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Plus Size Blouses

From leopard print to paisley, Perfectly Priscilla has a special plus size blouse to fit your style. From long, ruffle sleeves to off-the-shoulder sleeves, Perfectly Priscilla has the plus size blouse to flatter your body.

Why Wear Blouses?

Blouses fit women of different sizes and shapes and can be worn across different generations. For women who are looking to complement or enhance their body shape, blouse styles such as tube tops, boyfriend shirts, camisoles, peplums, and tunics are just some of the styles that can allow women to achieve their desired look whether at work, at school, or at a party.

If you are looking for a variety of plus size blouses, then you have come to the perfect place – Perfectly Priscilla!

What’s more? When you wear a blouse you are participating in centuries old tradition. The first blouses ever invented were unisex and made for women, children and workmen in the Medieval period. During that time, blouses were informal and could be worn day or night. They were often made of silk, cotton, and linen. It was a common, middle-class fashion back then that remains popular in today’s modern world. Today, many manufacturers make blouses out of synthetic fibers or fabric.

The blouse style started in the French and English countries, and it became a popular wardrobe choice for women in the 1890s. Since then, the blouses were treated as a staple outfit for women around the world. Before, blouses were only available in white and had longer sleeves that matched with ruches and frills. Now, however, there is a wide selection of designs available in the market that fit women of different shapes and sizes. The most common blouse designs are fashioned with ribbons, buttons, pleats, and sequins. Blouses even come in different colors aside from the monochromatic ones, and an array of patterns like stripes, floral prints, and textures.

Plus Size Blouses

Perfectly Priscilla Boutique has tailor-made plus size blouses for every unique body shape. Perfectly Priscilla’s dress shirts for plus size women are inspired by our dream to provide the best outfits for women with different fashion needs. Perfectly Priscilla is always on top of the best trends, and we manufacture high-quality clothing with a sophisticated style. We understand that fashion is not a “one size fits all” matter and that each person has a unique style as well as color palate and pattern preferences. We want you to be able to show the world who you are. In other words, Perfectly Priscilla not only complements your overall look, but it also jives with your lifestyle.

Whether you are seeking plus size fashion to jet set your career or have fun at that must-go-to party of the season, Perfectly Priscilla has a unique line of plus size blouses to fulfill your fashion purposes.

The Perfect Fit

Before you get started browsing our collection of plus size women’s dress shirts, it is essential to know what your personal style looks like. If you have not does this before, we can help you distinguish your tastes so that you can choose the plus size blouse that works for you.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What kind of clothes do I like to wear at different occasions, such as a family get-together or a night out on the town?
  2. When I wear my clothes out, do they reflect my personality or give a good first impression?
  3. Am I comfortable and happy with the kind of clothing choices that I make?

While the advice of friends, family, and those closest to you can be valuable, try to listen to your own inner voice when it comes to understanding what is best for you. No one can decide what’s best for your body except for you!

When you ask yourself these questions, you are reflecting on your own preferences and choices in clothing. With this knowledge you will be able to get the confidence you need to invest in a plus size blouse that is worth your penny and your effort.

Plus Size Women’s Dress Shirts – Choices

Now that you know what you want in a plus size blouse and what your personal preferences are, now it is time for the fun part – taking a look at the lush and chic choices of plus size blouses and dress shirts at Perfectly Priscilla! In this section, we are going to introduce to you the best plus size blouse choices for your shape, and help you make the right decisions about patterns to make your personality shine even brighter.

You may have questions such as, how do I know that a blouse has the right neckline or collar type for me or what colors are more suitable for my skin tone. The choices are endless, but not to worry! We will lay out the top five choices of plus size blouses. These are our favorites, and they are some of Perfectly Priscilla’s best sellers!

Top 4 Best Seller Plus Size Blouse Trends

Plus Size Short Sleeves

Short sleeves are perfect for a day at the beach or traveling to warm places. You can wear them inside or outside the house. They go well with jeggings or leggings and high heeled boots and wedges. Sound off your daily activities with these comfy and stylish short sleeves by Perfectly Priscilla. Our short sleeves collection is available in pink, black, white, and gray colors.

Plus Size Tanks

Flaunt those shoulders with our warm and upbeat tanks that will make you ready for any occasion. Pair them off with cardigans or vests that will complete your get-up. Perfectly Priscilla tanks come with cool patterns or simple colors depending on what you prefer.

Plus Size Tunics

Add flare to an ordinary look and try out our plus size tunics. These adorable tunics have varied necklines and intricate patterns that direct focus to your upper body. Some designs have ribbon necklines for simple yet beautiful attire and rounded collars which can be paired off with scarves for the cold weather. The tunics are made of versatile and loose fabrics that fall above the knees for a comfortable yet pleasing outfit. Plus size tunics can also be worn with pencil skirts for a polished look.

Tunic Length Tops

If you want to wear the tunics alone, you can choose the tunic length tops that are just 2 inches above the knee. Tunic length tops are great for plus size women. This type of wardrobe simply lets you choose how you wear it, whether it is a dress or a top. A tunic length top is one of those must-haves for your closet.

Plus Size Women’s Dress Shirts for Different Occasions

Now that we have completed the top four best seller plus size blouses, it is time to take a closer look at plus size dress shirts for different occasions.

Casual Engagements

What are some casual events that you dress for in your daily life? Running errands, picking your children up from school, PTA meetings. The list goes on. For these occasions, you might not want to run around in a leggings and a t-shirt. A plus size blouse is a very easy way to dress up jeans or slacks. You can look beautiful and classy by just putting on a stylish dress shirt. Choose from versatile tunics or high to mid-length dresses that go well with Perfectly Priscilla’s beautiful necklaces. Match them with your favorite high rise boots or sleek wedges. Go elegantly casual with our selections.

Date Nights

When you are out on the town on a date or with you friends, you can wear cool and fresh evening blouses that create a lively vibe - even after a hard day’s work. Dress for your date night effortlessly with some of our cool and hip plus size blouses for women.

Off to Work

Great plus size women’s dress shirts are probably most often needed for work. No need to sweat finding the perfect style to rock to work because Perfectly Priscilla has new arrival dress shirts that are not available elsewhere. Our plus size blouses and tunics are both stylish and comfortable, the best combination for work clothes. Plus our dress shirts for plus size women are trendy enough to wear after work as well. Be confident at work and even at your off-duty events with our fantastic line of blouses.

Special Events

A lot of women nowadays are into special events, whether organizing or just attending these events, and too often, the question of what to wear pops in their minds. Luckily, Perfectly Priscilla offers warm, enticing and elegant dress shirts that will give you an edge at a red carpet event, wedding, or birthday.

Perfectly Priscilla’s blouses come in different designs: lace, wrap, frills or ruffles, embroidered and cocktail, and with vibrant colors such as red, wine, blush, and mint. Our designer dress shirts will fit you well, guaranteed. At Perfectly Priscilla’s online boutique, we understand how important it is to plan ahead for special events, so go ahead and order a plus size dress shirt for your next event today!


So now that you are armed with knowledge about our collection of dress shirts and their different uses, we can now dive into the many myths of plus size fashion that is simply not acceptable when considering the perfect blouses to wear.

MYTH # 1 – Stick to Basics

As we stated before, fashion advice can be useful. But you are the one who knows what’s best for you! Fashion rules were meant to be broken. In fact, they are broken all the time – that is the only way we as a culture have been able to evolve our fashion into what it is today. Statements such as “cropped tops are not an option for plus size women” are outdated and just do not apply in the plus size fashion industry anymore.

In fact, here is a statement you may have heard before: “Avoid stripes because they make you appear bigger.” Actually, more and more plus size designers are incorporating thinner and asymmetrical stripes in blouses which make plus size women appear curvier than they are. In fact, light-colored stripes against a dark background are a top trend and thinner stripes create a svelte look. So, of course fashion rules can be broken!

Knowing this, you can feel comfortable with crop tops and color-blocking, colorful tanks and bandeaus, and even our lovely vests, cardigans, or scarves. Try out multi-toned pieces and choose dark colored leggings, pants or skirts for your bottom. Mix and match the colors according to your color palette. Always feel free to try on something new, because you never know, it could be your next favorite outfit.

MYTH # 2 – Always Wear Empire Waistlines

Many people try to use empire waistlines as a means of “hiding” their middle, but this is not always the case. Plus size women with small busts or heavy bottoms can wear the empire waistline dress shirts or blouses since it draws attention upwards. Even if you carry your weight in your midsection or are full-busted, feel free to explore how you feel most comfortable.

MYTH # 3 – Baggy Clothing is Always Best

Do not be fooled by this popular statement. Baggy blouses or super loose dress shirts for plus size women only need to be worn if you like loose fitting clothing. The right plus size dress shirts for women are sewed with something called darts. These are folded wedges of fabric, tapered, and stitched down to give form or shape to your clothing. Clothing that has this feature will give you a natural-looking figure and help you feel comfortable with room to breathe.

MYTH # 4 – Do Not Wear Blouses with Frills and Fancy Details

Think frills and ruches would ruin your curvy shape? Think again. These cute and sophisticated details create a shape in areas which do not usually stand out so much without the adding volume. Curved seams give you a more defined waist as well as ruffles. Just be sure where that those details are placed strategically in areas of your plus size blouses.

These few common myths might be the ones stopping you from looking your best and raising your confidence as a plus size woman. Bust these myths and you will definitely be on your way to freedom from mediocre plus size garments and styling.


There are four kinds of blouses. These four types are:

  • Blouse silhouettes, such as tube tops, camisoles, boyfriend shirts, cropped tops, tunics, and peplums
  • Collarless blouses, such as gypsy blouses and sleeveless blouses
  • Band-collared blouses, such as the tuxedo blouse
  • Rolled-collar blouses, such as the tailored blouse and cowboy shirt

Each plus size blouse is designated for a certain body type. Just to steer clear of any confusion, your body type is not based on your weight. It is simply based on your body form. Your body type may be:


Pear-shaped bodies have full hips or thighs, a defined waist, and a small bust with shoulders that are narrower than the hips. To enhance your shape, consider wearing outfits that balance your upper half with your lower half. You can do this by wearing blouses that make your shoulders look broader.

Styles to avoid with this body type are details or patterns on your thigh and hip area or belts around your hips, ruffled sleeves, pencil skirts or straight skirts, pleated skirts or pinstripe suits, turn-ups on trousers, bags that sit on your hips and miniskirts and clothing with hemlines that makes your hips appear wider than they are.


Plus size women with this body type have their bottom half smaller than their top, the slight definition between their hips and waist, and a straight or square shoulder line and flat bottoms and hips.

To achieve a perfect fit of plus size blouses for this body type, keep details such as ruffles on the lower half of your body while keeping the upper half clutter-free. Make use of straight lines for a naturally elongated look. Place accessories on your waist like a belt to complement your waist. Avoid necklines that make your upper half broader and styles that hide your silhouette. Do not consider blouses with puff sleeves and shoulder pads or blouses with stiff fabrics on the upper half of your body.


If you have a lean column body type, your shoulders are narrow, you have a flat chest or small bust size and a small undefined waist, flat bottom, and narrow hips. Some clothing to avoid for this body type are tight-fitting garments, dropped waistlines, bulky textures, any jacket with double breasts, dress shirts with square necklines, long straight lines, or shapeless, loose, or dropping sleeves that hang from your shoulders. The best style for lean column body types would be styles than create an illusion of curves around the bust, hips, and waist. To do this, you can wear round collars or necklines, high or low waist cuts of pants or skirts, and use layering to shorten your long upper half. Highlight your hips and bottom as well by wearing plus size blouses and jeans that have pockets and pleats.


If you have a rectangle body type, you have a straight shoulder line and rib cage down to your hips and bottom. You have an average tummy and a slight definition of your waist. To keep up with your rectangular body shape, use gentle details for your lower half to create those slight curves, keep your silhouette clutter-free, and use unstructured cardigans or vests that shape the waist.

A few things to avoid wearing when your body type is rectangle are strong details on the waist such as waistbands, high waist trousers, and coats at the front. Try not to wear blouses with straight lines from top to toe or boxy jackets or sweaters and other double-breasted coats. Steer clear of the fussy or drooping style in your outfit also as well as rectangular bags and square toe shoes.


Plus size women with apple type bodies tend to have rounded shoulders, fullness in the stomach area, and well-shaped legs. They also have larger bust sizes. For this kind of body type, plus size blouses with details around the bust and tummy are to be avoided. When choosing outfits for this body type, clothing should be slightly fitted and the fabric soft to avoid forming a bulk in the waist and tummy. Details should remain at the top of the bust line and below the hip line to make your body line stand out. Avoid wearing all kinds of belts and skirts above the knee as well as cardigans and jackets that finish your maximum points.


Full hourglass body types have small waists and full busts. They have bigger thighs and rounded bottom and hips. A good style for full hourglass types includes wearing a good support bra that lifts the bust, giving you a more defined waist, and wearing of plus size blouses that have a lower neckline that brings attention to your shoulders. Some few styles or designs to avoid are straight shapes that hide the waist, high necklines, and additional details that add volume on the bust, tummy and thighs like pleated skirts, high waist pants, dropped sleeve lines, and hip pockets.


Neat hourglass body types are characterized with a defined bust and waist, a neat bottom, and neat hips. This explains why it is called a neat hourglass. To achieve that right style of clothing with a neat hourglass body type, your dress shirts must have fitted lines that follow your body lines. Wear plus size blouses that define your waist and highlight your bust and bottom. Avoid styles of plus size blouses that hide your body contours. These styles add volume to your waist which we do not want to happen.

Now that you are certain what plus size blouses, jeans, skirts, or leggings to wear that will complement your body shape, now it is time to learn about the different shades of colors that match your eyes, hair, complexion and even your mood!


Color is every woman’s sidekick. Color lifts your mood and sets a vibe. The purpose of determining your dominant colors is for you to look stylish in whatever trend you want to try out, and gain the confidence in stepping out with your own style. You may want to experiment with a few colors, but it is good to know the rules before you start bending them.

By knowing your dominant colors, you will be able to match clothing with your skin tone to highlight your strong facial and body features. Your dominant colors are classified as light, deep, warm, cool, clear, and soft. To understand exactly what your dominant colors are, simply observe your hair and eye color.


If your hair color is anywhere between shades of red to strawberry and blonde to auburn, and you have medium to dark eyes or light eyes of any color, then your dominant color is warm. For warm toned plus size women, you will want to wear shades of yellow or gold or shades close to these colors. Gold and yellow are the best colors to wear for this tone.


If you have dark brown to black hair color with a bright eye color, then you have clear dominant color. Medium to dark brown hair colors with light, medium, or deep blue and green eyes belong to this tone also. For clear-toned plus size women, it is best to wear a contrast of light and dark colors. If you prefer shades of pewter and taupe, give off some vibrancy to it by pairing it off with brighter shades. If you want to dress in a single color, select a vivid color from your color palette. You can download a fashion color palette guide to help you as well.


If you have dark brown eyes or hazel eyes paired off with a dark to black hair color, then you fall under this tone. Deep tones also have medium to dark brown hair color with dark brown eyes. Wear strong and dark colored plus size blouses for this tone, but never wear two light colors together.


Plus size women with full gray or ash hair color and light eyes or medium to dark eyes, including hazel, belong to this tone. Plus size women who naturally have cool tones need to wear blouses that fall under the blue or cool palette. Avoid shades of yellow and gold as they are in contrast with your dominant color.


If you have hair colors with medium to dark brown and soft colored eyes, including hazel, then you belong to the soft tone group. Blondes or fair-haired women with muted or soft colored eyes are included in this category as well. For soft tones, you will look best with monochromatic or medium toned dress shirts. If you want to want to wear darker shades, you can balance them out by wearing colors that are two shades lighter than your skin tone.


If you have naturally light eyes and blonde to fair hair color, you belong to the light tone. Light to dark blonde and light brown colors and light-eyed women are considered to have light dominant colors as well. Pair off two light colors or a combination of light and dark colors for this dominant color. However, you should never overpower your dominant color by wearing dark plus size blouses and dark leggings, pants, or skirts together.


It is always good to research professional sources that support fashion to figure out what matches you well. In this case, having better knowledge of color psychology helps you understand what these colors really mean in general and how everyone has a different perception of style. As you take a look at this list, remember that this is just general psychology. Think of these as common words associated with these colors. It does not have any bearing on you or your personality.

  • PINK: Upbeat, feminine, calm, compassionate, faithful, friendly
  • YELLOW: Stimulating, enthusiastic, optimistic, playful, cheerful, confident, expressive, intelligent, communicative
  • GREEN: Growth, compassion, harmony, abundance, vitality
  • WHITE: Prosperity, virtue, cleanliness
  • RED: Power, attention, dominance, persistence, determination, passion, excitement, strength
  • AQUA: Dynamic, motivated, active
  • TURQUOISE: Imaginative, innovative, refreshing, youthful, cool
  • BROWN: Reliable, earthy, informal, stable, relaxed, approachable
  • ORANGE: Happy, bold, friendly, courageous, successful, enthusiastic, energy, health
  • LIGHT BLUE: Peaceful, affectionate, sincere
  • PURPLE: Spiritual, passionate, visionary, regal, powerful, respected, dignified, luxurious
  • GOLD: Wisdom, illumination, prestige
  • INDIGO: Knowledge, integrity, power
  • BLACK: Seductive, mystery, authority, dignity, elegance
  • GRAY: Sophistication, class, confidence, efficiency
  • BLUE: Knowledge, trust, responsibility, peace, caring


Aside from determining your dominant colors by looking at your eye and hair colors, you can also follow these steps to determine your skin tone:

  1. Take a look at different fabrics. Search your closet for different colors of scarves, towels, or other pieces of cloth, such as plus size blouses. Make sure that you tie your hair in a bun and cover it with a white scarf or t-shirt. Wash your face and make sure you do not wear any makeup. Try on different colors of scarves or towels and determine which colors matches your skin best.
  2. Try On Foundation. You can check out your local department store and apply different shades on your cheeks. Be sure you do not have any residual makeup on when you try this method. Blend the different shades upwards and see which shade suits you best. You can wipe this off with a wet tissue once you are done.
  3. Wear Metals on Wrist. Wearing a watch, ring, or bracelet with silver and gold colors will help you determine which complements your skin tone. Wear the gold accessory on your left and the silver one of your right wrist and see what suits your skin tone best. Silver complements women with a cool skin tone while gold will look good on women with warm tones.
  4. Use Yellow Fabric. Place the yellow fabric beside your face. If you have a warm tone, then your face will look brighter with this color. If you have a cool tone, then it will be the opposite. If you want your face to look brighter with your cool tone, use blue fabric and see the difference.

Ready to Go

Now that you are all equipped with the right knowledge for wearing plus size blouses and the right accessories and colors to pair them with, get started on your shopping experience by visiting Perfectly Priscilla Boutique online. Sign up and create an account to process orders with ease. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter to receive tips and advice from our experts on different styles and trends of plus size blouses and other items.

Aside from plus size dress shirts for women, Perfectly Priscilla also offers shoes and accessories, and a complete set of clothing at an affordable price. Are you hungry for more previews on plus size style? Check out Perfectly Priscilla Boutique’s mix and match clothing, accessories, and footwear today.

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