty touches of color. For a boho chic look, try our Grey Skies Ahead, Jazz It Up, or Pebbles In The Sand for tassel necklaces inspired by mala meditation beads. Our Meet Me In Morocco necklace evokes the spirit of global travel and will make any outfit look ready for adventure.

  • Statement Pieces

Perfectly Priscilla is known for our great selection of stunning statement necklaces, and we offer great styles for a number of different looks. We carry necklaces that add the wow factor to any outfit. Some of our best-selling statement necklaces are our Leaf Me Alone necklace with a bold chain and pendant, the Wishing For You style which features a chunky gray crystal-inspired pendant hanging from a gold horseshoe, or the Lock & Key necklace which is a shorter style with a large chain and a bold black lacquered pendant. 

  • Layering Essentials

Perfectly Priscilla also offers a number of great layering necklaces like the Clay Shootie beaded necklace or classic styles like the Feathering The Nest long beaded style. Layer some of these simple strands together or wear them with a daintier pendant for a pretty contrast. 

  • Color Pop

Women love wearing neutrals. Sometimes all an outfit needs to feel special is a necklace that adds a pop of color, such as the Forever Friends or the All That Glitters styles in bright blue or coral. Your clothes will never feel boring when you brighten them up with stunning stones or faceted beads. 

  • Glam

Women adore shimmer and shine, such glitzy options like the Drop In The Bucket necklace with a gorgeous jade pendant and beaded accents are always going to be a fan favorite. Women who want a dramatic look will turn heads in a stunning necklace that is trimmed with jewels, bold accents, and lots of sparkle for the evening. 

Styling Tips for Necklaces

A necklace is a great way to add a focal point to your outfit. It can tie all of your pieces together and create any number of looks depending on the style that you choose. When you pair a necklace with your outfit, it adds sparkle and texture to even the most basic tops or dresses. Necklaces are great with classics such as a white tee or a printed top. They are the perfect piece to let peek out of a cardigan or blazer, and the Perfectly Priscilla woman loves the way they can make any outfit really stand out.

Layering on a necklace is also a great way to flatter your figure. Necklaces can create vertical length to your frame as they draw the eye upward and help give you a more elongated look, which is something that makes any woman look great. Maximize this effect even more by pairing a long necklace with a monochromatic outfit in all one shade or with a long cardigan or tunic that play up the vertical lines and continue to make you look long and tall. 

Perfectly Priscilla Fashion Accessories: Clutches

Every outfit needs a great bag. Perfectly Priscilla knows the importance of the perfect handbag, whether it is for day or evening. Clutches have been in fashion accessories  world for decades, but their popularity has skyrocketed over the past years, and there are more style options than ever before. There is more than one way to style a clutch, some of which are traditional and some which are unexpected. Some of our favorite ways to wear clutches are:

  • Day

It used to be that clutches were used only for the evening but today's woman loves clutches for any time of day. Daytime clutches are great for formal afternoon events like daytime weddings, baby showers, church services, or luncheons. They add the right delicate touch to a dressy daytime outfit, whether it is a skirt and blouse combo, a ladylike dress, or a classic pantsuit. A clutch allows you to carry all of your essentials to fancy occasions without the bulk of your regular handbag.

Clutches are also perfect accessories for women for daytime outings when you do not need to carry a lot with you. Meeting your friends for brunch, a shopping trip, going out for pedicures, or meeting your girlfriends for a matinee are all perfect times to grab a clutch and just carry your must-have items, so you are not weighed down by a heavy handbag. A casual daytime clutch adds the perfect pop to even a basic outfit such as leggings and a tunic or a casual dress and flats. 

  • Evening

For evening, clutches are a classic fashion accessories that every woman needs in her closet. Don't compete with a glamorous dress or beautiful jewelry by carrying a bulky shoulder bag when you can opt for a sleek clutch instead. Women don't need to carry much for a night on the town, so all of your items will fit into a clutch and give you the elegant and sophisticated look that comes from using this must-have evening bag.  

  • Multi-Tasking

An unexpected way to use a clutch is to carry it inside your regular tote or bag. It can help organize your essential items like keys, credit cards, and lipstick into one place, so they don't get lost inside a bigger bag. Then it's easy to grab and go if you are meeting a friend for coffee or running to pick up lunch. We love using clutches in this way, so they do double duty as both an organizer and an easy bag. 

The best clutches are those that can be either dressed up or down, depending on your outfit and the occasion. Look for neutral tones and keep styles simple for the most versatile pieces that you can wear anywhere, with anything in your closet. 

Perfectly Priscilla Fashion Accessories: Scarves

No other fashion accessories are as chic as a scarf. Perfectly Priscilla carries a number of unique scarves in the hottest styles, so there is something for everyone. Scarves can completely change the look of an outfit, and there are so many ways to tie them that the sky is the limit when it comes to the outfits that you can create with them. Perfectly Priscilla has a great selection of scarves of all kinds. Some of our customer's favorite styles are:

  • Infinity Scarves

Our best-sellers are infinity scarves like the ‘Tis The Season cable knit scarf in winter white, the Road To Redemption warm camel-colored scarf with statement buttons and fringe, or the To Infinity And Beyond scarf, which is our collar length chunky knit scarf with trendy fringe trim in classic black. Infinity scarves are perfect for wearing as outerwear with your favorite coats and jackets and are also a great accessory for any outfit. Infinity scarves can be worn long or wrapped around multiple times for a shorter, cozier look. 

  • Classic Silky Scarf

The Perfectly Priscilla woman also loves our Jazz It Up scarf which is a silky print scarf in a rich, jewel-toned graphic print. This multi-functional piece can be worn at least four different ways, and we love hearing how our customer's come up with new and fashion forward ways to style this scarf. We love it as a wide headband to compliment an updo, tied onto a bag like Audrey Hepburn, worn as a belt for a pop of color, or styled as a classic neck scarf for an unbeatably chic Parisian look. 

  • Blanket Scarf

Another favorite style is the Touch And Go blanket scarf. This trend-setting piece is great when tied in a large V over the chest, draped across the shoulders as a shawl, or even belted to create a trendy poncho look. Blanket scarves make the perfect item to pack on a plane if you're traveling since they will keep you warm and cozy when airports and planes are too chilly. Stay chic and travel in style with a luxe scarf that is multi-functional, totally versatile and always looks fabulous. 

Styling Tips When Wearing Scarves

Women adore the feeling of snuggling into a soft scarf, but they can also be bulky and overwhelm your frame when you don't wear them properly. When wearing scarves, especially chunky knit ones, keep the rest of your outfit streamlined. Think leggings or skinny jeans instead of boyfriend jeans or flared pants, and stick with a more fitted top. Wearing baggy jeans, an oversized top, and a blanket scarf will simply be too much volume for anyone, so you are better off sticking to a sleeker silhouette with the rest of your clothing when wearing a large scarf. 

Infinity scarves are a Perfectly Priscilla favorite because of how easy they are to wear. With infinity scarves, there's no need to worry about learning complicated tying techniques or worrying about folding your scarf just right. Simply leave it long or loop it around for fuss-free and stylish fashion accessories that looks great with a number of outfit options, including these favorites: 

  • Casual Afternoon

Catch a matinee, meet friends for coffee, or browse a bookstore – spend a relaxed day in boots, skinny jeans, a simple sweater, and top if all off with a fabulous infinity scarf. This look is casual, cute, and comfortable – in other words, it's a perfect outfit. 

  • Sporty

Take the dog for an early morning walk or transport yourself to and from the gym in style with the help of an infinity scarf. This style looks great with leggings and sneakers and keeps you cozy while you go about your active lifestyle.

  • Dressed Up

Why not rock an infinity scarf for the evening? Take your scarf out after dark for an original way to style your favorite scarf. Work an unexpected combination like a silky sleeveless top or camisole paired with an infinity scarf. Add skinny pants or a fitted pencil skirt and a great pair of heels for a look that's dressed up with an effortless edge. 

Perfectly Priscilla Fashion Accessories: Bracelets

Whether you prefer one solo bracelet or a stack full on each arm, we love the special finish that bracelets provide as fashion accessories. Bracelets are a fun and easy way to add a little glamor to your look, and they can be worn for any occasion. Even a basic ensemble such as shorts and a tank turns into an elegant look when you add a bracelet or two. Light up your looks with the fun and flourish of bracelets, and you will love the final result.  

When it comes to fashion costume jewelry, women love bracelets because they always fit and flatter and are ultra-easy to throw on and complete your look as you walk out of the door. Add a little style to whatever you are wearing by adding a bracelet or two and watching as your look becomes elevated from simple to stylish. Any time you're left standing in front of the mirror wondering "what's missing?" try a bracelet for a winning addition to any outfit. 

Stock your jewelry box with a selection of classic bracelets in gold, silver, or pearl and then add fun and funky pieces with colorful beads, chunky crystals, and glittering gemstones. A woman needs several stunning bracelets in her collection, and treating yourself to one is a wonderful way to celebrate a new season and add something special as fashion accessories to your wardrobe. 

One of our top-selling accessories for women is our Love You Bunches bracelet – adding the perfect pop of green to any outfit and creating just the right touch of sparkle. Women love the way the iridescent beads catch the light and create a flattering look on any skin tone. This is one piece that you'll find yourself wearing again and again, with looks for both day and night. 

Perfectly Priscilla Fashion Accessories: Hats

Hats are one of the hottest trends and a great way for any woman to change up her look with one easy piece. Our Just My Style hat is the perfect hat for any woman's wardrobe. The rich rust color is ultra-versatile and universally flattering on every woman's coloring and complexion.

How to Wear Fashion Accessories As Hats

Time and time again women say that they don't look good in hats or that they don't think they can pull them off, but nothing could be farther from the truth. Hats are easy to wear and look great on all women. Hats are a must-have for those days in-between hair washes or when you need to look polished in a hurry. Throw on a hat when you have overslept and your last minute fashion accessories will take your outfit to the next level of style with almost no effort. A hat is a great way to stay cozy in the cooler months and block the sun's rays when it gets hot. We love how practical yet posh hats are and how simple they are to incorporate into your wardrobe. 

Outfit Ideas for Wearing Hats

Hats look stunning when you wear them in a number of different ways, and we love seeing the chic ways that our clients style them. Some of the best ways to wear fashion accessories as hats that any Perfectly Priscilla woman will look great in are:

  • Seventies Sophisticated

Brimmed hats have a great seventies vibe to them and look great with boldly printed shift dresses or tunics and leggings. Load on chunky necklaces or an armful of wooden bracelets and slip on a pair of stacked heel boots or wooden soled wedges to complete the retro look in a chic and modern way.

  • Cold Weather Cool

Hats are the ultimate must-have for fall and winter, looking just right when paired with your jeans, an ultra-soft sweater, a cozy infinity scarf, and a great pair of boots. Layer on a leather jacket, a faux fur vest, or a drapey cardigan for an even warmer vibe when the weather starts to cool off.

  • Romantic Boho 

Indulge your free-spirited side when you slip into a pretty bohemian look that will make you feel gorgeous and feminine. Try this style by pairing a brimmed hat with a maxi dress, a soft cardigan, and ankle boots. In the warmer months, lose the sweater and switch the boots out for Grecian sandals to keep the same mood when things start to heat up outdoors. 

  • Elevated Basics

Even a basic look like jeans and a blouse instantly becomes a style statement when you add a topper like a brimmed hat to give your outfit the flair it needs. Play around with some of your simple staples in your closet and see how they're transformed just by adding a hat to them.  

Perfectly Priscilla Fashion Accessories: Boot Socks

Give any cold weather outfit an extra dash of fashion with a cute pair of boot socks. Let these darling socks peek out over the top of your knee-high or mid-calf boots to show off a little extra style. Great fashion accessories sense are all in the details, and boot socks are definitely a detail that you won't want to miss. Try this trendsetting look the next time you slip your favorite boots on and see how your whole appearance becomes more stylish and sophisticated.

Boot socks transform your boots and let them do double duty, as though you have two pairs of boots for one. You'll double your shoe wardrobe simply by adding a couple of pairs of boot socks into the mix. Your style choices will suddenly be maximized when slipping on this special little add-on fashion accessories that can easily change up your whole look.  

Boot socks take a page right out of the hottest fashion magazines, but best of all, you don't need to shell out a fortune to get this look. Boot socks are a quick, easy, and affordable way to shake up your style without a huge investment. 

Outfit Ideas for Wear Fashion Accessories As Boot Socks

Boot socks give any outfit a cozy, snuggly vibe that's perfect for cooler months. Try a simple combo of skinny jeans, a pretty blouse, your favorite heeled boots, and a cute pair of boot socks. Or try a look made up of leggings, an oversized sweater, flat riding boots, and a great pair of soft boot socks for a casually cute look that looks just as great as it feels. The outfit options are endless when you slip into a pair of boot socks. If you're wondering whether or not you'd wear them, take a look at just some of the times that Perfectly Priscilla customers wore their boot socks:

  • Outdoor Walk

Take a walk in the fall leaves or muck around in the mud in your cutest rubber boots and a pair of boot socks. No matter what the weather is, your style never has to take a backseat to the elements. 

  • Tailgating

Cheering for your favorite football team has never looked so chic. Pair your team's sweatshirt with skinny jeans, flat boots, and a simple pair of boot socks for a style that's sporty yet sweet.

  • Seasonal Fun

Head to a pumpkin patch in the fall, or go with your family to find the perfect Christmas tree in a pretty pair of boot socks, a snuggly coat, and a great scarf for a look that's festive, casual, and fun.

  • Warmer Weather

Boot socks aren't just for wearing during the fall and winter. With the exception of the middle of summer, there are lots of warm weather days when you can wear boots and boot socks. Try a pretty dress with riding boots and boot socks, or even dare to wear a pair of shorts, a blouse, and boots socks with your favorite heeled boots for an edgy spring look when the weather is just right.

Women love the way boot socks add fashion accessories edge to their outfits, taking something traditional and giving it a trend-setting attitude. Once you try this look, you'll never go back to plain boots, knowing you could be accessorizing and adding more flair to your favorite pair.  

It's All About Fashion and Accessories

It's easy to see how a few little finishing touches can have a huge impact on your overall look. Basic outfits are no longer bland when you mix things up with eye-catching fashion accessories. Even better is the fun you'll have experimenting with jewelry, scarves, bags, and more. Fashion and accessories are a great way to enjoy getting dressed every morning. Whether you're going to a formal event, getting ready for work, or dressing to meet up with friends, fashion accessories are the quickest, easiest and most fun way to add glamor and excitement to your look. It's no wonder why accessories for women are so popular, for the fun feeling you get when playing with different looks to the thrill of scoring a new item for your wardrobe. Treat yourself to a few new pieces each season to kick start your wardrobe and give you the special feeling you get when you have a cute new Perfectly Priscilla accessories for women in your collection.

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