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Clutch Handbags

Clutch handbags are the perfect functional accessory when you head out to a restaurant or attend a formal evening or a classy day time event.

Traditionally, clutch handbags are usually small, rectangular purses. However, there are also longer and oversized clutches. Most often clutches are strapless, however, if a hand clutch has a strap, it is usually longer so that the bag hangs at the level of your waist.

Perfectly Priscilla knows that when it comes to clutch handbags, variety is the name of the game! Clutch handbags can be worn for many different occasions, so it’s fun to have several (or maybe more) in your closet. There are so many types of clutches that you could have endless fun matching them to your outfits.

Now, the big question is, what type of clutch do you wear for informal and formal events?

Matching Ladies Clutch Handbags to the Occasion


Luncheons, such as a proper fundraiser at the country club or an informal get together with the ladies, are a great place to show off your clutch. For a fundraiser in the winter you may fashion slacks (black and blue are more formal) with a cashmere sweater, high heels, jewelry and a hand clutch. A simple, understated clutch would work well if you want to remain subtly sophisticated. A black, leather clutch, perhaps with trimming in peach or pink, would be a beautiful and functional accessory.

If you don’t have to take notes at the fundraiser, then pack your keys, cell phone, and business cards in your best clutch purse and hit the road. Simple. Sophisticated. Grace the crowd with your presence. If you do need more materials for the fundraiser, use a medium or oversized clutch to have room for a notebook or tablet. Alternatively, use a small clutch and bring your tablet in a separate carrying case. Perfectly Priscilla has many women’s clutches that would enhance an outfit for a luncheon.

Let’s say the luncheon occurs during the summer. You may sport a high neck, knee high dress in a pastel color with high heels or dressy flats. You could choose a cotton ladies clutch bag in a color to match the pastel dress or in a neutral color, such as white. A simple, white clutch is always a classic. You could use a white, cotton eyelet clutch or a white lace with pearls clutch. If those do not suite you, perhaps you might like a champagne colored, cotton, fold over clutch bag. Again, the possibilities are endless. Just remember to have fun picking out your favorite ones and matching them to your outfits.

For the summer luncheon, you could use a clutch made from other natural fibers such as linen or bamboo. These clutches could be decorated with a big flower or an array of smaller flowers. These types of clutches would match a sundress well. Take a look at the selection from Perfectly Priscilla to get started with yours!

Business Causal Event

Business causal events may vary in formality even though the dress is professional. There is one rule that remains the same no matter what type of business casual event you attend - understated is key. Rocking your favorite red clutch bag or a high-quality, leather ladies clutch will surely impress your teammates and co-workers. If you want to place focus elsewhere, it may be a smart idea to try out a functional, neutral colored, quilted clutch. This will show off your great taste while maintaining a discreet tone. Perfectly Priscilla has several clutches for women that would work well for the boardroom!

You may have to attend a social event that calls for business casual attire. Perhaps you would like to wear a pencil skirt and blouse with high heels and a clutch. The combination of a pencil skirt and an envelope clutch bag create a striking symmetry for onlookers. You could play on the symmetry of the outfit by using an envelope clutch with an asymmetrical triangle flap. If you want a different style, you could fashion a clutch with a rectangular top that folds over to just the top third of the bag. This is a very sophisticated choice that creates a statement of refinement and grace.  

Black Tie Event  

Formal events require a classy type of clutch handbag. Clutches for black tie events are generally small and do not have a strap. You may use a sequined clutch that snaps together with a silver-trimmed metal top. You may even have a round clutch bag with rhinestones. Clutches for black tie events are generally gold, blue, or silver. However, people may wear other colors as long as the clutch matches their dress. If a woman needs a large clutch bag for a formal occasion, then the clutch is generally longer rather than wider.

While dainty and elegant is generally the rule for black tie events, do not be afraid to have the confidence to stand out by mixing and matching colors. For example, a bright turquoise clutch could be a bold statement with a little black dress.

What are some more common types of black tie clutches?

  • Black satin, pleated clutches with snap closure
  • Black satin clutches with a silver brooch
  • Polyester handbags with jeweled detailing
  • Black lace clutches
  • Glittery silver clutches
  • Blue satin, rhinestone clutches
  • Blue glitter, white rhinestone hardcase clutches
  • Blue hardcase clutches with diamond designs
  • Blue velvet with gold trim clutches
  • Metallic gold clutches
  • Metallic silver clutches
  • Nude colored, pleated purses with gold trimming
  • Pleated flap over clutches
  • Round, hardcase clutches

Now, you might be wondering, what type of black tie outfits does Perfectly Priscilla offer? Our current collection consists of beautiful, modern dresses. For instance, we have a blue, knee-length dress with a key hole bust that is alluring without being over-the-top. The material is stretchy and comfortable, made of 95 percent polyester and five percent spandex. Another example is the black, high scoop neck dress with ruched swooping at the hips. The ruched swooping creates an hourglass silhouette. The dress also has a thin belt to accent your hips. The material is comfortably and stretchy. For a more conservative look, try our black dress with a straight-line fit. It has mid-height neck line. It is made of 95 percent polyester and five percent spandex. Wear the dress with your favorite black-tie clutch. What’s your favorite color for a black-tie clutch? Silver, gold, or black? Are you a rhinestone or glitter type of gal? Or are you both? Have fun picking out a stunning clutch bag to match your equally stunning dress!

Casual Night Out

Whether you are going to a movie or a casual restaurant, a clutch handbag can make a jean outfit much trendier. Imagine wearing knee-high boots, dark jeans, a tunic top, and a long pea coat. Now, the clutch can finish off the look! Do you want a clutch bag with a tassel or one with detailed stitching? Do you want a clutch with a soft folder over top or two-tone fold over? Do you want a maroon or striking, red clutch bag? How about an oversized clutch or one with a top and middle zipper? The choices are endless. You could truly find a clutch bag that suits your style.

What are common types of going out on the town clutches?

  • Leopard print clutches
  • Leather clutches in all types of colors
  • Quilted leather clutches
  • Heart monogram clutches
  • Faux snakeskin leather clutches
  • Spiked rhinestone clutches
  • Rock studded clutches
  • Square clutches
  • Wristlet clutches
  • Three tone clutches
  • Clutches decorated with lots of tassels
  • Clutches with intricate artwork
  • Faux fur clutches
  • Clutches with fringes
  • Woven leather and satin clutch

Fortunately, a clutch bag for a casual night out would also work if you are going to a club or lounge with the ladies. Whether you use a black leather or red suede ladies clutch bag, you could seamlessly transition from a restaurant to an upscale wine bar or from a restaurant to a trendy bowling alley. Perfectly Priscilla has many beautiful clutch bags that go well with a number of outfits. For instance, we offer chic city girl tops that pair well with our stonewashed jeggings. A number of our big clutches would match such an outfit. We also offer black ankle jeggings that would match many tops and clutches for women. These pants could be your staple piece while you mix and match tops and clutch handbags to suit your mood! Shop our selection and find the best clutch purse for you! If you have any questions about our ladies clutch bags, feel free to contact any one of our helpful stylists at Perfectly Priscilla.  

The Advantages of Clutch handbags

Save Time

Ok, ladies, we know that sometimes a clutch bag isn’t quite big enough – but that’s one of the best parts about it! It helps you lead a clutter free, minimalist lifestyle. How many times per day do you have to search through your larger bags for your keys, cell phone or wallet? Too many times, right? How often do you think you forgot something at home, but it turns out it was just somewhere in your large purse? The time spent needlessly searching in your bag certainly adds up. Next time, try to calculate how long you spend searching through your bag each day. Five minutes, ten minutes? That’s too much time that could be spent on more productive things or could even be spent relaxing at home. Think about how much time and effort you would save if you just carried around a smaller purse with less stuff.

Small to medium size clutches can hold your phone, cash and credit cards, and your keys. A medium size one may even hold a small wallet. If you need to carry a few more items, such as your makeup, then you could use an oversized clutch. Perfectly Priscilla has big clutches that could meet your needs.  

Be Kind to Your Body

Did you know that using a women clutch also helps your shoulders, back, and hips? This is because carrying a shoulder bag tends to tense our shoulders when we wear them. Shoulder bags also tend to throw off our natural gait. This information is nothing new, but either women don’t realize how heavy shoulder bags actually affect them in real life. When we wear large, heavy bags for longer periods of time, this can cause short or long term pain or even slight misalignments in our lower back.

Carrying a heavy shoulder bag may also cause muscle imbalances. In fact, many chiropractors see asymmetry in a person’s posture from using one side to carry a bag all the time. One shoulder may even become tighter and higher than the other from many hours of carrying a shoulder bag. Carrying the bag makes our muscles tight and may cause the neck to lose its curvature. Knowing this, a clutch may be the perfect solution for you. Why sacrifice your body to carry around stuff you probably don’t even use? Start using handbag clutch by Perfectly Priscilla today!

Why put your body through such strain and stress? Do you actually need all the stuff that is in your heavy shoulder bag? Take care of your body by using a clutch bag more often! You might save yourself from having to go to the chiropractor from purse induced back strain.

Furthermore, using a clutch bag helps our emotional health as well. We all know how great it feels to leave the house with a clutch when we head out to a restaurant. We feel free knowing that we don’t have to lug around a heavy bag. So, why not extend that great feeling well into the day and take care of your body with a clutch!  

Let Your Presence Shine

Did you know that just by smiling you release chemicals in your brain that make you happier? Did you know that by having an upright posture, you project a stronger presence to other people? You can really shine in your personal and professional life if you take care of your posture and your happiness. Carrying a clutch bag could help you feel lighter and more carefree. People will pick up on these positive vibes! Whether you are on the phone with clients or in front of clients in the boardroom, they can pick up on your subtle projections of happiness and the client relationship will be enhanced.

Changing over from a big shoulder bag to a clutch handbag may seem like an impossible task, especially if you have used larger purses for years, but it’s not. Take inventory of the things you need on a daily basis. Is there a way to consolidate your items? Is there a way to leave things at work so you don’t have to shuffle them from work to home and back again each day? Taking the time to think through the things you carry each day and cleaning out your bag could save you a lot of time and energy each day.

Have Fun

Mixing and matching clutches to your outfits is a fun and creative activity. The handbag is not just a functional piece of your wardrobe. It can also be an accessories clutch bag. So, have fun picking out new ones! The clutch can speak volumes about your personality. Do you fashion a brightly colored clutch? If so, do you tend to be daring and expressive? Do you use a clutch with artful details? If so, are you a very creative person? Do you tend to use neutral colored clutches? If so, are you a calm person? Your clutch can speak volumes about your personality and mood.

The International Traveler

There are many beautiful clutch bags from around the world which represent the unique cultures of various peoples. Sometimes travelers build collections of clothes and accessories from the places they visit. The beauty of clutch handbags from around the world is truly astounding.

Here are just a few of our inspiring styles of clutches from all over the world:

  • Hand painted clutch with a peacock feather design from India
  • Hand woven, cotton clutch
  • Multi-color cotton blend from Latin American Countries
  • Batik cotton clutch
  • Large turquoise bead clutch
  • Hemp clutch
  • Beaded clutches
  • Embroidered flower tote clutch

Often clutch bags from different countries are decorated with beautiful colors. They can be very decorative and display a true love for colors and/ or nature. When people purchase ladies clutch bags on vacations or family trips, the bag holds special memories. Since the bag will be unique, you may also attract onlookers who love the bag and can’t wait to ask you where you got it. That is an excuse to tell others about the wonderful place you visited and about the wonderful people you met!

Vibrant Colors, Dazzling Patterns

Perfectly Priscilla has many outfits that are colorful and vibrant, perfect matches for colorful clutch handbags. You can choose dresses, tops, and bottoms that are bright and let your heart shine! For instance, we have a burgundy maxi dress with large flowers throughout the piece. The dress is form fitting and accents your chest and hips. We also have a maxi dress with a blue, scoop neck top and large, circled-patterned bottom. It has a sophisticated, artsy vibe. We have a soft, pastel colored dress in various shades of blue along with white and pink in a chevron style print. You could walk through the streets of Italy’s fashion capital, Milan, and turn heads with this dress!

We have a lovely aquamarine, yellow, and red colored dress. The colors make up intricate diamond and half-moon like patterns. On the bottom, the dress has intricate lace-like trim. The dress is soft, stretchy and very comfortable. It is a win-win to look amazing and feel comfortable at the same time. We know comfort and style are often equally important – especially since women lead such very busy lives. This dress is great to wear to luncheons, baby showers, and more. The material is 92 percent polyester and eight percent spandex. The dress comes in sizes 12, 16, and 20.

The amazing clothes don’t stop there. At Perfectly Priscilla, we have many blouses, dresses and tunics with paisley, flower and other prints. For instance, we offer a green and black tunic dress. It has a scoop neck and a damask style pattern. The material is 95 percent polyester and five percent spandex. This material is soft and stretchy. The dress can be worn for many different occasions. It looks great with a black or matching green clutch bag. We offer sizes 10/12, 14/16, and 18/20.

This season we are offering a bold, white, pink, and blue dress with hints of aquamarine. It is a flowy dress with bell sleeves and paisley patterns running throughout the dress. Since this dress has several colors, you could use a pink, blue, aquamarine, or white clutch bag. The material is 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester.

For a beautiful top, we have a mint colored, open cut top. It has a layered top over the bust area and detailed edging at the bottom. This top goes well with palazzo pants. Pair it with a flowered and/or natural fiber clutch to complete a very Caribbean look.

Another beautiful top is the winter to spring transitional top. It is flowy and has ¾ length, open sleeves and a lovely flower pattern. The shirt is white with mostly dark pink flowers. It works well with skinny jeans or jeggings as well as wedges. The material is 100 percent polyester. Be creative with the clutch you choose. Don’t feel limited by color matching schemes. Find a clutch you love and see if the outfit and clutch vibe together. Let your imagination and creativity run free!

Are you wondering what pants would create a vibrant look? We offer jeggings in vibrant colors such as fuchsia and bright green. Jeggings is another piece of clothing that offers comfort and style. They are stretchy and form fitting! The jeggings are made with 65 percent cotton and 35 percent polyester. Are you wondering if the jeans will fit over your curvy body? They easily slip on and off!

What matches brightly colored jeggings? You could match the green jeggings with a black top and black envelope clutch bag. You could also match the fuchsia jeggings with a pink and purple printed top. Jeggings go well with flat sandals as well as wedges. As for a clutch, a pink, purple, or black clutch would match well! Again, these are just suggestions. As we say, let your imagination run wild when it comes to matching accessories and clutch bags. Don’t feel like you need to stick to conventions, either. By thinking outside of the box, you just might create an awesome, new outfit that you love!

Bohemian Necklaces

You could also match our outfits with bohemian type necklaces. Browse Perfectly Priscilla’s jewelry section to see a great collection of long necklaces with tassels, beads, and stones. For instance, we have a gray and brown beaded necklace with a gray and orange tassel. We also have a necklace with aquamarine and white beads and a white tassel. The colors look great with our aquamarine or white tops. We also have an eye-catching necklace made of turquoise beads and a striking, red pendant. It goes well with the maxi with the dark blue top and circle-patterned bottom. These are just a few of the necklaces we offer. After browsing the necklace section, browse our clutch bag collection to see what catches your eye. One of our beautiful clutch bags could match several outfits and necklaces. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your outfits today!

Shopping with Perfectly Priscilla – It’s in the Bag!

At Perfectly Priscilla, we offer the trendiest outfits to make you look and feel incredible. We piece together outfits so that shopping is a breeze. Just look, click, and buy. We know the modern woman is very busy. While shopping at the mall and downtown boutiques is fun, we know you don’t always have the time. It takes a few hours to drive to the store, shop around and buy. What else could you be doing with this time? The list probably goes on and on.

At Perfectly Priscilla, we have taken the hard work out of the equation. After finding great outfits and beautiful clutch bags, order using our easy online system. If you have any questions, customer service is available to answer your questions. Our ordering process is simple and we offer safe, and reliable delivery. All you have to do is wait for the clothes and accessories to arrive at your doorstep.

Perfectly Priscilla makes shopping easy and enjoyable. The best part is wearing the clothes and feeling great! So, what are you waiting for? Check out our tops, bottoms, jewelry and clutch bags. 

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